To: Aideen
From: Rin

If I could be a letter
I would like to be a "Q"
As far as popularity goes
"Q" doesn't get noticed much
But that's fine with me
For "U" always come with "Q"
And that's all that matters.

To: Akhana
From: Seleste

WHAZZZZZZZZHABI!?!? I was first hon. Remember that. We made a promise with one another, you better stick to it or I'm not holding up my end of the deal. Miss you and Happy Valentine's Day!

To: Amareth
From: Loriath

The first time I left Medievia for a year it wasn't by choice, the second time it was. I stopped playing because I hadn't met enough people like you. I love playing this game and can get completely lost in it because the friends I have here are so great. I am a better person for having known you Chelle.
Happy Valentines Day!!! =)

To: Annwyn
From: Seleste

I've enjoyed getting to know you over the months. You're a sweet gal with a loving heart. Happy Valentine's Day, you deserve it!

To: Anonymous
From: Anonymous

To my sexy american.
Happy Valentine's, dear.
Love you madly :)

To: Ardere
From: Philter

Dear Ardere,
You are the best part of me.
I love you very much.
Love, Philter

To: Aroulia
From: Zephen

Dear Aroulia,
Hope you have a Happy Valentine's day!
You make bloodline fun! :)
Love, Zephen

To: Asgoth
From: Minori

For each day that I spend with you
Is, to me, a treasure come true
I love you more, never less
Even when things are a mess
You've touched my heart and touched my soul
You've helped and healed to make me whole
If you have for me even half the love I have for you
I can guarantee I'll always be around to hear your precious Moo

To: Ayaeka
From: Anonymous

Happy V-Day

To: Ayaeka
From: Kasami

Happy Valentine's Day!!! Hugs

To: Ayaeka
From: Sakuya

Happy Valentine's Day! Have fun.

To: Azesia
From: Loriath

Here's hoping you have a great day filled with hearts, candies and little cupids!
Happy Valentines Day Jo!!! =)

To: Bethica
From: Torx

It's been quite a while since we met first time, but I can remember if it was yesterday. I remember falling in love with you the second I saw you, and from that point over and over again. All I have right now is the thought of you, that always makes me happy. I wish you happiness wherever you go. And wherever you may be, my thoughts will be with you, every minute of every day.
I will always love you.

To: Blackthistle
From: Alztranz

Thanks for brightening my days this year. I am happy to call you my Valentine!

To: Caeraela,
From: Waesycia

My favorite tireless newbie avenger, here's hoping Cupid has lots of fun in store for you this Valentine's!

To: Celylia
From: Waesycia

You're one of the nicest people I know, keep your head up and don't be down. Have a great Valentine's Day.

To: Charlin
From: Baram

Heya Char, how's it going?
I just wanna tell you that you mean the world to me
and that I appreciate every little thing you do for me, like staying up late to see me,
smiling for me when you feel kinda down, sending cute little things that
tell me I'm on your mind,
for making my days happier and my life more fun,
and for putting up with me when i'm being a dunderhead :p
You're perfect to me.. I really am the luckiest guy ever
Thank you for being you :)
Happy Valentine's Day my love,

To: Chaynal
From: Sini

I sing to use the waiting
My bonnet but to tie,
And close the door unto my house
No more to do have I
Till his best step approaching,
We journey to the day,
And tell each other how we sung
To keep the Dark away.
"I Sing" -Emily Dickinson
I just wanted to say, that I love you lots, and miss you oh so much, hope things pick up in your life
and if you need me I'm always here for you.
Take care, and hope to see you soon :)
lots of love,
Your mudwife :-P

To: Clan 10
From: Ala

I love you guys. You are such great clannies and I couldn't ask for more in a clan. I love you all so much I can't imagine not having met any of you.

To: Clan 22 (Cradle of Corpses)
From: Mythion

Valentine's Day 2004 is my one-year anniversary in the Cradle of Corpses.
I joined 22 because I was in love with one person, and I spent the next 12 months falling in love with 50 more. Every single one of you is special in your own way and made my experience on Med more enjoyable. Chances are each of you 22 girls in 22 has someone to snuggle with this Valentine's Day - but no matter what, I'll always be there for you.


To: Clan 68
From: Solaria

You guys make leading fun! I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day.

To: Cronje
From: Liastele

Happy Valentines day my dear. :) I'll always love you.

