Medievia Mudslinger

February 14th, 2003

Valentine Messages - Compiled by Maleah

The heady scent of spring flowers drifts through the Mudslinger offices, wafting around the hearts and flowers held aloft by the optimistic imps who serve our needs. A choir of birds sing their praise of the season outside the window, carried away by the ecstacy of the moment. Young swains, fresh from battle, are tended to by damsels, though many of them are also fresh from battle. Still, that's Medievia for you - equal opportunity adventuring.

In the spirit of the current season, we present the latest offerings from the brave adventurers who inhabit our realm. Messages of love, affection, and the occasional proposal are contained within. As ever, we have them all here for everyone to see.

Overflowing email boxes greeted our latest offerings, the Valentine's Day Message offer. Such a romantic bunch you are, to be sure. Assembled below, in alphabetical order for easier searching, are the printable messages of endearment we received. May the blessings of the Mudslinger staff rain down and fill your romantic trysts with joy and happiness.

The Mudslinger staff

To: Clan 8, Eternity
From: Ally

Happy Valentine's Day, ladies and gentlemen! Thank you for sticking around with us through thick and thin... very, very thin! Our clan would not be the wonderful, relaxed, and caring group that it is without each and every one of you. Of course, having such sexy, amazing leaders helps as well, I know. Happy Heart Day!

To: Clan 16 - the Shadow Wolves
From: Nightshadow

Dear Clannies,
I hope you all have a great Valentine's Day!
Just wanted to let you know that I think you're all wonderful!
Lots of *hugs*

To: Clan 25
From: Elthia

Here's a list of what I've found,
Of things that make this town alive,
All these things that are best about,
The fabulous clantown twenty-five:

The many crappy subbase tweaks,
The random shouts of "bray" and "moo",
The constant towning arguments,
And being banked by you-know-who!

The countless failed scale-attempts,
The cookie spams in mail,
The many people helping out,
When I cry I've broken a nail.

The useless towngames to 1mil eggs,
The many late night dirty jokes I see,
The lazy AFK people in link,
(And yes that includes me!)

Still what makes me like us best,
And makes us more fun by far,
Are all you friends and dorks and SPIES,
And you know who you are!

'cuz even though things have changed,
(And this may be a shock),
But even though you all drive me nuts,
I think you all still rock!

To: clantown 72
From: Lorie

To my sexiest town 72!
You guys rules! I am so proud of you all and just wanna say happy Valentine's Day!
Go out and have a blast!

To: my wonderful, real 85ers
From: Allyrellia

I know you're all scattered now, mixed in with dozens of other clans and people, but I'm hoping that every once in awhile, you give a little thought back to the good times we had in 85 together. You all know who you are, and when you read this message, you'll know it's for you. Thanks for all the good memories, the kumquats, the hugs, and the link hours! You know you'll always be a great part of my medhistory.

To: Abish
From: Nightshadow

Dear Abish,
Happy Valentine's Day!
May this day be filled with joy, love and lots of happiness.
Though I can't share it with you in person, know that
I will be with you in my thoughts. Today and always,
love, Nightshadow

To: Aerisa
From: Vanelar

Hope to marry you some day *smirk*

To: Aklia
From: Venesia

Happy Valentine's Day, luv!

To: Amareth
From: Rina

We have our ups and downs, but you're still the best.

To: Amberia
From: Sliis

Now throw away that vile can lid!

To: Amberina
From: Yelm

The loveliest heroine in the land! Be mine for a day, a night, and prove my fantasies mere dulled reflections of reality!

To: Aroulia
From: Lazare

From the heights of the Mountains of Asnor, I have surveyed Medievia, looking. From the depths of the River of Lava, I have searched. I have found that my quest of finding has ended, ever since finding you.

To: Asheba
From: Cronje

I'll love you forever.

