Medievia Mudslinger Valentine's Day Messages 2007


To: Adnil
From: Zanthrina

Happy Valentine's Day! Thanks for all you do for me, I really do appreciate it. Hope your day is happy! Hugs Zanthrina

To: Alkith
From: kwahevoda

CHITTER! Happy V-day, darlin! Much lub <3

To: All Avatars
From:  Asril

Thank you so much for the hard work that you put into this game. You are more help than you realize! Asril

To: Annie
From:  Glenn

I love you forever and ever. Love Glenn

To: Asmira
From: Kelvyn

A true friend is one who knows all the reasons *not* to be your friend but *is* anyways. Thank you for being my best and truest friend. Happy Valentine's Day. Love Kelvyn

To: Asril
From: Gamina

After sleeping you and stealing your bathrobe, I hope you know how much you mean to me! hugs and smoochies" - Gammie

To: Asril
From:  Zuasha

Thanks for being one of the greatest bosses I have ever had the pleasure of working for :)

To: Asril
From: Rieka

Thanks for always being there to listen and being...well...YOU! I hope you have a great Valentine's Day! Hugs, Rieka

To: Ausjos
From: Rina

Because you asked so nicely!

To: Calrog
From:  Celylia

It is dark. You were probably already eaten by a grue. :(

To: Casse
From: Celylia

Happy Valentine's Day, Boss! I wish you the most happiness full of AQ love! <3

To: Casse
From: Naima

Hope your days are becoming better and brighter. Have a very Happy Valentine's Day and I'm proud to be a minion of AQW! :)

To: Casse
From: Ulrica

It's always a pleasure to talk to you! Not to mention work for you! Hope you have a great Valentine's Day! Hugs, Ulrica

To: Celylia
From: Naima

Happy Valentine's Day. I love you and am so happy I get to be working even more with you! Let's run away to Candy Mountain and get our own apartment. <3 <3

To: Celylia
From: Ulrica

Dear Celylia,
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
My room's forever green,
Yours should be too!
Hugs!  Have a great Valentine's Day! Ulrica

To: Celylia
From: Dandiana

You're the greatest, but of course you don't need me to tell you that!

To: Cronje
From: Rieka

Thank you for always being such a good friend, and for being such a good sport when I pick on you (although you always give back tenfold!). I hope you have a great Valentine's Day! Hugs, Rieka

To: Dandiana
From: Anonymous

A haiku for you,
I hope you know who this is,
Run away with me!

To: Drachen
From: Megara

Happy Valentine's Day, Baby. I love you so much and I really hope this is the last Valentine's we spend apart. I can't wait to be with you. Forever.

To: Drythus
From:  Siraphina

You are amazing. You make me smile, laugh, and be happy. I love you so very much. Just thinking about you I get this stupid grin on my face and I giggle. You make me so happy. I hope the future holds wonderful things in store for us. :) I love you, Jenjen

To: Dulith
From: Celylia

<3 This is the annoying voice in your head reminding you to send in that proposal! Lots of love! <3

To: Emmanuelle
From: Rieka

Hey woman! Thank you so much for being there to give advice, no matter what the subject. It's always meant the world to me to know that I have a friend that cares like you do. I wish you nothing but the best, Emmie, dear, forever and always. Love ya! Love always, Rieka

To: Emora
From: Louizia


To: Evangelion
From: Anonymous

We may not talk like we once did. But I haven't forgotten you. I think of you often and I always wish you well.

To: Exmortius
From: Kotake

Baby I love your ways! <3 Your girl, Kot <3

To: Freana
From:  Theradak

What I feel is so intense.
I can never let you go.
I have never wanted someone,
As much as I need you.
I have given you my heart,
And I cannot show you.
I cannot hold you every night
I cannot wake to your smile.
I feel you when you are not here.
Nothing is right without you.
I want to protect you.
I want to touch you.
We are meant to be.

To: Galdovak
From: Rieka

You've always been a dear friend to me, and I know that will never change. Thanks so much for making me laugh when I'm down. There needs to be more people like you in the world. Think of how much lighter the world would be from all the laughs! Hugs, Rieka

To: Gamina
From: Naima

Make sure you're getting lots of rest so you can feel better!! Happy Valentine's Day, Gammie!! Almost in a spot where you can send me that card :)

To: Gamina
From: Asril

Thank you for taking me as your 2562 Mudspouse!

To: Ghilomina
From: Asmira

You're one super ghine godchild! Happy Valentine's Day! With Love, Asmira

To: The Gods
From: Asril

You are a great (although slightly insane) bunch of people to work with!

To: The Gods
From: Gamina

To the incredible edible gods and goddesses: This is your brain.. This is your brain while working for Med. Get the picture?

To: Illexio
From: Rina

Snugs to you on Valentine's Day!

To: Janose

Two years ago today you proposed to me. I'll never forget how sweet, nervous, and awkward you were about it, despite the years we had already spent together. I love you, and I thank you for making my dreams come true. Happy Valentine's Day, Sweetheart!