To: Curer
From: The Newbies

To Curer,

You're there when our mana and hitpoints go bye-bye,
You never laugh and our questions never make you cry-cry.

(from the single warrior)
How do I use my charge to beef up this staff??

You always give us goodies and donate to the Haven,
You are the true, one Queen, Newbie Maven!!

We love you !!!
The Newbies

To: Daedalus
From: Cownsu

Dear Daedalus,
Thank you for being my best xp buddy ever! We kill those fire giants with love for each other!
Hope you have a fun time in Africa hunting those wildebeast!
Much love,

To: Daedalus
From: Zephen

Dear Daedalus,
You're the best sugar daddy ever!
Love, Zephen

To: Danika
From: Torx

You've been my best friend since I started playing med, and that really is a
damn long time.
Just wanted to take the chance and send you some words of appreceation.
You've always been there for me when I needed someone and helped me most through the bad times I had.
Thank you.

To: Darcet
From Solaria

To Darcet,
Congratulations on your recent win! You're the sweetest guy around, even if you can be unbearably cocky ;) Happy Birthday too! Here's to many more fun times ahead :)
Love, Solaria

To: Darkwhisper
From: Shandalyn

I love you with all my heart.
Happy Valentines Day,

To: Darkwind
From: Iliara

I love you baby.
Lovingly yours,

To: Darkwind
From: Loriath

Happy Valentines Day dw!!! You've been so supportive over the last few weeks to me and I really appreciate it. You're the best =)

To: Dashek
From: Ceityna

You're my hero and my life has been enriched by knowing you.
Thank you for bringing joy and a smile to my heart.
Yours forever,

To: Destani
From: Drachen

I was walking through the cold lands of Medievia one day,
When I was overcome by several mobs.
Everywhere I looked they surrounded me.
They beat me, and tripped me, and chanted the songs of the dark black magic at me,
Until finally I passed out, surely done for.
I felt a warm presence as a hand reached down and lifted me up,
and although still groggy, I could feel the kindness and warmth as I looked in her eyes.
I said to myself "I must be dead,
because nothing in this world could be this beautiful.
That's it, I have died and have reached my final resting place with the gods."
I looked into the angel's eyes once more totally mezmerized.
I noticed something very familiar about them.
And then as the angel held me close and embraced me,
I realized that I had fallen into the hands of my dearest love.
The one who has always stood beside me and protected my heart with hers,
My true Destani
I love you hon!

To: the best Dot on the world
From: Ao

To: Drachen
From: Destani

Happy Valentines Day hon :)
Love, Destani

To: Dred
From: Loriath

Happy Valentines Day Dred!!! I hope you stick with it so we get to know each other better =)


To: Dredarius
From: Zephen

Dear Dredarius,
You're the only one I'd love to be pounded and stripped by in CPK!
Happy Valentine's Day!
Love, Zephen

To: the best El in the world
From: Ao

To: Elderoth
From: Docethia

You're a great guy, and a fun bloodline. I hope you have an awesome day, and you get stung by Cupid's arrow!

To: Evangelion
From: Azesia

There are so many things that I could say here, but you know most of what
would be said already. Thank you for having the faith in me that I didn't
have in myself. You've taught me a lot. Thank you for always being there for
me, no matter what. You're a wonderful person; don't let anyone tell you
otherwise. Happy Valentine's Day.

To: Evangelion
From: Loriath

A little birdie named Ulfgar told me that you didn't get too many of
these when you were a kid, hope this helps to soothe the pain =p
Happy Valentines Day!!! =)

To: Evangelion
From Seleste

So I'm still here after all!! Muhahaha!! :) Thanks for being a fabulous lead, and more importantly, a respectable, and admirable friend. Happy Valentine's Day.

To: Fleate
From: Raevan

Of all the people I could have met, I met the greatest person a woman could have asked for. I never thought being with you would be some of the happiest time of my life.
I love you, and will keep loving you, even when you moon me, when I'm trying to be cute.
Love Always,

To: Froto
From: Zephen

Dear Froto,
Happy Valentine's Day!
Love, Zephen

To: Gaelilemar
From: Shaedehart

My Dearest Hubby-usband - you have been my hubby for over a year now, both on Med and in the Real World (tm). Here's a reminder :-) SHMILY?
WAML H&F*infinity.

