Medievia Mudslinger

September 2, 2000

Violation - By Aradrawn

I focused my mind and asked my clanmates if anyone wanted to come have some fun at the Pirate Ship. I got no reply. "This is odd," I thought. I decided to go anyway, as I was feeling pretty bored that evening. I called my dragon and commanded him to fly there. As he landed, I glanced around at the people over on the docks. I saw some that barely left a trace, running along in the shadows. Others that only those with supernormal vision could see, hid behind shields of invisibility. Still more were sauntering along without a care. I noticed a cocky warrior who looked like he could use some teaching.

I chanted some arcane phrases and a white aura appeared around me, along with a suit of ethereal armor. Some more magic gained me a spectral raven that flew into me, and my eyes glowed several hues and shades. I stepped off my dragon and snuck over to him. I swung my hammer with all my might and it smacked him in the back of his head. He collected himself and hit me with the hilt of his sword. I raised my hands to the sky and fire rained upon his head. I pressed my fingers against him, and he howled with pain. He took a couple steps back and charged towards me. He slammed into me, and I fell down. I chanted an arcane phrase and an aura appeared around me, healing my wounds.

I grabbed him, and his skin withered at my touch. I swung my hammer for the last time, and smiled happily when his head disconnected from his neck. I chanted some arcane phrases and my nasty wounds became simply scratches. I had plenty of energy left over to cast more spells if I needed to, so I decided to check out the zone and see if there were any more people just waiting to be killed. I picked out one thief who looked as if he was just waiting for the right victim to come along.

I grabbed the thief I had selected and felt my sprits elate when I noticed his skin withering at my touch. His eyes widened and he fled. I laughed and pursued him. Out of nowhere I felt two sharp pains in my back and started choking on my blood. I spun around with my hammer out and sparked it as it flew. It slammed into my opponent's stomach, knocking the wind out of him. His dagger flashed several times and my wounds grew. I called down flames from the heavens, which consumed him. To my disappointment, he died without much of a fight.

I walked to relative safety and rested. I was healing up when I finally noticed frantic messages flashing across my mind. I recognized them as Gondar's, my best friend. I tuned in a little, and heard about someone in our clan who just killed a clannie! I was horrified, and listened intently. Raije, a guy who I never did like much, was complaining about this event, and I asked who did it. "You should know," his voice trailed off in a string of curses. I gasped, and suddenly realized what I had just done.

Shimmering rifts appeared in the air beside me, and people I had known for a long time stepped out. Raije glared coldly at me and Gondar was shaking his head. "I can't believe we have to do this...I never thought this would happen," Gondar said. I began to breathe heavily, and a cleric launched a volley of spells at me. Fire consumed me, he grabbed me and made my skin wither, and finally a lightning bolt struck me. More of my former friends stepped in and started attacking me. I got backstabbed, tripped, bashed, kicked, blinded, flamed, and I was trying in vain to heal myself the whole time. Finally my clannies succeeded in killing me.

I appeared elsewhere, with a headache all the way to my toes. According to the messages flashing across my brain, they had decided that wasn't enough. The clerics phased next to me and then summoned the rest of the clan. The clanleader came up to me, and narrowed his eyes. We were in the middle of the beach, and the sun glinted off the steel of the warrior's swords.

Gondar shook his head, and the clanleader said, "For your misdemeanor, you will be removed from the clan, Yurin." A message flashed across my mind, and across the minds of all those in the entire world, that read: Yurin has been removed from The Hunters!

They all gave me one final, disgusted look, then left. I sighed, and realized that I had just lost all of the friends I ever had. I had nothing else here! I wasn't sure if I could go on. I stood, and began the lonely walk home.