To: Town 3
From: Zhijing

You are all just giant teddy bears! Giant teddy bears, I tell you!
Happy Valentine's Day and much love to y'all!
together, and I love you guys. :)

To: Town 8
From: Ally

Happy Valentine's Day to the sexiest town around. You guys are the greatest, and I am always happy to be around you (when you're around!!). Thank you for being so understanding and supportive during all my busy times and for dealing with my crazy disappearing acts while I shuffle between windows. And for ressing me when I die from not paying attention to the right window! We have so much fun together, and I love you guys. :)

To: Clan 10
From: Ceserino

Thank you for being my clannies. You're all very special to me! Happy Valentine's Day!

To: Clan 18
From: Volkerii

Guys, thanks for all that you've done in an effort to bring 18 back to what it has been and could be again. Thanks especially to those making an effort to actively work toward the ranks that we need, and to those players who are new to the clan but make it much more active.

To: Clan 102
From: Tiexie

"The statistics on sanity are that one out of every four people is suffering from some sort of mental illness. Think of your three best friends. If they are ok - Then it's you."

Haha I love you guys.
Happy Valentine's day!

-Your Favorite Spoiled Brat

To: Accipiter
From: Anonymous

Your wit is understated, you're great to talk to, and a fun guy even if you do teach chemistry ;) Here's to having a great Valentine's Day!

To: Adnil
From: Zadnil

Happy Valentine's Day Daddy! I hope you have a good one. Hugs Zadnil

To: Aelia
From: Ceserino

Love you always. Good luck! I'm rooting for ya!

To: Aethilus
From: Anonymous

You're the stud of the clan, all the girls, especially Raica, adore you ;) Happy Valentine's!

To: Argarixus
From: Zhijing

My dearest Argarixus...

There is only you.

Saaayang baby... Ziyi

To: Aimonsorcio
From: Anonymous

Thanks for being there to listen to me ramble when I needed someone.
You're a true sweetie, and a wonderful friend. :)
Happy Valentines's Day
-You know who I am.

To: Aimonsorcio
From: Titania

Love you much and I'm glad i ended meeting you and playing your BL. Let's make Fae A legend too! Happy V-day sweetheart!

To: Aisling
From: Anonymous

Always and forever, no matter what.

To: Ansfrid
From: Ceserino

Hope you have a great Valentines Day! Thank you for being my clannie! Good luck! I'm rooting for ya!

To: Arethusa
From: Kimetan

Straight up now tell me do you really wanna ... dance with somebody?

To: Arethusa
From: Qenzhai

Thank you for being such a good friend and mentor. I'm glad I get to work with you! Happy Valentines Day!

To: Asgoth
From: Minori

'Come with me, and I will care for you
And we shall walk among the stars, and fortune will never betray you more
Your days will be filled with sun and your nights with love
Come with me, my beloved'

To: Bilik
From: Zenobia

You have been such a great friend. I really don't know where I'd be if it wasn't for you. You make my time on med great. You've helped me with so much, and I really do thank you for that. I enjoy all of the time we spend together and I hope to get to know you even better. Love Ya.

To: Celylia
From: Kimetan

Dear Celylia,

I <3 the way you AQ IRL.



To: Charlin
From: Baram

Happy Valentine's Day wherever you are

To: Chelyndra
From: Jathael

My dearest Chelyndra,

For giving to me everything I have always dreamed of, a loving family, a happy home and wonderful children... as I write this message our fourth child grows safely inside you, the true epitome of our love. Have a wonderful Valentine's day, my most beautiful wife.

All My Love,

To: Chelyndra
From: Liastele

Dear Cass,
Have a wonderful Valentines Day!
With love,

To: Choja
From: "Kitty"

Happy Valentine's Day!!! Make sure we diablofun and enjoy some fruits basket if nothing else :)

To: Cronje
From: Liastele

To Cronje:
To my dear friend, Cronje. Happy Valentines day. With lots of love, - Liastele

To: Curer
From: Anonymous

you're the sexiest co-leader ever! everyone says so =)

To: Cynossema
From: Anonymous

You have such a beautiful personality. I hope you find a mate for that wonderful soul of yours. happy v-day cutie =)

To: Dandiuel
From: Strysus

To the love of my life, wishiing you a happy Valentine's Day.
Love always and forever Strysus.