To: Asiamou
From: Seleste

To My Dearest Asia - what was once hatred, turned to like. What was once like, turned to love. You are my moo moo, my angel, and moreover, my confidant. When I am down you turn my frowns to smiles, and have stood by me for miles and miles. Thanks for being such an inspiration. Love ya! -Sel

To: Ayrielle
From: Volcannon

My Dearest Erica,
There are so many things that come to mind when i think of your name, and theres so many words i wish i could say, but none of them would able to explain correctly how much I really do Love You. Valentines Day really isnt the same without you here, but even though we are apart, no matter where we are, im always in your heart, forever. Every day that goes by i cherish how lucky we were to find each other, and that special night you first said these words to me...I Love You. I know you may be a little embarrassed for me putting this here, but i want everyone, who actually cared to read this, to know how i feel about you...even though this is for you, and only you. I know we've had some tough times, but we survived, and i want you to be my Valentine today, and every day after this.
Love Always, Mark

To: Azidahaka
From: Yelm

Youth, grace and beauty around a mirthful heart! Join me for a tryst and I will blaze for you!

To: Bethica
From: Torx

You're the best thing that ever happened to me, and you make me feel like the luckiest person on earth. You somehow manage to get me to smile whenever you want, and you make me happy all the time. We've now been married for over one and a half years, and that time has been the best in my life so far, and I know we'll have a lot more happy years.
Thank you for being there.
I love you.

To: Caboreth
From: Abish


To: Chandel
From: Wallkier

Med has been more fun since I found such a cute med-sweetie. Thank you for always being supportive and helpful! I look forward to many more trade runs to come!

To: Chelyndra
From: Xeanne

Dearest chely,
Happy Valentine's Day. you are the sexiest brat princess!

To: Cyane
From: Yelm & Other Tongue Tied Clannies

Your love fled the clan and you loyally followed. We sigh in remembrance of your grace and beauty! Promise us a tryst and your favor! Leave us not in the desert!

To: Daedalus
From: Aroulia

I wish a happy Valentine's to the best dad I ever had. I am fortunate to have you as my friend. Being around you has enriched my experience. After three failed bloodlines, I am that much more proud to be a part of your thriving family.

To: Dandelion
From: Yelm

The beauty of your bloodline shines in your cheeks and blazes from your eyes! Dare I storm the ramparts of your heart?

To: Darcet
From: Solaria

You still make me laugh and you're still my white knight. Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Birthday. I still love you even when you drive me crazy.

To: David
From: Leah

Happy Valentine's, David. You aren't so deep, deep backup anymore. I hope you still lub me.

To: Drakie
From: Sakuya

Just cuz you're sexy! Happy V-day hon! Hugs

To: Draykuna
From: Aaphen

You're always there in my heart...

To: Dulyme
From: Your Aunt

Happy Valentine's Day.
With love, your aunt.

To: Egani
From: Sarros

On this Valentine's Day I remind myself how lucky I am to have you in my life, and hope that I make you as happy as you have made me over the years. Thank you for being my fiance.

To: Elewyn
From: Anon

From one memory to another,
My love forever.

To: Emttme
From: Nyte

Dear Emttme,
Thanks for being such a great and supportive bro.
I hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day!
And lots of luck with the girls!

To: Evangelion
From: Seleste

To my prince- I appreciate everything you have ever done for me. You are an incredible leader and an exceptional friend. No matter what, I'll always be here for ya.
Love, Seleste

To: Evangelion
From: Your Friend

Thank you, for everything.

To: Faraday
From: Dudoradimous

She walks in beauty, like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies;
And all that's best of dark and bright
Meet in her aspect and her eyes:
Thus mellows to that tender light
Which heaven to gaudy day denies.

One shade the more, one ray the less,
Had half impair'd the nameless grace
Which waves in every raven tress,
Or softly lightens o'er her face;
Where thoughts serenely sweet express
How pure, how dear their dwelling place.

And on that cheek, and o'er that brow,
So soft, so calm, yet eloquent,
The smiles that win, the tints that glow,
But tell of days in goodness spent,
A mind at peace with all below,
A heart whose love is innocent!