To: Gaidinward
From: Makenna

I saw your hand,
So afraid to reach out.
The love gripped my heart,
And stole my breath away.
I heard you say I Love You,
And broke into a thousand pieces.
I heard you say I Need You,
And wept a river.
I heard you say I Want You,
And my soul ached.
Hold me, I wanted to scream.
Lonely and lost, I turned to go.
Taking my hand, you looked into my eyes.
BELIEVE your soul cried out,
And you wrapped me in your arms.
Safe and warm.
Loved and cherished.
And I wept.
Happy Valentine's Day,
I love you, forever and a day.

To: Gau
From: Seleste

Ah skeet skeet skeet! Haha! My ghetto friend, you absolutely rock.
Thanks for all the good times so far! Looking forward to many more.
Happy Valentine's Day!

To: Gamina
From: Zephen

Dear Gamina,
Hope you have a Happy Valentine's day!
Thanks for being a friend!!! :)
Love, Zephen

To: Garinna
From: Yorak

Everyone holds a seed for each person they meet.
A first impression can choose either life or death for that seed.
For each friendship, that seed spawns into a seedling.
For some, it turns out to be a weed and may soon be smothered.
For others, that seedling may blossom into some plain greenery or even a beautiful flower.
Our seedling, that you held in your hands, grew a little slowly,
It grew a little awkwardly.
Even from the beginning, a few thorns began to form.
But with time and care, that blossomed into the most gorgeous of roses.
I've never seen a flower grow more beautiful than ours.
I've only one request from you my sweet...
I ask that you spend your life with me, in an effort to keep this rose alive and beautiful for as long as we both shall live.
Will you spend your life in the garden of hearts with me?

To: Gilligan
From: Ginger

Glad we connected again :) Happy Valentines Day :)
Love, Ginger

To: Ginthrum
From: Zephen

Dear Ginthrum,
You're the best clan leader ever!
I love you man!
Love, Zephen

To: Greyloc
From: Loriath

To my closest friend on Medievia - SMOOOOOOOOOOCH ALEX!!!
Happy Valentines Day!!! =)

To: Hexedenia
From: X

There once was a hero named Hexy,
Who couldn't stop being so sexy,
Then she met Xan,
And joined his clan,
Still she as was adorable as a pixie!

Hexy ran eq all day,
Had no time with Xan, to play, :(
So he bought her a pearl,
So she did a twirl,
And dragged him to Veri that day!

I suck at poetry but love you,

To: Idzabella
From: Rygaral

I love you amber!

To: Ikuska
From: Zephen

Dear Ikuska,
I miss you and your 2 feet....
Happy Valentine's Day
Love, Zephen

To: Iath
From: Loriath

Happy Valentines day buddy!!! You're the best!!!

To: Iradel
From: Docethia

Even if you're a dork sometimes, and you forget to sneak 99.9% of the time resulting in death, you're still a cutie.

To: Jaolen
From: Zephen

Dear Jaolen,
Happy Valentines Day!
Love, Zephen

To: Jathael
From: Chelyndra

Thank you so much for all you've done for me.
You've made me smile and laugh, you listen to me when I've needed a sympathetic're always there for me if I need you and I can never repay you enough for it.
I love you, hon, and look forward to being with you for a long time to come.
Kisses and loving you always,

To: Kalden
From: Azesia

Well well well. Who would have known that we'd become as close as we have? I remember when you used to be so shy that I had to pry to get you to talk to me. Where exactly did that silence go? Kidding! You're an incredible person, and you mean the world to me. Happy Valentines Day sweetie.
Lots of Love,

To: Kalos
From: Anonymous

I can think of nothing in life that I could more wisely do, than know a friend, and be a friend, and love a friend... like you.

To: Kandiel
From: Rina

Thanks for being my friend. Good luck in your adventures, real and otherwise.

To: Kasami
From: Anonymous

Happy V-Day

To: Kasami
From: Keilas

Happy Valentine's Day.

To: Kasami
From: Sakuya

Be Good! Happy Valentine's Day.

To: Kat
From: Sheila

"To Kat - I wish you hours and hours of fun roughing up your new kitty.

To: Keilas
From: Anonymous

Happy V-Day

To: Keilas
From: Kasami

Happy Valentine's Day!!! Hugs

To: Kentrick
From: Kido

I know you don't log on anymore, but I would like you to know that I miss you.
Hugs and Kisses.