To: Danika
From: Ceserino

Happy Valentines to you and yours in 44 from me and mine in 10 and town!

To: Danika
From: Liastele

Dear Amber,
Happy Valentines Day! Extra smooches and hugs to you!
With lots of love,

To: Deschain
From: Asgothess

Yay for my penguin pal! <3

To: Dimeneira
From: Solaria

Never retire again, we'd all miss you too much! Have a great Valentine's Day, you deserve it :)

To: Drahcir
From: Solaria and clan 68

A tireless clannie and an awesome friend, you make everyone smile and feel priveleged to know you. Have a great Valentine's Day :)

To: Domaelus
From: Titania

Happy Valentines day luv! 3 yrs of fun times and more to come!!!! Love You!

To: Dysis
From: Celylia

To the hardest working AQW, the lovely Dysis. Happy Valentine's Day! With love and autoquests, - Celylia

To: Entragian
From: Qenzhai

Thank you for being such a good friend. Happy Valentines Day!

To: Eriathan
From: Solaria

Happy Valentine's Day to the cutest wannabe Viking that I've ever met! Have a great day :)

To: Erich
From: Titania

Happy Valentines Day! I love you much, and i hope that you have a wonderful day!

To: Evelina
From: Qenzhai

Thank you ffor putting up my whining and proofing my rooms. That thank you I was gonna say one day I'm saying today! Happy Valentines Day!

To: Gaidinward
From: Makenna

Kiss me
I dream
Hold me
I cry
Touch me
I beg
Kneel unto you
I desire
Want me
I yearn
Love me
I need
Have faith in me
I crave
Come to me
I dream
I dream..


I love you with all the breath in my body and beyond. Through all of the laughter and all of the pain, there is no other that could ever replace what you have given me.
Happy Valentine's day.


To: Garoshtar
From: Zhijing

To my dearest husband Garoshtar...

Saaaaaayang, baby!

Always and forever, Zhijing

To: Hetyrla
From: Liastele

Dear Kari,
Happy Valentines Day!
With lots of love,

To: Hruvesta
From: Celylia

To my dear friend and boss, the lovely Hruvesta. Have a happy Valentine's day! With much love and autoquests, - Celylia

To: Hruvesta
From: Kimetan

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I like coffee,
And I hope you do too.

<3 Kimetan

To: Hruvesta
From: Solaria

Your cookies were delightful, and your conversation is always insightful! Happy Valentine's Day :)

To: Iceheart
From: Rin

Here I sit with a prewritten message, all ready to send it in. Then I realized, you and I, we aren't the type of people to keep planners or write down goals. Sooooooo here goes:

I am yours and you are mine. Wub my Dashy lots.

To: Ikuska
From: Qenzhai

Thank you! Can't say that enough, I'm thrilled at being apart of your team. Happy Valentines Day!

To: Ilandere
From: Amythest

cheesy potatoes! glad we have you back, happy valentines day ms purrty!!

To: Jathael
From: Chelyndra

My love, I could never find the words to express just how much you
mean to me. We started as friends and became so much more. The day
we got married was one of the happiest in my life. You managed to
capture not only my heart, but the hearts of three little children.
You are a fantastic husband and father, and I don't know what we'd do
without you. From the depths of my heart, thank you for being you!
Love always,

To: Jodica
From: Schlee

Jodica, My bride, would rather get stripped, than to not xp by your side. Together a little monster sumlo we've made, to see you mad? I'd rather trade. Be My Valentine.

To: Jin
From: Pamnar

I thought this would be cute :) I know things are far from perfect, or even normal, between us most of the time, but I know that we can make things work. The level of commitment that you show to me astounds me, and I know that I"m very fortunate to have you in my life. I love you sweetheart.

