Medievia Mudslinger

November 24th, 2002

A Whisper of Love in Medievia - By Bodarius

My heart races as once more I accept the need to touch her again. I place my hands on her shoulders, firmly gripping her to allow a full transfer of divine energy. I can feel her life-force strobe with power as she absorbs my heavenly gift. Her wounds instantly seal as my power tingles through her body and my lips dry at the thought of whisking her away to a safe haven. A sanctuary where I can treat her wounds more delicately to the tune of lyres and bards, while we both gently eat away the mound of grapes imported from...


With a head-splitting kick, the bandit burst through the front rank of my comrades to painfully drive his boot into my jaw. Blood spurted from my cheek as the metal spur on his heel sliced easily through the flesh that had been my face. With divine passion, I quickly chanted a spell in retaliation. Encouraging a full blessing of my spell by focusing on the bandit, I blanked out all peripheral vision and pictured the blast of flame searing deep into his flesh, sensing for the taste of burning skin in my mouth.

Novaristar, Tyralinad, and Walderon repelled the attack with a ferocious volley of sword strikes and piercing blows that left the bandit reeling in shock at the massive loss of its own blood. I released my cast upon my victim. In an instant the barely-alive bandit was consumed by the blinding heat of a flamestrike. An agonizing scream could be heard in an instant, yet as quickly as it came, it left. Expecting to see a burnt corpse within the haze of the flames, I could see nothing but a pile of ash.

"Whoa, Bod, conserve mana! He was nearly dead anyway," said Tyralinad.

"Yeah Bod, easy on the roasted chicken. There could be more out here and we are nearly home!" added Walderon.

With a frown I looked at the ground to conceal the shame of an undisciplined cast and cursed at my lack of concentration during battle. Before I looked up I could smell her scent of femininity as she came closer. My heart raced, my blood boiled, and every hair on my body stood on end as she spoke. It was as if the angels were singing to me. Nothing else mattered, no one else existed - just me, her, and her voice on the winds.

'Bod? Are you okay? You're bleeding, your face is bleeding.' With a heavenly aura she extended her hand and touched me on my chin. I didn't even feel the pain as she carefully lifted the hanging flesh that was my cheek.

'I'll be all right - a quick healing spell and I'll be smiling again.' I brushed my hand over my cheek and with a whisper my flesh reformed, restoring my features without scarring or disfigurement. I looked up at her and smiled broadly. "See? Nothing but good looks again"

With a giggle she smiled back, and I swear the world stopped as we held each other's gaze.

"Come on my fearless friends! Not far to go now, there is a clantown portal just over that hill," bellowed Tyralinad. With an encouraged gait he moved off in the direction he pointed. In a simple brisk movement she turned around and picked up her backpack. Even her motion was so fluid, so perfect. She left me flat footed as she made her way after Tyralinad.

A sharp slap on my back brought me to my senses as Walderon said, "Bod, you gotta tell her! It's becoming more of a distraction now. You nearly got killed and we can't have that. You're our only healer."

"I know! I can't stop thinking of her. She consumes me from within."

"Come on Bod, let's just get home and worry about it then." Walderon moved off at a fair pace as the others were now a decent hundred paces ahead.

Snapping out of my daze I followed, retracing the events that had occurred over the last few days. Recalling how her muscular body glistened with sweat as I had sat back and watched her rebuild that house for those elves after a hurricane had demolished the whole area. How she saved us all one night by using her strength and skill to counter the attack from that wandering ogre. With a single almighty blow she dismembered that creature then brought it to its knees from a kick to its groin. She slew it without batting an eyelid. She was perfect. She had protected me once with her shield as she fought off trolls whilst being seriously injured. Time and time again, she completely left me without words. Her strength, her beauty, and her poise during battle completely overwhelmed me.

If only I could draw the courage to tell her how I feel. But she wouldn't have me, I am a cleric and she is a warrior; she would prefer Tyralinad or even Walderon over me any day. The thought of that burned me within. Like poison from a thief's knife, the burning spread through my body, my lust for her, my desire. I had to have her. I AM good enough. I AM right for her. I will tell her soon, No! I will tell now!