- Lord Byron
Loveya Fary
Happy Valentine's snubbles,

To: Flayith
From: Jamielyn

May our friendship last forever;
May I sail upon your sea.
May we go through life together;
May there always be a "we."

May I be your endless sky;
May you breathe my gentle air.
May you never wonder why,
Each time you look for me, I'm there.

May we be for each a smile,
Like the warm, life-giving sun;
Yet when we're in pain awhile,
May our suffering be one.

May we share our special days,
The happiness of one for two;
And if we must go separate ways,
Let my love remain with you.

To: Gaelilemar
From: Shaedehart

Even if I could speak the languages of men and angels, without your love, I would sound like a little kid banging on a copper pan with a wooden spoon; if I had the gift of prophecy and understood all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I had the faith to move mountains, without your love, I would be nothing. [1 Cor 13:1-2 paraph.]

"Entreat me not to leave thee, or to return from following after thee: for whither thou goest, I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge: thy people shall be my people and thy God my God: where thou diest, will I die, and there will I be buried; the Lord to so to me, and more also, if aught but death part thee and me." [Ruth 1:16-17]

To: Gallandro
From: Anonymous

The wonderful things Medievia offers:
The chance to ride dragons or storm an evil one's lair!
Join clans or run merchandise across treacherous lands.
It even offers the ability to relax at the end of a long day with a sturdy fishing pole and clear lake, while chatting carelessly away with your friends.
But best of all, Medievia offers: You.
To the one who's made me the happiest this year, thank you for being a part of my life.
Happy Valentine's Day.

To: Gatha
From: Sakuya

Happy V-Day hon!! I still luvs ya!! Hugs.

To: Gena
From: Kalant

You don't have to do it alone.

To: Grindel
From: Sakuya

Happy V-Day!! Hugs.

To: Gurgus
From: Ari

For all those times spent flitting from silly conversations to serious,
For all those times spent talking about life and love - and loneliness and sorrow,
For all those times spent reaching for a future and always looking towards the past,
For all those times that I've wanted to let you know how sweet of a person you are,
Know that you've made an impression - a good impression - that will be held in my heart in the years to come

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day.

To: Gwyn
From: Seleste

To my favorite teacher (Gwyn) in the world. No one could ever compare. You've been there for me through the good, the bad, and the ugly. We've become close over the past few months, and I want to genuinely thank you for being such a remarkable, entertaining, respectable, and trustworthy friend.
Love, Seleste

To: Hamboi
From: Sakuya

Happy V-Day!!! Hugs.

To: Hamtres
From: Lynn

When I think about you,
I begin to smile.
My heart beats faster,
My troubles melt away.
The day is just better.

I feel as if I could
Take on any task,
Face any challenge.

I feel extremely special,
To have someone like you,
To share my good days,
And my bad days,
To laugh and cry with.

To: The House of Swords and Magic, TOWN 42
From: Your resident flirt, -=HSM=-

I actually considered at one point to write a Valentine's letter to every girl on who Ėf at prime time. But my love affair with this town by far supersedes every other relationship I have. Thank you everyone for the most awesome year! Thanks for the fun towngames, the awesome cata runs, and ALL the fun we had. I think we sent a pretty clear message to the game that we can be !goon and still kick butt!

To: Ivanio
From: Maxine

Ivanio my dearest, toughest and most brave soldier of these Medieval realms, come to me and bow down on thy knee with love in heart and announce thy love for me. For my heart is dearest yours to astonish thou in dreams forevermore.
"If music be the food of love, play on." (Shakespeare)

To: Izalya
From: Mama Katt

You are to me a very special sun
That shines upon a world few ever see,
A world I'm shy to show to everyone,
That hides its urgent truth from even me.
Without your light it is a world of darkness;
Its heaven and its hell lie fast asleep.
With you as sole and sympathetic witness,
The words come forth from out my vasty deep.
And so I cannot be myself without you;
No one is whole without some loving friend
. There is a quiet joy in me about you
That lets me say what I need not defend.
Long may we serve each other to give light
To all the loveliness that haunts the night.
I love you kitten,
Mama Katt

To: JL
From: anonymous

No where to turn to, my world seemed so dark;
Then you came along and saw into my heart;
A princess, companion, you have taught me to feel,
With a heart I could turn to, with a love that is real.
No longer condemned to walking apart,
Together forever, with heart touching heart.