To: Kaagor, Nyvea, Tyrona, Makadar and Cibananduk
From: Makenna

Happy Valentine's Day guys!
You are the best family a girl could ever ask for.
I love you guys.


To: Kaivalya
From: Ceserino

Thank you for being such a great friend. Love you always!

To: Kandiel
From: Rina

You're a dear friend. You've been a great support to me
Thank you for your patience and understanding.
Your Friend Always, Rina

To: Kelena
From: Makenna

"The Debt"

This is the debt I pay,
just for one rightous day.
Years of regret and grief,
sorrow without relief.

Pay it I will to the end-
untill the grave my friend,
gives me a true release-
gives me the clasp of peace.

Slight was the thing I bought,
small was the debt I thought.
Poor, was the loan at best-
God! But the interest!
Happy Valentine's Day Lady!
True friendship is so rare in this world, and I would not be a true friend did I not express how much you truly mean to me.
You make me laugh beyond all words at times, and I am indeed indebted to your friendship.
I love you.


To: Kimetan
From: Anonymous

Through the sunniest of days, and the shadiest of days, you're truly a great friend. Your taste in music and television leaves a lot to be desired though. Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

To: Kimetan
From: Celylia

To my cute mentoree, Kimetan. Happy Valentine's day! With love and autoquests, - Celylia

To: Kisaragi
From: Anonymous

You're a great clannie and always upbeat! I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day :)

To: Koin
From: Lisolette

Today I begin to understand what love must be, if it exists. When we are parted, we each feel the lack of the other half of ourselves. We are incomplete like a book in two volumes of which the first has been lost. That is what I imagine love to be: incompleteness in absence.

To: Kostia
From: Ceserino

Thank you for all you've done for 10! We really appreciate it!

To: Koyaansquty
From: Anonymous

You're a great guy, and I know you'll find someone special soon, don't stop looking :) Happy Valentine's Day!

To: Krandor
From: Tiexie

Happy Valentine's Day Papa!
Love you.


To: Krandor
From: Zairzyne

As the each day passes, my love for you grows more and more. It's very hard that we have to be away for so long, but if that's what it takes to be with you, then I'm up for any challange. I want to say thank you for being my pillar of strength when I felt I couldn't go on, and my light when the world was dark. I remember when I was told by numerous people to not waste my time with you because you were going to mess my life up. However, you still continue to amaze me by proving everybody wrong time and time again. We have had our ups and downs, and I'm sure there are still more yet to be, but I hold every ounce of faith in us to overcome whatever obsticle is thrown in our path. I love you more than anythin, and am yours until the end of time. Please don't ever forget that. Our first Valentine's Day together... Here's to many more.

To: Levarris
From: Kalevia

You smell but I forgive you, even if it isn't a pleasant one :p
Yay for being one of bestest g'g'g'daddy's and hurry up to hero!
-Lovels your favorite femme in bline-

To: Marielle
From: Florette

Happy Valentine's Day! Thanks so much for letting me be part of your bloodline and for all the help you've given me. Looking forward to more adventures soon! Hope you have the best Valentine's Day ever! Hugs, Florette

To: Malagoir
From: Anonymous

You rock, as simple as that! Happy Valentine's Day :)

To: Malthae
From: Solaria

You're a great friend whose advice I always cherish, and I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day full of fun and surprises! :)

To: Merex
From: Xeanne

Happy Valentine's day! I love you now and forever.

To: Miatrylle
From: Ceserino

Thank you for all you've done with 10! We really appreciate it!

To: Michan
From: Florette

Happy Valentine's Day to the best bloodline son a Med mother could ever have! Sending many happy wishes to you and your family, hugs Florette

To: Mordo:
From: Anonymous


To: Nara
From: Anonymous

You are definitely the sexiest koala of them all! Don't break too many hearts this Valentine's!

To: Otoine
From: Atryxia

Happy Valentines Day to my favorite "Swiss Miss" from your most favorite daughter. Hugs!

