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July 14th, 2001

MUDmarriage Announcements - Compiled by Maleah

If it's not one thing then it's another, hmm? There I was, happily taking a cruise down the Courrain and relaxing in a lounger, when who should block my rays? Melindra and Drahcir - a lovely couple but their timing was just a teensy bit off if you know what I'm saying. Of course I had to let the captain get back to steering his craft, so I made myself another little notebook and took down their details.

I've left the notes they gave me below but would you believe that everyone turned up to the wedding naked? Why didn't they invite me to that one? It's not fair, I tell you! They had a best man (is there such a thing, girls?) and a lot of guests. One thing about weddings is that they tend to bring out the bachelors in numbers. I must have missed the invite. *sigh*

I had just finished taking the details down and was settling down to top up my tan (courtesy of Soleil, lovely person with such a sunny disposition) when who should I see but another courting couple on the prow of the boat! Well, if I couldn't get to a wedding where people were in the altogether, at least I could manage to get to this one. I moved closer and made my introductions but alas I was too late again. They weren't courting but were on their honeymoon. Corran was the groom at this little event in the Gypsy Camp and Aarkel was the blushing bride. Of course they chose the Tunnel of Love for the event, but I think they hired the whole shebang out for a day instead of buying reams of tickets. If you're planning a wedding here take my advice - block book it.

The event itself was marred by a great tragedy when Aarkel dropped and sacrificed the wrong item but order was soon restored. Kostia, rather resplendent in her robes of office, performed the ceremony and the rings exchanged. There was little in the way of an after-wedding party and would you believe they didn't save me any cake?

I could see that the tan just wasn't going to happen so I took myself off to my office once again. Of course, as soon as the kettle was boiling I was summoned to watch Preatemduala marry Shantaleigh in medlink. A charming little ceremony, even if I say so myself, performed by Prae. He's done so many that he is quite deft. He offered to walk me back to my offices but occasionally you have to keep them hungry, eh? *giggle*

A few days later I received an invitation at last - proper vellum and gold leaf trimmings! It must have been an auspicious sign, a wedding in some place with true class. I wasn't quite expecting the top of a lighthouse, but you can't account for tastes, can you? Kostia tied the knots of Gena and Kalant while the rain lashed the windows. The couple seemed not to notice and I had a word with Soleil so that a ray of light came down at just the right moment. What else are friends in high places for? Well, the confetti came in useful as well, of course :)

Sometimes the course of true love never runs smoothly. It took Lyna and Oton a few days to arrange a minister for their own special ceremony, but when they did they got Excrucior for one of his infamous services. I've had to counsel people after these before now, but they seemed to be so wrapped up in each other's eyes that they didn't notice. They held the ceremony in a rarely used altar neat Dray'Mar accompanied by the odd undead corpse and a few clan members. How sweet!

Well, it's near deadline time but I managed to find enough vellum to tell you about Rina and Greyloc's marriage. It was a simple affair with Cloem presiding and no other guests, if you can believe that. I've checked my mailbox a few times but even I didn't have an invite. *sigh*

That's all for now folks - keep your wedding, heroing and reheroing announcements coming in to me, The more info you send the more I can put up. Don't forget that I also now take Bloodline babies for a new column. Having children? Let me know about it :)

The Details

March 17, 2001 - Drahcir and I (Melindra) were married in the wee hours in the morning. It was a beautiful little ceremony with all of our closest clan and town friends attending. The wedding was conducted by our very good friend, Baartar, who was quite nervous but also very thrilled to be doing his first wedding. The ceremony was held at A Beautiful Waterfall in our social center, MedLink! (This was to keep that pesky spell spam out of the room... And because we could not agree on a location outside of MedLink.. hehe) Everyone invited was told to come *gasp* NAKED! I think I was wearing a tiara and holding a red tulip. It was all so cute. Gwarm had to hose Broksonic down and there were a few tears (from Ycef... haha!), but no one was slain. We were almost done, but we had to unlink to exchange rings. Viromanum was our ring bearer - what a cutie! After all was said, done, and emoted, we asked Alteneos to echo an announcement. He echoed, "Congratulations to Melindra and Drahcir, Medievia's newest newlyweds!"

We missed everyone who could not attend. Juls, this means you. :)


May 8, 2001 - Corran and Aarkel were married in the Tunnel of Love in the Gypsy Camp. (his choice). Vilbernatule was the best man (which is still up for debate :) ), my son Kibou was the ring bearer. Grimarde gave me away (against his better judgment I think). I was very disappointed that my mud mom, Zeia couldn't make it. While we were waiting for the ceremony to begin, I dropped and sac'd my diamond resonance bracelet (instead of my extra diamond wedding ring in my inventory) this caused quite a ruckus. Corran immediately took off to all of the donation rooms in Medievia before he could see that I sac'd it instead of donating it. While we tried to get the groom to come back, we finally find a God who would marry us and teleport everyone. Thanks to a clannie's persistence Kostia married us. She did a great job! There were lots of close friends there. Several clannies popped in to debate whether Corran was the right one for me or not, but in the end they gave their blessings (after he threatened to pk them). I was all for a big pk fest after the wedding, but there were zones to run and money to trade for. So, everyone split up and went their own ways. We retired to the beautiful waterfall in link, where we just basically sat there talking. at least that is all you can publish! 8-) All in all it was the most memorable day I have had on Med yet.

Written by: Aarkel

May 17, 2001 - Pratemduala was married to Shantaleigh by Prae by the sea in Medlink. The couple are reported to be happily married and plan on being so forever.

May 24, 2001 - On the Day of Honor, the second day of the Month of the Drolem, Year 537, Kalant and Gena were wed by the goddess Kostia, atop the romantic seaside lighthouse near Eldrick's Tomb. Despite the presence of the lagmonster and a little rain outside, the happy couple were married among cheers and confetti, and are now enjoying their honeymoon in Trellor. Although a small wedding with few friends and family members, the day will be remembered for a lifetime in the newly married couple's eyes.

May 27, 2001 - After two whole weeks of spamming prays and telepathing avatars, Lyna and Oton were finally able to get mudmarried! They were married outside of an obscure holosection temple near Dray'Mar, with an audience of clannies and undead corpses. Thanks to Excrucior for performing the ceremony!

(Excrucior notes that it was a simple wedding with but one death by supernatural causes. Hey - I warned him!)

Fri, 18 May 2001 - Rina and Greyloc eloped after an exhilarating run of the Coliseum. Cloem performed the ceremony on the slopes of the mountains. It was a private ceremony, just the bride, groom, and Cloem.


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