Medievia Mudslinger
August 10,1999

Those Wacky Quests, a poem - by Devier

On Med we have these quest gods, they really are quite good,
They run all kinds of games for us 'cause Vryce says that they should.
At first it was just ladder quest and maybe some elim,
But soon they started adding more for every little whim!

Oma was the first to try some wacky quests on Med,
"Instead of PK and quest points, let's catch some fish instead!"
There was no point to fishing quest, he did not give a prize,
But soon it cost mad cash for rods to everyone's surpise!

The days went on and many quests were run by big man O,
The rules of Blood Moon 2 I think perhaps I'll never know!
And Capt'n Crunch? Yes it exists, but what the heck's this quest?
Who would think it's PK based? A cereal I'd have guessed!

Then there's Pirate Ship PK, which turns out pretty funny,
With rabid heros running 'round to try and rack up money!
But that one didn't take too well, you know the policy,
It's frowned upon to have a quest which gives out gold for free!

Plus totem quest where 'cross the world the MUDers all do dash,
They look and look for the next clue while wasting dragon cash.
I think it's a conspiracy, to balance the econ,
They give out vague, encrypted clues till all our dough is gone!

Next good old Zeier came along, at scripting he's no dud,
But he'd be so much better if he'd throw out his Zmud!
Zeier likes to run chaos, "one ticket please" to play,
The next round starts before you sanc, "DOWN 1 lev!" he'll say.

And Zeier made Tourney Elim, where 16 heros fight,
And try to die no more than once to prove their awesome might,
The winner would receive a belt, 5/5 it would yield,
But every time I played I got paired vs. cleric fireshield!

Without these quest gods Med would be a much more boring place,
With less to brag and less to whine, less heros shouting "Face!".
In quests when your opponent clings, you know that he's scared stiff,
And just then your elite skeelz make you pull a triple whiff!

It's nice to win a quest because they'll give you a QP,
They promise rockin' quest eq, for that we'll have to see.
The thrill of victory, the true reward for backstabbing our kin,
We'd all have way more quest points if that Daed didn't win!

Now Iskandar and Ikuska have jumped on the quest wagon,
And Zeier made the scrabble quest… PK's too hard if laggin.
He'd give out letters scrambled up and oh, the words we'd make,
And telepath Z, 'dinosaure', OH NO! Spelling mistake!

But Isky said, "No scrabble Z, the cheating's at a peak,
Lamers use word calculators to make words that just reek!
I'm changing it to Scrapple, open ended answers, sweet?
I think this way it's much cooler cause now those goons can't cheat!"

And so my friends this poem ends with just a simple thought,
Appreciate the laughs and fun that these quest gods have brought,
Their job is hard, they run the games to brighten up our day,
So next time quests are starting up, don't sit in Thalos, PLAY!