To: Jylia
From: Vanelar

Have a nice Valentine's day!
Love, Vanelar.

To: Jylia
From: Sajko

Just wanted to send you a Valentine's gift... (wonder if I will get any)

To: Kalaven
From: Sakuya

Happy V-Day hon! Hugs.

To: Kastele
From: Rina

Thank you for being my friend.

To: Kastlyn
From: Ontarious

To Kastlyn:
Words cannot describe the feelings I have for you. Love this strong is immeasurable. It would be easier to count the stars in a dark, midnight sky, than to imagine how much I love you. Many mountains were tossed into our path recently, and with each other, we were able to climb and conquer them. When I thought I was stuck in an endless tunnel of darkness, you were there holding a light, guiding me through. When the world came crashing down on my shoulders November 19th, you stood by me and bore the burden with me. Whenever I need you, you are there. With every beat of my heart, I feel your presence within me. When life makes me feel like there is no hope, I know I can close my eyes, and there you are smiling, and suddenly I know I can and will go on. You are so good to me. I love you with all of my heart. I can only hope to be this good to you, as you are to me. I love you.
Forever yours,
Love, David

To: Kaycee
From: Anon

Your quiet strength and dedication is truly inspiring and not forgotten.

To: Kekoa
From: Anon

Kekoa for avatar!!!! Even if you think I have a bad sense of humor and Iím not as deep as you thought!

To: Kellen
From: Linzem

Happy Valentine's Day Snippy :)

To: Kilannon
From: Sweetie

Like a shadow in the night, You slip in and out of my life,
And every now and then, I catch a glimpse of you.
And once, ever so briefly, I held you in my arms,
Only to lose you again, To the shadows of the night.
Your presence clings, To my very heart and soul,
Returning in a whisper on the breeze, or a song on the radio.
Like the dawning of a new day, Glistening like the morning dew,
You touched my life, On one single glorious night.
Your essence will always be in me, And when I need you,
I will reach inside myself to hold you once again, for you will always be,
My one, my only, My shadow in the night.

To: KJ
From: Me

Though I wasnít looking for anyone new,
One day I joined a clan and there was you.
Sensitive, witty and so debonair,
I resisted like mad that it go anywhere.

But friendship and laughter captured my heart,
They filled me with passion right from the start.
Love on Medievia, oh how could it be,
I swore that this would never happen again to me.

But dragons and pixies flew into our lives,
Carrying with them messages we could not deny.
Each one of us had a need and a love to express,
There was no way we could deny our hearts nothing less.

Itís a wondrous love that has blossomed between us,
It surpasses any thoughts and words we can discuss.
Much stronger than ROFL, med kisses and such,
It has traveled deep into our souls, beyond mere human touch.

My feelings are not bound by what it can see,
I sense you, I feel you, Iím there in your dreams.
I close my eyes and listen to what my heart can hear,
My love doesnít have boundaries, nor distance or fear.

Our souls have captured love in such a way,
That our hearts blended forever to stay.
Bonded and seamed together as one,
Love found a way and a relationship begun.


To: Kodas
From: Sakuya

Happy V-Day to my favorite Avatar, and one of my favorite people on Med!
Luvs ya hon, hugs!

To: the Mistress of the World (and word)...aka Kostia
From: Mia

Happy Valentine's Day, boss!
Just remember, the key ingredients of a successful Valentine's day are chocolate, sweets, and a bunch of good movies and books. And of course, a wonderful, sexy team of WREs to do your bidding! I'm still entirely grateful that you decided to let me join the team, though I'm somewhat lacking! *HUGS* Hope you have a good Valentine's day, despite the somewhat undependable nature of men! Love you!

