Medievia Mudslinger

February 3, 2001

MUDmarriage Announcements - Compiled by Maleah

Sunday, 31 December 2000 - Daldrin and Hadasa of the Circle of Power Clan (1) got married at 7 PM in Medievia City's Castle Square. They spent their honeymoon in Medievia's great outdoors. They returned to their clan on 1/1/01 in the early evening.

Andry and Tibhaelia were married by Ria a couple weeks ago! This was one of the greatest weddings! Tib is a person who we all know and has thrilled us in medlink for years and Andry is the longest playing, lowest level character ever to grace med. (8+years, player andry) May the light shine upon them. (May dc's fall in their lap.)

Paladius and Ayala were joined in mudmarriage.

Lukean and Sobia were joined in wedlock by the god Prae

Editor's note - Is romance dead? Surely there are more mudmarriages than this going on. Details, and plenty of them please, to Maleah via mudmail or email to


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