To: Kiyoka
From: Anonymous

Happy V-Day

To: Kodas
From: Kasami

Happy Valentine's Day!!! Hugs

To: Kourtni
From: Anonymous

Kourtni, you so fine. You so fine, you blow my mind.

To: Kenichi
From: Kasami

Happy Valentine's Day!!! Hugs

To: Kiyoka
From: Kasami

Happy Valentine's Day!!! Hugs

To: Knights of Infinity
From: Altisa

To Waynor, D, Wil, Therrian, Mat, Nico, Skon, Tl, Xaim, Port and anyone I forgot that has been with me forever in KoI...
Thank you guys for making our clan one of the best to be in. I am sure by now I would no longer be playing if not for your contant companionship and your hard work and dedication to the clan.
Thank you for making me laugh when it is needed and for letting me rant on chat so I won't get frozen on the game!
Lastly, thank you for your support over the last few years as real life has gotten to be too much to deal with. I know I am not the most dedicated leader, but as long as you are in the clan, I will be too.
All ways and Always your Princess-

To: Kodas
From: Sakuya

Deeeeeee!!!! I misses you!! Have a Happy Valentines's Day! Hugs and kisses and stuffs

To: Krandor
From: Tiexie

Through the tears and the pain, the laughter and the rain, our friendship has stood the test of time. You ARE my best friend. Thank you for being there through the good AND the bad and holding me up when I was down.
<3 you

To: Krondar
From: Canter

Many years we have traveled,
many doorways we have traversed.
From one zone to another,
in the heavens or in the earth.

The time we have spent,
together hand-in-hand,
I would not trade for anything,
found in this great land.

Through good times and bad,
we have never drifted apart.
So let me say it now,
you hold the key to my heart.

To: Kronyk
From: Rovylern

Kronyk - You're my angel, you're my anchor; you're my prince, my love, and my friend. Thank you for six years of incredible happiness with many more to come.
Forever yours,

To: Koyaansquty,
From: Sabrylia

You're a wonderful clanleader, and a great guy! You definitely rock :)

To: Kyrik
from: Hamtres

Happy Valentines Day from Mom

To: Lawana
From: Railker

You are the one that fills my days,
with happiness and joy,
and the one who fils my heart,
with love to warm it.
- Railker

To: Lencil
From: Seleste

Okay, remember note for yourself: "Bring your keys!!" Shiver. Otherwise you'll be left out in the cold again. Good thing your people let you in. Oh yea, Thanks for teaching me my ABC's :) hahaha.
Happy Valentine's Dday hon!

To: Liastele
From: Cronje

Yours forever.

To: Lilliana
From: Arania

My fair lady Lilliana. I thank you for letting me join your clan, and would ask if you would be mine this Valentine's.
Yours Truly,

To: Loranos:
From: Your admirers

Loranos, you make our hearts SING with glee. We love your sexy questly ways.

To: Lortae
From: Taelynda

As I look at the stars at night
and dream of what is to be...
My heart begins to smile
for it is you I see.
Knowing that you're close
but yet so far away.
I dream of you at night
and think about you every day.
For every moment without you
seems like an eternity.
I dream of the day we kiss
and I can hold you close to me.
So until that day comes
you'll always be on my mind.
And I will love you till the end
till the end of time.

To: Mandroth
From: Ala

I love you daddy. You do so much for me. I don't think I deserve a daddy as sweet as you.

To: Mandroth
From: Titania

Thank you for being such a wonderful clan leader/friend.
Love you much :D

To: Mariwan
From: Sativinor

Sandy, I love you with all my heart and soul. Thank you for everything you've
given me.
Love Tim.

To: Masou
From: Philter

I offer you my heart and soul
For this happy life I live.
But should you ever ask for more,
This life I'll gladly give.
I love you.
Love, Philter

To: Masou
From: Cil

You make me the happiest person in the world.
I love you!
Love, Cil

To: Masou
From: Zephen

You make me the happiest person in the world.
I love you!
Love, Zephen

To: Masou
From: Oasis

You make me the happiest person in the world.
I love you!
Love, Oasis

To: Monokun
From: Seleste

Remember...Zulu dance at the "gtg" one day. Hehe! Sounds like a plan, huh? I'm glad I no longer have to watch my back in NPK or whenever I'm bloody around you, ol' buddy ol' pal!! :) Happy Valentine's Day darling!
Hope you have a good one!

