Medievia Mudslinger

March 18, 2001

MUDmarriage Announcements - Compiled by Maleah

Wednesday, 14 February 2001 - Ceserino and Acarice were married at 8 med time at the clantown 81 altar.

Paladius and Ayala were joined in mudtrimony.

From Xyla's point of view:

About three weeks ago, Sagien surprised me with a pop question. "Do you want to get mudmarried?" Thinking he was just asking because he thought maybe I wanted to, my first reaction was to rock back in my seat and laugh extremely hard. I asked him why. Sagien just doesn't seem the type to mudmarry! We were sitting on the mud he gods for, Tassaria, when he had asked me. We discussed it, and he did the most romantic thing. He pulled out a "singing engagement ring of love," knelt before me, and asked me to mudmarry him. Of course, I said yes. We never set a date because I informed him that instead of a ring, I wanted to get him something, and in return I wanted something other than a ring also. I left it up to him to decide, but a couple days later I had what I wanted for him, and I was SO excited that I burst out with what I wanted him to get me: a Gem of Souls. I'm obsessed with clan 73 items... grin So anyway, he finally got a gem. On February 16, 2001, I just came out and asked him, "If I can get a god, wanna get mudmarried now?" He agreed since neither of us were that busy, and I immediately began searching gods. I saw Maleah had come online, and so I rushed to ask her. Due to the fact that the wedding was pretty impromptu, Sagien and I both didn't bother with any special attire, just our "elite" eq (haha yeah right!). I told him to enter 85 where I had remembered that Allyrellia (one of the BEST room descriptors I've seen) had made a wonderful Gazebo of the Roses. This is where we held our wedding. Maleah did a wonderful job of getting out the echoes, transferring the people to us, and getting the show on the road. A few of my clannies attended, a few of his clannies attended, and a few of the Med people that god for Tassaria attended, along with the usual gaggle of people that just decided to show. I can only IMAGINE the shock of LoSK town at the fact of Sagien getting mudmarried... I wish I had stayed in the town just to see THAT. Anyway, finally the vows were exchanged and I got to give Sagien his portable hole that I had SPECIFICALLY gotten for him to item. He had been wanting one forever to make it into a 95 clanitem, and since I'm obsessed with 73 items, we both got what he wanted. The most memorable thing about the mudwedding was immediately afterward though... NO NOT THAT!! Allyrellia popped into her town to see what the fuss was, and she had blood and was unsanc'd. She's one of my really good friends, and I was formed with Sagien... and he backstabbed her. She fled, came back and scolded him, then popped off to her clanhall. We all found it pretty funny. Despite Sagien's blood-no-sanc antics against my good friend Ally (!), I'm extremely happy with him, and it feels like his bloodline Sagar is my own. Soon, our "adopted" daughter (I won't mention her name because she's INNOCENT!) will be my bloodline and it'll be one big happy family! Haha! My huge warm thanks goes out to Maleah for being the best goddess and for doing such a meaningful thing to me without warning.

Editor's note - Is romance dead? Surely there are more mudmarriages than this going on. Details, and plenty of them please, to Maleah via mudmail or email to


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