Medievia Mudslinger

June 28, 2004

Now What? By Griu

One day, an avatar named Griu and three hero friends of his - Kaycee, Kaziklu, and Marissa - were bored. They had gone combing for eggs, they had slain the dragons, and they could not do autoquests or xp anymore, so they decided the were going to fish. No fishing quest was to be found, however, so they decided they wanted to fish just for fun. They started to fish outside, but the weather stopped them.

"Hmm..." said Kaycee. "We need to find somewhere we can fish inside so the weather won't hurt us while we try to fish."

"I have an idea" Marissa told everyone. "Let's go inside the god offices! I know of some that have fishing holes in their office."

Everyone agreed. They transported to recall and found their way to the portal that led to the god offices. After everyone had entered they all explored for a bit and finally decided on the office of Masaaki, because it had multiple spots to fish. They hunkered down and fished for about two hours when they realized that the room was starting to get spammy. Griu decided
he would organize them all so that they took up less space.

He put them all in his inventory, sorted them quickly and dropped them all. He found the others and called them back into the room.

"How many do we have altogether?" asked Kaziklu.

"Around two hundred," said Griu. "Hey I have a great idea! Let's try to break a record and catch one thousand fish! I bet no one has ever done it before."

"Great idea!" said a voice from the door.

The four startled fishers looked over to the doorway and there stood a small form of three others: Andreca, Krondier, and Ryndelle. They saw what was happening and decided to join up and help the others fish. They all formed up so it would be easy to communicate amongst themselves, and found various places in the office of Masaaki where they were able to fish without being too spammy to everyone else.

When they got to around four hundred fish, Kaziklu and Kaycee both had to leave. Everyone wished them a safe journey and they departed.

"Hmmmm... I need to organize this room once more. It's getting to be too spammy again!" Griu suggested that while everyone was in the room as he organized the spammy collection of fish, that maybe they could all call one friend to help them fish easier.

Soon after they had all asked friends to join them - Sebastiana, Paletol, Froto, and Nayru - and they all resumed fishing once more. Marissa had to leave after around five hundred fish, but wished everyone the best of luck.

Griu, Andreca, Krondier, Ryndelle, Sebastiana, Paletol, Froto, and Nayru kept fishing late into the night, but none of them gave up. At around eight hundred fish, Griu asked everyone to depart the room once more and fish somewhere else for a few minutes while he organized the room again.

They all thought he was crazy but he managed to get it looking neat and tidy once again. They continued to fish for around two more hours, and when they were finally closing in on the magic number of one thousand fish, the God Kimetan mysteriously appeared from out of nowhere.

"Wow" he said. "That's a lot of fish."

Needless to say, he got a lot of tongues stuck out at him. He laughed and kept watching as they finally got the last and final fish.

"This may just be the craziest self-appointed quest I have ever heard of, but it sure looks like it was fun. If you write me an account of all that happened here today I will be sure that everyone in Medievia knows of your great and strange efforts," he said.

The group of fishers jumped up for joy and thanked the God Kimetan. He left soon after and the fishers relaxed.

"So... What do we do with all these fish?"


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