To: Krax
From: Shaina

I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day
and that you find true love this year!
Stay great!

To: Kritios
From: Xeanne

Happy Valentine's Day, sweetie. Love you forever!

To: Kylau
From: Sakuya

Kylau is so sexy! Happy V-Day babe, luvs ya! Hugs and kisses

To: Lionessio
From: Dhakel

In my heart I keep
The sparkle of your eyes
The tender warmth of your smile
The small tilt of your head
The delicate curves of your soft body
And I dream, dream of holding you close
Caring for you, protecting you
And loving you always.

To: Llance
From: Jamielyn

Your friendship is the sky above my home,
The crystal air I breathe, through which I see.
I can't believe how much you mean to me.
Without you with me, time would turn to stone.

I don't know why I need you so, or how
I know so absolutely I'll be there,
In times your wounded heart can hardly bear.
I only know this truth is with me now.

Why is it in our lives that we need friends,
To be awake and fully what we are?
Alone we dream but never cross the bar;
With you I share a grace that never ends.

To: Lindy
From: Brentlim

Very happy Valentine's Day.

To: Linzem
From: Kellen

You whap Linzem over the head with a big stick.
Linzem reels as you bonk him on the head.
You stomp on his toes.
You smack Linzem upside the head.

Always submissively expressing affection for my slacker :)

To: Lixent
From: Xeanne

Thank you for everything you've done for me and how happy you've made me every day. I just want to say I love you!

To: Maralvi
From: Ichorid

You are my light, even in this evil darkness I live in. I know I can look to you to see the truth of my own worth for I see everything though your eyes. You light my way and you give me reason to fight, to want to be better. You may not know your real worth, but I do and I will follow you until I cannot.

I am ended without you. I wish one day you know how much I really care for you, but maybe only god will know how much I loved you when all is done.

To: Masou & Oasis
From: Gammie

Simply put, you both rock. Don't change!
p.s. You still have my cell phone charger!

To: Mandroth
From: Saykua

Happy V-Day hon! Misses ya, hugs.

To: Meneron
From: Saykua

Happy V-Day hon.

To: Mialyxia
From: Sakuya

I don't quite understand why you are upset with me, but I wish you wouldn't be, Happy V-Day hon! hugs.

To: Mistisia
From: Xeanne

Happy Valentine's Day. Luff ya much!!

To: Mistisia
From: Khain

Thank you for everything you ever done for me. Especially the times when I get into more trouble than I can handle (cuz you know I always get into trouble). Thanks for all the support and advice.

To: Mordius
From: a penguin cookie addict

Here's to penguins and cookies,
And penguin-shaped cookies,
And cookie-shaped penguins!
Poke the penguin!
Happy Valentine's Day!

To my cutest little Eskimo princess!
From: Your Favorite Trader, -=HSM=-

Itís been 2 months since we first met. Perhaps it was my damsel-in-distress fetish, or your incredible cute-ness, but flirting lead to kissing and kissing lead to telepathy amulets. Two months later, youíre still the adorable little sweetheart I fell in love with. And weíre at the point where I get to ask you:
Happy Valentines Day, Hun!

To: Morg
From: Anon

I love you, and I think you're the most wonderful, amazing person in the world. I'm so thankful to be with you, and I know we'll be having a wonderful Valentine's day together. Even if I am a bank card stealer. Doh!
I love you!

To: Nakita
From: Anstinor

We've had many great times together on Med, hopefully we'll have many more. I love you.

To: Nakiah
From: Wallkier

We have built a bloodline together, and in a little over a year look at what we have wrought! Now we are both legends, and I am so proud of all that you have done. Thank you for making the bloodline module the part of the game I enjoy the most. I look forward to seeing you more. I miss you too!

To: Natlar
From: Vanelar

The greatest son in the world.

To: Navinya
From: Abish

Here's to the sweetest girl I know, Happy Valentine's Day.
Your friend forever,

To: Nemzir
From: Zirina

Hey baby, Happy V-day
All The Little Things

I don't know what it is about you but...
You can make the worst of days better.