To: Otoine
From: Rina

You're awesome! Thanks for being my friend!
Your friend always, Rina

To: Ozymandias
From: Anonymous

In my dreams we walk together, laughing at sun, snow and nature's small miracles.
In my life I walk alone, pretending to ignore the slow ticking away of my days.
Would that I could live in my dreams!
Then the ticking clock would be my friend,
Marking each moment spent nestled in your warmth.

To: Phryian
From: Hexyliana

You are the best.You always brighten my day! I love you more than I can say. Thank for always being there for me. Hugs and Kisses!!

To: Quonsie
From: Ceserino

Thank you for letting us into town! I love it! Happy Valentines!

To: Raen
From: Lilliana


To: Raeni
From: Torx

Dearest Raeni,
I just wanted to thank you for some bad times, cuz you even made those better, and of course I want to thank you for the good times we had. You eased my pain and stood by me through everything we had to go through. I want you to know that i appreciate everything you have done for me and everything you have done with me. thank you for being there. Happy Valentine's.

To: Rhianda
From: Anonymous

To the cutest princess in 18, your beauty doesn't go unnotice =)

To: Rhyami
From: Anonymous

To the lovely Rhyami, wishing you a happy Valentine's Day,
From your secret admirer.

To: Rin
From: Dashy

Practice makes perfect.
But think practice is the perfect thing, and that end perfection is no fun at all.
Because then there'd be no more reason for practice.
Don't think you'd like that.

Still loved you first,
-your Dashy

To: Sakuya
From: Titania

Almost 4 years playing with you and I love you just as much as always! Thanks for being such a wonderful friend to me. I love you deeply hun!

To: Saraqi
From: Mefhar

Happy Valentines Day!

To: Schlee
From: Seleste

What up my dearest SCHLLLLLLLLLEVIL. We've had some good laughs and many, many good times. Especially at certain icons, haha. :p yikes. Anyway, you never fail to entertain me and make med a LOT more fun to play. So anyway, Happy Valentine's day!!! & enjoy the moth, etc. :p <3<3

Your ol' buddy, ol' pal-

To: Sebastiana
From: Ceserino

Happy Valentine's to you and yours in 81 from me and mine in 10 and town.

To: Septian
From: Makenna

You are and will always be the most charming person I have ever known. Your ability to always make me see the silver lining in every cloud has pulled me out of so many pitfalls in my life, and I can never express to you how much I love you in these simple words.

Happy Valentine's Day sweetie


To: Seraphie
From: Anonymous

Happy Valentine's Day, love, best wishes, and good luck in all your endeavors.

To: Shamanos
From: Virada

Happy Valentine's Day! Love and hugs from your original Med gal, Virada

To: Sigritt
From: Volkerii

Si, thanks for giving me another year of happiness. As always my heart is yours.

To: Sionell
From: Ceserino

Hope you have a great Valentines Day! Thank you for being my clannie!

To: Sith
From: Ceserino

Thank you for being such a good friend and great townie! Happy Valentines!

To: Sjif
From: Kitona

We haven't known each other that long, but the little time that we have I treasure. You've been a really good friend and have helped me out a lot. I really hope to get to know you better.

To: Solaria
From: Anonymous

you don't have to near your the one you love for them to love you and miss you =)

To: Solaria
From: Kelevance

Will you be my valentine? We'll sit in the shade and enjoy stuff & things.

<3 Kele

To: Solaria
From: Liastele

To my dear friend, the wonderful Solaria. Wishing you all the best! Happy Valentine's Day! With lots of love, - Liastele

To: Strategeus
From: Titania

Happy Valentines day hun! Sending Love and hugs your way!!

To: Tacony
From: Rina

You're a great friend. I'm glad you're here.
Your friend always, Rina

To: Taeloch
From: Kimetan


To: Taverion Bloodline
From: Zephyx

To the best sheep slaughtering bloodline I've been in, who helped me out through the good times, and the bad. Happy Valentine's Day.

