Medievia Mudslinger

August 17th, 2001

Wedding Announcements - Collated by Maleah

This month has been a very busy one for yours truly. So many parties, so little time. Perhaps two weeks ago, I was taking brunch with Lady Goland at The Coffee Pot in Trellor. There we were, eating our meal (the bagel with cream cheese and iced cup of coffee are to die for), when the lovely goddess Kostia came in. She was getting a large to go order (seems the coders were up late and were having trouble making it through the day) for some of the staff. I waved her over to gossip while she waited on her order and she told me that she had just performed a ceremony for Xyore and Alyania a few days before. She also said she had heard that Muirbimi and Ponceleon were married recently. Later that week, I had a chance to chat with the gods Selthios and Solarina in the breaking in of the new pool and jacuzzi I had created in my office. While we were watching Columnus diving off (or falling off - depending on how you look at it) the diving board, Selthios mentioned he had the honor of performing a ceremony for Frikhail and Konstanze on the beach near the City of Medievia. Solarina added that she had married Vilitz and Tarissa in the Wicked Witch's Garden (not one of the more romantic spots, but each to their own I suppose). Then this week, while gossiping with the avatars, I heard that Dizon and Inocencia were married in a small ceremony in the Cleric's quarter of Medievia City. Can you believe all these weddings and I haven't any invitations? I am beginning to think Excrucior's imp, Mank, might be hiding my mail again.

(Chitter - Ed)

Always a social goddess and never a bride. Well, at least there is one wedding that I am sure to be invited to. Vheni has finally overcome his fear of commitment and proposed! I was in my office late one night going through some paperwork when an imp appeared and gave me a message that said, "Meet me under the waterfall in the Preserve." Being very much the curious person, I decided that the paper work could wait and headed out. When I arrived, Vheni was sitting on a blanket with a picnic basket in hand. After the most wonderful dinner of "Hero sandwiches, some food created by the GODS!" (there may be a 'TM' in there - must check), plump green aphids, and a gelatinous mess of googly goodness for desert, we gazed at the sky and talked for a while over a jug of aide of gator. During a particularly quiet moment, Vheni reached into his picnic basket and pulled out a dozen wonderful roses. How sweet, eh? Well, it got better. He handed me the roses and when I looked at them, I noticed there was a beautiful platinum wedding ring sitting in the center of one of the blooms. I looked back at Vheni to see he was on one knee. I just about died on the spot and then he popped the question! I managed to squeak out a "yes" after a moment of pure speechlessness. We haven't worked out all the wedding details yet, but I will definitely keep you all posted.

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