Medievia Mudslinger

December 12, 1999

Medievia: The Words of a New Pacifist - Adapted by Tesbeth

In the year of 1992,
When the Creator Vryce, unsatisfied with his creation,
Destroyed the world time and time again,
The wrathful sea separated you, O Medievia,
From the bosom of ancient mystical lands,
And He created you with zones so perplexing,
That not a Hero could understand,
There upon your highest mountain,
You congregated enigmas of the unfathomable,
And unravelled the meanings of
Life, Magic, and Killing.
The magic of spells, beyond the ken of mortal eye,
Was written in the help files for the uninitiated.
O lightning struck Medievia
Shrouded in a darkness and evil,
Under the watchful gaze of the Gods,
Their humanity lay hidden
On they came with weapons of iron,
These player killers
Their attacks more painful than a dragon's,
Their minds dark with looting in chaos,
Darker than than Dark Woods
The cruel greed for coins and equipment,
Laid waste with shameless emnity?
With the cruel greed of the CPKers
The tracks of the hunted
Ring with blood curdling cries,
Became soiled with zombies,
The horrible loots of the plunderers
Leaving behind vestiges of bloodbaths,
Their dishonoured history,
At that very tick, beyond the lands,
The church sounds calling Clerics to to heal the wounded,
Newbies played in Med's streets
But in this poet's voice,
Came forth the News to the Initiated
Days, when the weather is choked with lightning,
And mobs emerge from hidden caves
As it is our end to pking,
Come, O poets for the Newbies
Safe from the fading of the Blood
Part of the dishounoured,
And proclaim: 'Forgive our sins, for our greed is too strong!'
May this be the meaning of Medievia,
O Medievia.

The original poem by Rabindranath Tagore, has been adapted here to a Medievian theme. The original can, be found in the English-translated book by Aurobindo Bose; "Later Poems of Rabindranath Tagore"