Youíre the one that brings out the sun on a cloudy day...
Melts the snow that comes my way.

Youíre the one that makes me smile when in sad....
Or makes me laugh when Iím mad.

You can look in my eyes and tell when Iím lying ...
But you also dry my tears when Iím crying.

Youíre the one that sends chills down my spine...
And sends the butterflies that blow my mind.

Youíre the one I turn to first...
Even when things are the worst.

You bring out the brightest glow on my face...
Which set my heart at a steady pace.

Your the one that shows me how much Iím worth...
Which is that only thing that keeps me on this earth.

To: Nocturnus
From: Traikkus

Happy V-day 2003!

To: Nocturnus
From: Nostorax

Happy V-Day!

To: Nightshadow
From: Abish

Dear Nightshadow,
I just wanted to take the time, on this very special day, that I'll always love you, in each and every way.
Love Abish.

To: Odryssa
From: Yelm

I pine for thy favor. Yet how can I hope for your regard when you outstrip me at every turn? Perhaps when I at last become a hero your heart will soften toward me!

To: Ogma
From: Sakuya

Happy V-Day babe! I know ya don't play that much anymore, but thought I'd send ya a message anyways, hugs

To: Ohdreyev
From: Anon

Ohdreyev. I don't want to tell you who I am, because...well, what's the fun in that? I'd rather keep you guessing. I will tell you that I'm in the same clan you are. Ask around, if you want. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I've been wanting to say this for quite a while. I like you, and, though I don't expect you to feel the same way, I would hope that you would still consider me a good friend. Signed, Your Friend

To: Optiplextor
From: Ari

To the one that I love to make blush - have a great Valentine's Day.

To: Ozymandias
From: anon

A friend is someone we turn to
when our spirits need a lift,
A friend is someone we treasure
for our friendship is a gift.
A friend is someone who fills our lives
with beauty, joy, and grace
And makes the whole world we live in
a better and happier place.

To: Pelle
From: Jadyn

I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you.

I love you not only for what you have made of yourself, but what you are making of me.

I love you because you have done more than any creed could have done to make me good, and more than any fate could have done to make me happy.

You have done it without a touch, without a word, without a sign.

You have done it by being yourself.
Perhaps that is what being a friend means, after all.

Thanks for being my friend,

To: Rhyanne
From: Wallkier

You were the first hero I asked to play my bloodline, and I am so happy you have joined and are such an active part. I remember when it was just you and me and Nakiah and the fun times we had, and I see even more fun times in the future as our bloodline continues to grow and you become a legend! Thank you for being a part of this fun.

To: Ryathe
From: Cara

Dear Ryathe,
I want to thank you for being such a wonderful clanleader this past year. Although at times we may not be the most active of clans, I've never had a doubt in my mind about how much you care about the clan. I know that if we all work together we can make the clan stronger, and I have faith in your ability to lead us through good and bad times. May you have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

To: Saaranth
From: Anon

Thank you for loving me as much as I love you.

To: Sabrylia
From: Nyeddan

So it looks like you've gotten me
Another legend, and even quicker than
Before! You always seem to have
Really nice surprises for me, so here is one for
You! Happy Valentines Day! I
Love you and
I shall for
A very long time

To: Sakuya
From: Kodas

In the light of moon we will dance among the flowers.

To: Sebastiana
From: Nocturnus

Sebs, be my valentine!

To: Seleste
From: Anon

"To one of the most beautiful and wonderful people I've ever met my heart belongs to you as my closest friend. I love you."

To: Shaedehart
From: Gaelilemar

My Dear Shaede,
From the first time I saw you I fell in love. Only then, I didn't know how far. The years I spent away from you revealed to me how much I really do love you. I have realized that my life would be empty if you were not in it. No words could express the depth of love I feal for you and it is hopeless for me to try and show you but try I shall. Forever will I try in desperate hope that someday you will know my love for you. My dearest Shaedehart, will you marry me?