To: Tianna
From: Titania

My little sister in real life....I love you much sis! I should never have sicked the addiction on you too lol!!

To: Tiego
From: Anonymous

Just a note from someone who cares.

To: Tildroa
Fro: Anonymous

Dear Tildroa,

How do I <3 thee...
Let me count the ways:
<1... <2... <3..!

To: Torx
From: Raeni

To the love of my life, Alex, words cannot express how happy you have made me. After all this time, I fall in love with you more and more everyday. You make me laugh and you make me smile, you make everything seem worthwhile. You make me feel like the luckiest woman in the world. I thank the stars above for having you in my life. Thank you for all that you are, all that you do, and all that is you. I love you, Babe, forever and a day.

To: Trensar
From: Tiexie

I missed you and im very glad you are back, medievia is always more fun when you are in the room :)
Happy Valentine's Day!


To: Trithalos
From: Atryxia

Happy Valentines Day Carl! <3 Hugs!

To: Trixtax
From: Atryxia

To my bestest friend in all of Medievia, I've told you many times how much fun I have had with you in the last year. You have made me smile and laugh and helped me with so much. Hugs, thank you and Happy Valentines Day!

To: Tyleste
From: Seleste

Why hello there my fearless one. Thought I would surprise ya with a Valentine's Day message so you would feel <3 from your momma. :p So anyway, Happy Valentine's Day boo.

To: Tyranie
From: Anonymous

Remembering the beginning
Standing in infinite silence
Challenging the undiscovered,
Only to find what once was individual threads weaving themselves together
As I find myself lost in your words forever
Banishing the fear of destroying what might be
As I confide in you
That your mer essences lights my eternal flame.
Obey your heart!

To: Upowilopizi
From: Kalevia

Another year has passed
And together we're still stand going strong
My soul rejoices with every touch and kiss
Knowing our love will never be wrong
Though stubborn and willful
We'll always argue and fight
You'll forever be the love and light of my life

To: Uribam
From: Urizng

Bammers, the Rock Lobsternator.
Watch out for Moose and crazy old men in parking lots!
Oh, and it's /10 C dem, not /10 dem... :/
Happy V-Day!
-Your Kid.

To: Vrelic
From: Kitona

You've been there for me many times when I needed someone to talk to, and I am so grateful for that. You've helping me with so much and I value the time we spend together. No matter what I'll always be there for you.

To: Vunutus
From: Kitona

I can honestly say that I have never met anyone quite like you. Your determination and success in everything you do is very inspiring. Never change for anyone, not even me. Always stay Vunutus. That's why I lub you so much :P

To: Xeanne
From: Anonymous

Happy Valentine's Day!

To: Xeanne
From: Glenn

To Annie,

There will be a day when everything is warm
When you are never alone and always loved
There will be a day when your laugh smiles
When all is bliss, and the sun will never set

There will be a day when words fall short
When rain comes tumbling from the sky
There will be a day when your heart aches
When dry tears pour down your face wet

There will always be my hand
There will always be my shoulder
There will always be my love
There, I will always be, never far, There

Loving you always,

To: Xolo
From: Titania

I bet you hate Valentines day but happy V-day Anyway!!! LoVe You!

To: Zantier
From: Zephyx


To: Zeheva
From: Qenzhai

Thank you for everything! Happy Valentines Day!

To: Zirblood
From: Elyexia

Twas seven months ago when we met on the Slopes,
Thou was there to PK thy, and thy was there to avoid thee,
O, not even thy level 19 status could stop thee's vile sword,
O, I spoke in anger, " Wilt thou never cease to pk me?"
and there and then the tables turned,
Thou is now thy Romeo, and thy is now thee's Juliet,
Nor will I ever understand why thee Romeo found such affection in such a Juliet.
And as months and months have past, will I ever understand why thou has protected me,
and thy has nothing to give to thee,
Except to exchange thy's faithful protection with the love of mine.
Adieu Adieu

To: Zyclone
From: Kharlie

Happy Valentine's Day hon.
Love you.



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