To: Jathael
From: Rieka

My dearest Jathael,
Ah, what can I say, my love?  Another year gone by, and my love for you only gets stronger.  You are truly a blessing in my life!  Every day when I wake up I can feel secure knowing you will be by my side.  I never believed in a soul mate before you, yet now I know they truly do exist.  Thank you so much for everything you do for me and our children.  You work so hard to make sure your family is safe and taken care of and I am so proud of everything you've accomplished.  I couldn't have asked for more!  I will always be there for you, to support you in all you do and love you, until death do us part.  Here's to you, my only love!
Loving you forever,

To: Jebez, Marielle, Michan, Seltane, Xethril, and Jaeda
From:  Florette

Happy Valentine's Day my wonderful bloodline! Hope you and your families have the happiest of days. Hugs Florette

To: Kailey
From: Evangelion

As you know, you've come to mean a lot to me.  You're one of the few people who have kept contact with me even after I departed, become one of my truest friends regardless of my location, and for that I cannot thank you enough.  I hope I can be there when everyone else realizes what only a couple have seen so far: that you are a beautiful, talented, and wonderful woman with so very much to give.  I'm fortunate to have you.  I'll see you soon.  In my thoughts, Evangelion

To: Kailey
From: Azlie

To an awesome friend. Happy Valentine's Day! Love you!

To: Kathaarg
From:  Bakhari

Love, Bakhari

To: Kaynelor
From:  Louizia


To: Kimahri
From: Kaytlin/Lathri

Sending you a Valentine, just to let you know how fabulous you are. Here's hoping we still bicker and fight as much next Valentine's =P Thanks for being such an interesting bloodline dad, too!

To: Kimetan
From: Zuasha

Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day and that it is as sweet as you are (when you're not lightning or slaying me).

To: Kimetan
From: Celylia

You are jealous, for I am the real Slim Shady. Please stand up?

To: Kdorthena
From: Merex

Feed me. Meow. Rex

To: Kelvyn
From: Asmira

My Wonderful Grandson Kelvyn:
Now all that can save me is my own rabies,
So I bite my own self and I quiet down like stealth again.
All that can save me is my own rabies,
So I bite my own self and I quiet down like stealth bombers.
Cause I am a ghostboy. I don't scare and I don't get no bellyaches.
And I'll be eating sparrows sitting on top of a tree
And as the days go by, won't you show me where to get them bellyaches?
Or I'll be here like pharaohs,
Forever on my own.
Happy Valentine's Day!   With Love, Your Grandma, Asmira

To: Kementa
From: Dandiana

Thanks for being such a good friend and person!

To: Kostia
From: Zuasha

Thanks for all the time you spent helping and teaching me. It has been greatly appreciated!

To: Kotake
From:  Kelvyn

Remember that you're special! Kel

To: Kotake
From:  Theradak

Truly I want you,
Truly I need you,
I lie to you not,
You're all I think of,
I feel it in my heart,
You're all I care for.
As I lay on my own,
I think of you,
Up on your thrown.
In my mind,
You're all I see,
And there nowhere I'd rather be,
Then by your side.
Let's go for a ride,
The ride of our life,
I wish it never ends
slowly higher and higher,
Wishing there will be no end.
Not a simple crush,
You are perfect,
A perfect love

To: Kurthos
From: Iramorha

My dear brother Kurthos:
If you ever feel like something's missing
Things you never understand
Little white shadows sparkle and glisten
Part of a system, a plan
Maybe you'll get what you wanted
Maybe you'll stumble upon it
Everything you ever wanted
In a permanent state
Maybe you'll know when you see it
Maybe if you say it you'll mean it
And when you find it you'll keep it
In a permanent state, a permanent state
Happy Valentine's Day!   With Love, Iramorha

To: Lorton
From: Effie

You're my Aussie prince, the co-leader of my dreams, a soothing hand on my shoulder each and every day it seems.
I'll be your pommie princess, the one who whisks you off to Mello, then let you sweep me off my feet to loot some other fellow.
You're the best pal a girl could wish for and hope you comprehend,  how very much I love you and am honored to call you a friend.

To: Mandy
From:  Anonymous Australian

You are totally awesome! If I could change just one thing, I would know you in real life. :)

To: Melquiades
From: Oh King of the caramel candy chewy ooey gooey treats, may you have those given to you by a loved one this day to munch on. Stop being away quite so much, I need you around to annoy as well! <3

To: Murghen
From: Anonymous

It's crazy and I know it. But I like you!

To: Naima
From:  Celylia

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Of all the assistants,
I'm glad I have you!
Happy Valentines Day

To: Nogbloat
From: Shadine

A gift for you, with love from Shadine.

To: Nyan
From: Gamina

TO THE CORNER WITH YOU! But know I still love you!

P.S. I'm also signing this for your father Asril, since he was too lazy to "buy" you a greeting!

To: Ontare
From: Rina

It's a good life and I'm so glad you've found it!

To: Ozymandias
From: Aewen

Thanks for being my friend.  

To: Radenmyer
From: Celylia

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
If you keep sitting on your application,
I will have to strangle you :) <3!

