Medievia Mudslinger
August 10, 1999

Soloing Wytherwind as a Newbie Cleric -- BY: Nazrac

This article will tell you many things about running Wytherwind as a single class cleric. Newbie clerics tend to have a hard time soloing much of anything and the places they can solo tend to be quite shabby for coins and equipment. My solution to this was to try and find a zone that was never crowded, had a lot of gold and equipment, and was fun. For clerics level 15-20, I think Wytherwind is perfect for this. Let me tell you why..

Wytherwind has 4 things going for it. I will list and explain them in order of importance:

  1. COINAGE -- This place has a lot of treasure for a newbie zone. I can pull about 150-200k worth of gems and coins out of here in 15 minutes. Definetly not bad if you can't find, or don't have the time for a trade run. Be sure you have 18 str!

  2. EQUIPMENT -- The equipment here is mostly newbie stuff that no one would want, with some definite exceptions. This zone contains The Staff of Seduction, Dragon Collar, Serpent Scale, and of course the Ivory Chalice of Wytherwind.

  3. EXPERIENCE -- Doing a complete run of this zone, for treasure and major items will net you about 1.5 - 2 million experience. Not bad at all especially if your running it at top speed.

  4. LOCATION -- While this isn't the sole reason to come here, Wytherwind is conviently close to Medievia. That means you can get there quick, run the zone quick, and cast word of recall to get back!

I'm not going to describe exactly what to do or exactly where to go. What I am going to do is give you details on what you will be fighting, how to kill it, what the best equipment is like, and general information about the zone. Don't worry even if your not a cleric there is information here to benefit all who have never explored this wonderful zone. Ok, lets take a look at 3 aspects of Wytherwind every single-class needs to know.

Monsters, who they are and how to kill them

Marigeld -- Marigeld is located in the NW section of the zone. She is one of the tougher mobs in the zone. She can be one tough customer at level 15 or so. The best way I have found to kill Marigeld is to cast fireshield on yourself, dispel her, possibly blind and faerie fire her. She doesnt have that many hit points so you can repeatedly heal yourself as she pounds on you with spells. Beware that she likes to blind.

Drake -- The drake can only be found by coming from the basement. It's a real wimp compared to the nice xp it's worth. The easiest way to kill the drake is to dispel it and use dispel evil or hammer of faith.

Silver Serpent -- The silver serpent can be found close by the ivory golems. It has a bunch of hit points so make sure you are full on mana. The serpent is evil so dispel evil and hammer of faith work great here. It has a tough sanctuary to dispel as well. The serpent autoattacks.

Antygon -- This guy is tough to find. He is located in the upper reaches of the zone. Be warned, trying to cast dispel evil or harm on him will backfire. In my opinion the best way to kill him is to sanc yourself, dispel his sanc, and cast firestorm over and over. Antygon autoattacks and has been known to blind frequently.

Balrog -- The balrog is located on the basement level of Wytherwind. He's got a permanent fireshield on him so don't bother trying to dispel him. The way I kill him is to sanc myself, then cast dispel evil while constantly healing myself. He is a little slow to autoattack and sometimes you can just run right past him :)

Hertasi, Trillenist -- These guys are in the same area as each other in the basement. They are autoattacking and attack in groups. They can pack a powerful punch but don't have a lot of hitpoints. If you have sanc on you can kill them with room spells fairly quickly.

The other mobs in this zone I am not going to mention. I have already told you about the most important, most difficult ones that are here. The other mobs you are going to have to discover for yourself. There are a few more autoattackers here, but you really should have no trouble with them. Generally anything with a sanc on it you might want to be careful with. Of course you should consider everything before you attack it.

Items, treasure and equipment

Dragon Collar -- The dragon collar is +hitroll waist armor. Sometimes it has a +4 hitroll tweak and can be easily sold on auction. Keep an eye out for it.

Ivory Chalice -- This is the toughest item to get in the zone. It makes a great water container since it has no weight, and holds an aweful lot of drinks(1000's). The chalice can often fetch a fair sum on auction. To find this item you are going to need to first find 3 different keys and a crowbar.

Serpent Scale -- Body armor. It's usually worthless, but sometimes a high tweak makes it real valuable.

Staff of Seduction -- By far I get the most questions about this weapon, which is perfect for mages. It is not too tough to get, but it is hidden really well. If you find one with +25 or higher mana tweak you got it made. The Staff of Seduction is not found on the basement or ground levels.

Treasure -- Treasure! Quite a lot for a zone of this level. The treasure of Wytherwind consists of mostly gems and ancient coins. Most of the mobs don't have much in the way of coins, but be sure to check the more important mobs for coinage. There are 3 types of gems blue, green, and red. The blues gems are worth 5k, green 15k, and red are worth 20k each! Be sure to load yourself up to the max, holding your pack and jar if necessary to pick up as many of these as you can. Other treasure found in Wytherwind are garnets and a crown.

There are lots of other types of items in this zone. While most are not very good, be sure to keep on the lookout for these as possible high tweaks: spectral vambraces, belt of intertwining red steel, jagged troll horn, crimson shield with the symbol of a white chalice, soulkeeper, dull black dirk, makeshift bone leggings.

General tips and information

Enjoy playing in Wytherwind. It's the best zone in Medievia!