To: Morgryyn
From: Azesia

Woot woot! I lub you and you rock, but you already know that. You're an awesome best friend and I wouldn't trade you for the world, attitude and all. Lub you tons hon. Happy Valentine's Day.

To: Mortermer
From: Greengyr

To My Love,
Happy Valentine's Day :)
Hugs & Kisses

To: Myrrha
From: Rennus

Like the butterfly encased within, you are in my heart. You are a part of me then, now and forever. Keep this heart close to yours so that I may know that I shall always be near you.
Happy Valentine's Day my love.

To: Numez
From: Lindae

Happy Valentine Day! Thank you for all that you have done looking after me, and for making this bloodline so loving and fun!

To: Nykaul
From: Taeloch

Dearest Nykaul,
It has been only 11 days since I was wrenched from your tutelage. It feels as if it has been an eternity. Please... please stop by and say, 'hi.'

To: Nyteorchid
From: Philter

Dear Nyteorchid,
I dont know if you remember me or not but I'm still in love with you.
Love, Philter

To: Opaert
From: Savect

Hey Baby, Hugs and Kisses. Love ya from the top to the bottom.

To: Ozymandias
From: Anonymous

Embalmed in a parched and endless sea of sand,
Your crumbled features face the burning sun with stern, unblinking eyes.
Your mighty works a living tribute stand.
A magic world, a King of Kings, the secret focus of a loving woman's sighs

To: Pictus
From: Hamtres

I Love You

To: Raelia
From: Raesin

You're as sweet as the chocolate coating. Be my Valentine.

To: Raesin
From: Raevan

A happy Vanlentine's to the greatest son a blood line mother can ask for! And if you get any other Valentines from other girls, I'll have to kill them.

To: Raevan
From: Fleate

Dearest, Raevan
Our one year anniversary is approaching. I hope your as happy now as were then.
Love, Fleate

To: Ragaril,
From: Solaria

You're still the craziest guy I've met, don't ever change.

To: Rarnox
From: Sakuya

Happy Valentine's Day sweetie!! Hugs and kisses!

To: Rina
From: Loriath

To my favourite townie =) I hope you have a great day filled with hearts, candies and little cupids!
Happy Valentines Day!!! =)

To: Rinor
From: Aideen

Dear Rin,
I was wrong...there is something to say.
We all know that I'm no good with long romantic speeches, so...this has been on my mind for a while.
I don't think I have the guts to say it outright, so here goes.
Will you marry me?

To: Rolissa
From: Loriath

SMOOOOCH Rolissa!!!
Happy Valentines Day =)

To: Rugad
From: Amanda

Hey Dan, just wanted to say thanks for always being there even when I was a 'you know what'.
Hope you have a good v day ..
Love ya, Amanda

To: Rugad
From: Jewellia

To My Rugad
Hope you have a great Valentine's day :) thinking of you! You have been so sweet and can always make me smile. Btw when ya gonna mudmarry me? :P
Luv Jewelia

To: Ryuuen
From: Kasami

Happy Valentine's Day!!! Hugs

To: Sakuya
From: Anonymous

Happy V-Day

To: Sakuya
From: Kasami

Happy Valentine's Day!!! Hugs

To: Saren
From: Sini

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight
For the ends of Being and ideal Grace.
I love thee to the level of everyday's
Most quiet need, by sun and candlelight.
I love thee freely, as men strive for Right;
I love thee purely, as they turn from Praise.
I love thee with the passion put to use
In my old griefs, and with my childhood's faith.
I love thee with a love I seemed to lose
With my lost saints,--I love thee with the breath,
Smiles, tears, of all my life!--and, if God choose,
I shall but love thee better after death.
"How Do I Love Thee" -Elizabeth Barrett Browning
I love you honey, and I can't wait until you can finally be home for good
I miss you so much, and I know the kids do too
Happy Valentine's day love
Your Wife
and you better know who that is :-P

To: Sarros
From: Egani

To my one and only Sarros:
From the first day I meet you I knew we were destined to be together.
You have shown me so much about myself I never knew was there.
You have been there for me on my good days as well as my bad days.
You make me smile and laugh when no one else can.
You are always in my thoughts and in my heart.
For this is why I will love you forever.
From your Princess forever....Egani

To: Savect
From: Opaert

No boughs have withered because of the wintry wind.
The boughs have withered because I have told them my dreams.
At this moment, these are my thoughts, change them for me.