To: Raithe
From: Dandiana

Thanks for all you have done. You're a wonderful person. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

To: Raithe
From: Raithir

I love you.

To: Raithir
From: Raithe

I love you Josh. You are my love!!! Happy Valentine's Day :)  <3 Your Wife, Tiffani <3

To: Rankyne
From: Okitrene

Dear cousin Rankyne:
And when the worrying starts to hurt
And the world feels like graves of dirt
Just close your eyes until
You can imagine this place, yeah, our secret space at will
Shut your eyes and sing to me.
Happy Valentine's Day!
With Love, Okitrene

To: Reona
From: Dandiana

To the best afk Co-leader I ever had:) Thanks for all you do.

To: Rieka
From: Jathael

The metal wings they brought me to you.
Three little faces smiled bright.
The vows we took shall stand the test.
On that day we made them mine
One year later another arrived
With curly red hair, and bright blue eyes.
Continuing with the life we share.
Another grows inside you there.
Five children who would ever have known
Just how much our love has grown
Unbelievable is one word
Faith seem more apropos
I love you more this year that last.
I'll love you always my darling Cass(andra) 

To: Romsek
From:  Megara

Rommmm, I know you don't believe in these things about Valentines or whatever, but I wanted to send you this because you are someone special to me, you are my friend and I love you and I want you to know it. Meg

To: Saralynn
From: Dandiana

Thanks for being the person you are :)

To: Sebastiana
From: Dandiana

A smile in return of the many you have given me!

To: Selcyus
From:  Tayatrene

I wanted to walk through the empty streets
And feel something constant under my feet,
But all the news reports recommended that I stay indoors
Because the air outside will make
Our cells divide at an alarming rate
Until our shells simply cannot hold
All our insides in,
And that's when we'll explode
(And it won't be a pretty sight)
And we'll become silhouettes when our bodies finally go.
Happy Valentine's Day!
With Love, Tayatrene

To: Selthios
From: Aewen

Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream, work real hard and you'll find that life is more than dreams. Your friend, Aewen

To: Sigritt
From: Eirikr

Si, Happy Valentine's Day. You know I lub you. <3

 To: Sjif
From:  Elrae

Happy Valentine's Day, Baby. I love you.

To: Sjion
From: Kaytlin

Thank you for making the last few months truly amazing! I can't put  down in words how much I love you, but I'll keep trying each and every day, as usual =) - Lots of love, Kaytlin

To: Siraphina
From:  Celylia

My darling Jen, I <3 you so!

To: Siraphina
From:  Drythus

Though we are not together
I will love you always and forever
You are my sun and my sky
The light in the midst of the darkness of my life
Your the reason I can make it through the day
Fighting the never ending pain
I live for you and only you
I want you to know I will always be true
Your beautiful and understanding
You are the one that makes my life complete 

To: Soleran
From: Dandiana

Thanks for always being there for me. May your Valentine's Day be as  wonderful as you are!

To: Tacony
From: Rina

"Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don't walk behind me, I may not lead. Just walk beside me and be my friend."-- (Albert Camus) Thank you for being my friend - Laura

To: Terl
From: Dandiana

Okay, I think it's time we make that trip to run off together. Get packing!

To: Thalesia
From: Megara

Happy Valentine's Day, Thal. I love you. Thank you for being my friend =)

To: Tharghan
From: Anonymous

Happy Valentine's Day from your secret lover...

To: Trixtax
From: Dandiana

Just to see you smile!

To: Trixtax
From: Snugglebug

My Sweet Grapeape
Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
I sent you this Valentine
Because I miss you.

I miss your snuggles and smooches.
Here are a million from me to you.

       Love your Snugglebug

To: Tugiaz
From: Dandiana

Just a note to say hello and Happy Valentine's Day!

To: Ulrica
From:  Celylia

So, seriously. . . Stay out of the green room. <3

To: Ulrica
From: Naima

Here's to a new start that hopefully goes better than the last. Let's slay the goat a few times as a sacrifice to a good beginning.

To: Upowilopizi
From: Kwahevoda

Darling husband, beloved friend
My sweetest love until the end
A rather sucky poem just for you
Because, on Valentine's day, it's due :p
I love you more, somehow, every day
More than any actions or words can truly say
So here's my yearly PDA for all to see
Just telling them how exquisitely happy you can make me! :)
Come with me and we shall walk among the stars...

To: Vladimyer
From: Celylia

LOL @ U <3 from me  :) c fireball!

To: Vuzha
From: Celylia

To the one I love more than life itself, may forever be ours. Happy Valentine's Day, Dearest.

To: Xarmatrix
From: Megara

Happy Valentine's Day, Chris!! You are one of my favorite people on this game. Thank you for being my friend =)

To: Xeanne
From:  Merex

I love you even though retired =~( Love, Merex

To: Zambina
From:  Rieka

You are the sister I could never have but always wanted. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for always being there for me. We've laughed, we've cried, we've spent hours talking about everything under the sun. Your courage and strength are an inspiration, don't ever lose them! Love you, girlie! Love always, Rieka

To: Zuasha
From: Celylia

<3 <3


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