Medievia Mudslinger

October 30, 2000

Mud Marriages - Collated by Maleah

Saturday, 3 June 2000 - Gau and I, Xyla, are both extremely forgetful, so neither of us remembers the REAL date of our mudmarriage. So I say we were married on June 3, 2000, and he says that sounds about right to him. We were married by Cetani's god friend, and I can't remember his name. (see how the bad memory comes into play). Both of us decided to have a rather small wedding because neither of us wanted fuss or chaos. Since I was so wrapped up in adoring him, the only thing I remember is that Cetani and the god person was there. I don't remember who else was, honestly! I DO remember being so nervous because I didn't know if he would like the ring I picked out. See, I wanted something special for us. He got my diamond wedding ring off of a mob we killed in Alcordian one night while he was xping me, so it had wonderful meaning. I was in a tizzy and couldn't find a ring, so I spent hours searching my friends, and I finally stumbled on Zardaz... who was at the wedding, I remember also!--who rifled through his stuff and finally pulled out a dragonbone ring. I knew that was a perfect name for a ring for my big "tuff stuff" honey so I chose that. He says he likes it and we still wear our wedding rings every now and then when we're with each other--even though our eq rings are better.. esp for the pk'er Gau. Contributed by Gau: The god Dracenar married us, and the people that I remember there were Daedalus, Raeanna, Solaria, Cetani, and Zardaz. (Announcement written by Xyla.)

Saturday, 2 September 2000 - Madizen and Sypha were married, upon the highest point of the tower in CT 19 Solarina watched over the ceremony, while Darthmont presided. Miramicha was there to give his daughter away, Sypha's best mudfriend Elander made a cameo appearance there to witness, and countless others attended also. It was a beautiful wedding, followed immediately by several duels to the death, while the bride and groom slipped slowly away for their honeymoon. (Announcement written by Sypha.)

Thursday, September 16, 2000 - Kentrick and Allyrellia finally managed to get married, after planning to do so for 11 months. All went smoothly, despite the Losk vs 52 pk-in-waiting throughout the ceremony. Tarissa took over the officiating, as Gorn preferred the backseat for himself, and pronounced Kentrick Ally's babycake and backbone. Ansel managed to quiet everyone with his impression of a fearsome warrior. (Announcement written by Allyrellia.)

Let it be known to all the Julisha of clan 13 and Tarofin of 23 have been married huzzah!!!!!

Wedding bells peal as Menary and Kilakilo were joined in holy mudtrimony by Excrucior under the wedding trellis in Medlink. Raag, Whismerhill and Sijai were in attendance.

Congratulations to you all!

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