To: Seleste
From: Zeleste

HELP THIS WOMAN!!! or we're all DOOMED!!!
Heheh, ahh yes, my always-there-for-her-bl-grandmommie
We'll get that legend flag for you sooner or later ;)
Thanks for always bein there and ready to xpxpxpxpxp
Oh, and for lettin me drag you on trs ;)
You rock babe, never forget that
BBB foreva!!! wooohoooo + + ;)
Much love,

To: Senadra
From: Mitho

I'm here for you, my heart is yours. Forever I'll love you, infinity I'll keep you.
I'll do all this forever, growing stronger and closer. Security I give you, eternity I promise you.

To: Sidar
From: Taelynda

Happy Valentine's Day sweetie!
Hugs and Kisses

To: Sigritt
From: Volkerii

Si, I find myself lacking the words to exprsss how I feel about you.
So I'll try to say it as best I can,
I love you dearly, and wish to thank you for all you've done.
I only hope I can come near to repaying the favor.
My heart is yours.
Your loveing husband,

To: Sither
From: You know who


Thanks for being my friend. :)

xoxo - you know who

To: Sloane
From: Anonymous

You're really sexy girl, and you make me think fun things :) Thinking of you.

To: Styrax
From: Hoguti

Styrax, good luck with your Valentine. You and she make a great pair. Just remember to fix your hair so nobody will stare :P. See you there Kiersten's furry bear. Look...I rhymed :P Flex!

To: Sulfyr
From: Seleste

Happy Valentine's Day my little xp addict!
Your huckleberry,

To: Supirio and the whole IO bloodline
From: Anonymous

Supirio set out to be the first Legend but little did he know he would end up with one of the best Bloodline families in the game. We are infamous and put up with a lot of heat, but we have the best that there is to offer. Here's to another year of new friends, new family and one harmonious bloodline group.


To: Syltheana
From: Zephen

Dear Syltheana,
You're the hottest, coolest goddess by far.
Happy Valentine's day!
Love, Zephen

To: Taelynda
From: Anonymous

Happy Valentine's Day my love
So many things i want to say, so many feelings to express.
And yet i will keep silent, for i know you love another.
An anonymous admirer

To: Taelynda
From: Branoic

Happy Valentine's day.
Hope you get many cards like this because you deserve to be loved.

To: Taelynda
From: Lortae

Happy Valentine's Day!
If all went well you received your true Valentine's gift by now.
I know it isn't much but its from the heart.
I hope this is the first of many.
Love you.
Yours Forever, Lortae

To: Taelynda
From: Zedolution

Every day I love you more and more,
you are the one I care most for.
To me you are so sweet and kind,
someone like you is so hard to find.
We may have had our ups and downs,
but there have been more smiles than frowns.
You make me feel special in every way,
and you always seem to brighten my day.
We talk about our future together,
and know we'll be together forever,
'coz you are the one I will always love,
and you are my angel sent from above.

To: Taemira
From: Zephen

Dear Taemira,
I've always had a secret crush on you.
But don't worry. I won't tell anyone :)
Happy Valentine's day!
Love, Zephen

To: Taisha
From: Letizammon

Obicham te nai sladko angelche ot cqlata si dusha i surce
Chestit praznik i budi vse tui prekrasna i sladka {}{}{}{}{}

To: Talieus
From: Anonymous

To my gangsta gangsta. This is your secret admirer, haha. I'll give ya a hint though: the generic rap song. Man..golden. You are honestly one of my favorite people on Medievia and I don't see that changing. O yea, here's the plan, yo: meet up and do what we do best: nap. Sound like a plan? Rock on. In all seriousness though, you're a really sweet guy that I absolutely adore being around. Thanks for making Med all the more enjoyable!
Happy Valentine's Day!

To: Talieus:
From: Seleste

To my "BLOODY" (and i emphasize this...) hellion...we've really come a long ways, huh?
I'll never forget the good ol' days in NPK hehe. :) I'm glad we're friends. You've never failed at cheering me up. Thanks for being so grand.
Happy Valentine's Day!!!

To: Talieus
From: Xipis

Thanks for giving me a chance :) u arent as bad as everyone says

To: Tharius
From: Taelynda

I know I'm mean sometimes, from this day on I'll be a good girl, i swear.
Happy Valentine's day!
Hugs and Kisses.