As I drew up the strength to muster the words of my heart, a shout came from Tyralinad. "There it is! The portal, we have found it!"

With my mind consumed, I hadn't realized that I had walked the last several furlongs without even missing a breath. Looking around I could see an abandoned establishment - the ruins of an ancient clantown. Clearly I could see the fountain that would have been in the middle of the square, the rubble that was the buildings, and the cobblestones overgrown with grass and fungi that used to be well-traveled roads. All around were hanging vines and overgrown plants that disguised the forgotten dwelling. Rubbing my eyes, I could see the portal wavering and flickering.

Tyralinad gave the orders. "Walderon, scout the area. Bodarius rest up. These portals can have murderers lurking in the shadows. Novaristar, clear the surroundings."

Sensing my mana reserve recovering I stood up. Looking around it was quiet. Not too quiet, but quiet enough to suggest there was no one here.

"It looks good Tyr!" said Walderon from one side.

"All clear here," called Novaristar.

Walderon patted Tryalinad on the back "Well done Tyr, another successful patrol. You can lead me any day!"

With a laugh Tyralinad said "Well in that case, I will let you go through the portal first Wal, and well done to all of you. Nov, Bod, we all did good. With more clearing patrols like this one we will make this forest safe to wander eventually."

With a clear nod in acknowledgment we all smiled approval at each other on a job well done, until I caught sight of her again. In the background Tyralinar and Walderon laughed and eagerly stepped into the portal to return home, leaving myself and Novaristar alone.

Now was the time! I would confess my true feelings for her.

As I combed my hair with my fingers and straightened my appearance, again she managed to throw me into turmoil as she came closer to me. I could see the way she moved that she was herself moving with intent. My heart raced to unrecorded speeds. What was she doing? No, not like this, I should be the one to approach you!

She was too close to me now, I stepped back in hesitation as she proceeded to track me down and in an instant she had hold of my arm. "Nov, I have..."

She cut me off with a 'sshhh'. Quietly she whispered, "Don't say a word".

My mind raced with thoughts of rejection, oh, her smell was mesmerizing. I could see her lips were so smooth and moist. I couldn't look away. I tried to speak my words but nothing came. Content to stare into her eyes for eternity, I stood there in her grasp.

Then, without warning, she pounced like a tiger consuming its prey. Her lips met mine and we kissed. We kissed long, deep, passionately. It was like a thousand stars colliding! The sensualness of her touch upon mine, the texture of her lips upon mine, the embrace we sustained, never wanting to let go... I met her strength with my own and together we held each other. If time could stand still, oh how I wished it would be then.

After what seemed a lifetime, we waded through our stream of passion. Still speechless I stood there like a fish out of water. Her breath sustained my own. Quietly she began to explain. Her words held an aphrodisiac effect, as I couldn't believe I was listening to her confess her love to me. The joy I felt from within, the supreme feeling of sharing with another.

As her heart molded to mine, I whispered in her ear "I love you. I always have and I always will." We looked into each other's soul through our eyes and again we kissed.

But this time we broke our touch abruptly. When I opened my eyes I saw her face so wide eyed and bewildered, pale and speechless.

"My sweet, what is wrong?"

Just as I spoke I knew. The blade slid easily between my ribs as it sliced my organs masterfully.

I could hear the thief exhaling calmly in my ear. The tightening of my chest, the sucking of air into my lungs - I knew it was a fatal wound. As more and more blades entered my body, I knew that there was no escape.

I slowly slumped to the ground, feeling my life drain away rapidly. Time didn't stand still but it did slow down. I could hear Novaristar scream, as attack after attack pushed her farther away from me.

With my last strength I shouted "Go through the portal! Go! Go...go..."

Trying to look around, I could see many figures move closer. My sight started to fade. The one vision that did remain was of my only love, Novaristar, and how she stepped through the portal. Knowing she was safe, my last essence of life ebbed as I lay on the cold ground. My body awaited desecration from the murderous thieves.

With her name on my lips and Novaristar knowing of my love for her, I was happy to die.


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