With love for only you,

To: Sigritt
From: Danvil

Thank you for making me feel welcome in the clan and will you be my Valentine? Also, any time you need someone to run around with I am your man.

To: Sigritt
From: Zane

You came into my life so quick,
A gorgeous pleasant surprise,
I hoped you wouldn't give me the flick,
Then, a beautiful friendship did arise.
Our bond was so very strong,
It couldn't help but turn into love,
We wondered if going further was wrong,
But we fit each other like a glove.

It feels so right to be so near,
To feel like we are but one,
Sometimes our love is worth a tear,
Those tears of joy, I'm sure there are more to come.

To: Silinar
From: Sashia

To my Valentine Silinar,
I am not sure words can describe the wonderful way you make me feel. I know no other who could win my heart.
You won me over without a doubt.
Happy Valentine's Day Sweetheart.

To: Sirrion
From: Sakuya

Happy V-Day to one of my closest and oldest friends on Med, luvs ya hon! Hugs.

To: Soliton
From: Jamielyn


Your laugh is like a silver bell:
Clean and light and free;
Just like the hours of happiness,
Your friendship brings to me.

You're like a room of sweet wind chimes,
Enlightened by a breeze,
Or like an open, grassy field,
Dotted with old trees.

I'm grateful for the things you do,
But more for what you are:
A breath of clear, bright open sea,
Of life beyond the bar.

I love you baby,

To: Stavia
From: Kodas

Somber bells ring no more,
For truths spoken breath hath sounded,
Unto deaf ears to fall no more,
Into winds own mists and lay upon my heart.
Golden rays fall heavy onto the dawn,
To reach the summit and crest the morn,
Darkness bringeth the light,
And peace brought once more.
Shall I speak unto thee of soft voice,
Do'st thou see the soul ye seek,
Whispers echo the mind of nights past,
Shared unto two then one.
Speak oh heavens joy,
Say unto thee sweet dreams,
And the sun doth shine again.

To: Syriex
From: Khargone

"With hate! And icecream. But mostly hate!"

To: Talein
From: Yelm

Alas, my love has followed her clan to another town! My heart yearns for thee, thy winsome glance, thy lovely eyes, the grace of thy winsome carriage!

Be Mine!

To: Taydalin
From: Sakuya

I misssss you!!! Happy V-Day hon.

To: Tellahane
From: Sakuya

Happy V-Day sexy! Hugs and kisses.

To: Titania
From: Sakuya

Hey cutie, happy V-Day! Hugs.

To: Trebluis
From: Sakuya

Happy V-Day sexy! Hugs.

To: Tricky
From: Meanie

The daily flowers make it challenging to comb. Don't ever stop.

To: Vanelar
From: Aerisa

Miaw! *cuddles* :)

To: Veriel
From: Marciel

I love you sweeetie. Marry me tonight?

To: Vryce
From: Soleil

Another year has gone by, another year we are stronger than ever. You are my strength, my courage, my laughter, my love, and my knight in shining armor. This year we will be adding a little one to our very own bloodline and you will be his/her hero for many years to come.

Je t'aime, mon amour!

To: Xarven
From: Sakuya

Happy V-Day babe! Thanks for all the help, hugs!

To: Xeabloodline
From: Xeanne

to my sexy bloodline,
You guys are great! I am so happy to have every one of you in my bloodline.
Ok now, go hero! j/k
Love you all, happy Valentine's Day!

To: Xereph
From: Ari

Thanks for being the caring and sweet friend that I find so adorable!
P.S. I do too win.

To: Xertiege
From: Karria

To my soulmate, my best friend, my love. My forever is yours alone. Love always.

To: Yvaki
From: Yelm

My dearest niece:
May flowers and suitors surround you this Valentine's Day!
Uncle Yelm

To: Zane
From: Sigritt

I was made for you.

To: Zi
From: Baileym

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Have this, my beloved,
May your best wishes come true.


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