To: Thorbroadi
From: Anonymous

Dearest Thorbroadi,
You put the fun in mispelled. Don't ever change!

To: Tianna
From: Titania

Thanks for being the best sister in the world.
Love you so much :)

To: Tyleste
From: Seleste

My son...the leet thief in progress hehe. I'm very proud of you as well. You definitely liven up bloodline, and more importantly keep me laughing..even when i'm practically rolling on the floor. Yes, you're THAT funny. Hehe :) Happy Valentine's Day darling, and keep an eye on your cool, but blind, partna!
Love, Seleste

To: Volk
From: Sigritt

Love you forever, Volk.

To: Waesycia
From: Anonymous

They're soft and furry, black and white,
They chew and chew their cud-like goo.
They give us milk and butter too,
And moonwalk backwards mooing, 'Moo'.
But really, would it be so bad,
To catch one in the morning zephyr?
A grand and noble lifelong pal,
A pet, a cow, a friend, a xefer.

To: Wallkier
From: Nakiah

Getting old getting old! It's alright though, I still love you the same. Thanks for having me in bloodline and teaching me how to get by on my own for the most part. Take care of the kids until I come back will ya?
Happy Valentine's Day.

To: Wildfire
From: Oasis

Dear Wildfire,
You consume my every thought.
Love, Oasis

To: Willowbrooke
From: Draykilas

While it is true that I have known you for the past few years, I have gotten to know you even better these past few months. Several of my fellow Medievians may be smitten with your endless cheerfulness and outgoing personality, but it is I that holds your heart close to mine, just as you hold mine close to yours. I hope this love will last forever.
Love always, Draykilas

To: Willowbrooke
From: Rupo

Hello my dear Valentine. Would I be the same without you by my side? Most likely not. Would I be the same without your loving care? Most likely not. Would I be the same without your wonderful humor to keep me smiling? Most likely not. Would I be the same without your beautiful face to look at? Most likely not. Would I be the same without your angelic voice to soothe me? Most likely not. So I guess that means I'm keeping you with me, for without you, I'm not me.

Love always,

To: Wyanar
From: Lindae

Happy Valentine Day! Thank you for all that you have done looking after me, and for making this bloodline so loving and fun!

To: Xalaron
From: Anonymous

Happy V-Day

To: Xalaron
From: Kasami

Happy Valentine's Day!!! Hugs

To: Xalaron
From: Keilas

Happy Valentine's Day.

To: Xeferiscus
From: Anonymous

Dear Xefipoo,
You play the enigma very well, keep up the intrigue!
Here's hoping you have a whale of a day.

To: Xendrellia
From: Keilas

You know you love me, happy Valentine's Day, sweetie.

To: Xyrolix
From: Seleste

Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. I love our talks, always have, always will. You're crazy, but I love ya just the same. Happy Valentine's Day my lil' punk!

To: Zacharilius
From: Creslyn

My love for you was forged in the fires of Hell. Te amo, my

To: Zap
From: Your Favorite Trader -=HSM=-

To the one and only Evil Canadian Eskimo Princess,

Seeing the world in a grain of sand..
would be pointless if I couldn't see you.
Seeing heaven in a wild flower..
would seem like hell if you weren't there
Holding infinity in the palm of my hand,
would seem empty if I couldn't hold you.
Having eternity in an hour,
would be meaningless if you weren't there to spend it with me.

Love you Zap,

To: Zeleste
From: Seleste

Oh what to say, what to say. "French Lobster Voice", "Tastes like Banana Nut Bread only without the Bananas and the nuts", our many many emails, and late night chit chats...but most of all..our RANDOMNESS! :) I'm proud to have you in my bloodline, but most of all to have such a fabulous guy as my friend. Keep on "Breathing" my lil' Stevo, and Happy
Valentine's Day!
<3 Beffers aka Seleste

To: Zi
From: Titania

Thank you for helping me through the year.
I you so much and i hope for many years to come. :
Love Tita

To: Zopuviky
From: Hoguti

Zopuviky, We've been friends for a long while, and you've always made me smile. I raise my glass and toast to friendship, and hope that on my real ship (submarine) I don't sink to a watery grave.
Just remember to tell your girl you love her, and be merry.
Your friend Hoguti


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