Medievia Mudslinger

October 30, 2000

Gods Are People Too! - By Vangroen

In this letter to the Medievia Web Page I want to discuss the importance and the necessity of people skills on the game. This will be geared towards mortal to mortal relationships and mortal to God relationships. I am very old school in my thinking, since my first introduction to the game was back in the early days of its development. In those days when you died you had to seek out the highpoint of Medievia and pray to get your life back, that was only possible because the game was not as overwhelmingly huge as it is today. Nowadays you seek out the nearest altar, pray and your life is returned to start out the adventure again. People in the early days were very supportive, and it was in fact a very close knit community of people that helped each other to attain higher goals. Along the way many people have lost that goal. Today the game encompasses a far greater array of challenges that the older simpler game lacked, however these challenges can be made less of an ordeal if we use simple courtesy. Below I will detail with what I think are the skills necessary to make this game a positive experience. I not only list these things; I live by the spirit of them in the game and outside of it.

What makes a successful player, clan or town? Cooperation! Everybody wants to prove him or herself in the game and make a name that commands respect. We all see the elite Heroes in the game that are rich and powerful - they lead clans, win Hero Battles, do the dragon lairs and basically master the game itself. The road for them started the same as it did for all players. What set most of them apart from the lesser characters was that most of them mastered people skills as they mastered the game. They understood to reach higher levels they had to accumulate friendships with many people and understand that the character they are talking too is in fact a real person. Everybody that comes to the game brings with them different ideals and life experience that makes them unique. Understanding that, they manage what they say and do. They monitor other people's strengths and weaknesses, understanding that they themselves are subject to the same shortcomings as their fellow players. This is not a new concept. In Ancient China the military philosopher Sun Tzu said that knowledge of friends and foes are essential to success in all aspects of life. The game mirrors life in that we can reach across many borders and cultures to make a micro world of our own. What we do in that world is up to us.

We start in Medievia as players connected only by the newbie clan and from there we can forge friendships and alliances. Some of these friendships and alliances fade with time as we embark our way into a regular clan life but we must strive to forge new alliances there also. The people that make up your clan are your basic life support system, they teach you skills and help you along like a family. Sometimes the family is dysfunctional and you must leave and find one that is better suited to the character you want to be. This is okay, but some rivalry or bitterness can fester with old clannies, so it is best to leave all clans on good terms. Many times I have seen players leave a clan and burn their bridges as they leave. Some choice comments are "You guys are losers and will never get anywhere!" or "I would be better off in a newbie clan than be with you losers." How will saying those things further your purpose in Medievia? If your goal is to hurt feelings and make someone want to gun for you in NPK or CPK, then you have succeeded. A better approach is to try and resolve your differences with the clan leader first. Explain why it is not working out for you, how you want to explore the different clans and possibly if they are not any better that you want to rejoin at a later date.

I myself felt unwanted in a clan once. It was due to the fact that everybody was of a much higher level than I was and I felt like a small fish in a big pond. I resolved to go into a smaller clan with less heroes and higher class multies and eventually work my way up the ladder and rejoin at a later date. I wrote a letter to the head of the clan explaining my wishes and left. In the new clan I learned the lesser skills of playing the game and eventually reached a point where I could learn no more. Then I politely asked my former leader if I could rejoin and he said yes - now I am learning even greater skills and the finer points of the game. After coming back I was treated like I never left, the clan advanced greatly and kept a solid core of individuals that were very helpful to me as I settled back in. Not only the clan but also the overall town became a cohesive whole that worked together to tackle hard zones and accomplish tasks that could not be accomplished without that much needed teamwork. That brings me to the next point.

The clan system itself is a great boon to the player, the resources of so many individuals working together can raise a player in status and save time. When I need a high level player to take me to the CPK area at the high point of Medievia it took only seconds to get a person to take me. When I want a piece of eq or advice on how to get it. I ask and it gets accomplished with very few problems. With that help also comes the responsibility of giving help when asked. Countless times you will be asked to be a phase point for your clan or town members as they tackle a difficult zone. I look at those times as opportunities to pay back what I have been so willing given. It might seem like a boring task, but it is repaid many times over with past and future help.

Now, all situations will be different and I highly suggest you as a player be open to the task of reaching and attaining a higher awareness of the better good of all. As a god I am constantly asked to help players from all the different factions that make up Medievia society. I freely give of my time even if it is not beneficial to my clan or town - contrary to some people's opinions a God does nothing for his or her clan. It would break the impartiality of the whole system. In matters of dispute a God will frequently hand over a situation to another God because it is not fair to decide on certain situations. What many players tend to forget is that Gods are people too - we, as a collective whole, donate valuable time and resources to the game. This is done out of love for the game. Anybody willing to give hundreds and even thousands of hours to build, code and ensure the game runs smoothly is putting their mortal character at a disadvantage. We are held to higher morals and must adhere to the strict letter of all rules in the game. With power comes a responsibility that must be kept pure. If you check the rules a God cannot lead a clan of his/her own, this would create too many ethical problems. In our hands is the ability to do great things with the guideline that you cannot use it to benefit your own character.

Yes there are some small perks like the free set of donation eq after a certain time of service and more donation eq for building a zone. You can find out more about this in the game by typing "HELP BUILDING". In reality if you take the man-hours it takes to build a zone you will see that all the eq you will get, could have been purchased with a part time job at minimum wage for a lot less hassle. This small perk should not be a swaying factor however in a person's choice to be a God character. What is my point? Well, when a mortal talks or writes to a God, or even the Avatars that greatly assist the Gods, it would be nice to remember the sacrifice that they make to the game on a daily basis. Giving a God hassle when you have a bad day at playing the game is really not warranted. When a God makes a decision it really is made according to rules that we must uphold. Many times it is a unanimous vote by many Gods and no one God should be held accountable for it. As with mortals there are many levels of Gods - if a God says it is out of their power to do something it really is and they will point you in the direction of a person that can help. My best advice is to thank that God, do as they say and seek out the person they feel can best help you.

Recently with the massive influx of new players due to the advertisements it is hard for a God to help everybody at once. We are not ignoring you - we are simply involved with many tasks all at once. For example when I am on the game I must build my zones, approve names, answer questions and once in a great while take a time out and run a Hero Battle. Let me digress for a second and tell you running quests and Hero Battles takes up a large chunk of a God's time. For one they must monitor by mindlink the battle and only that battle when it is happening. It usually is a thankless job, but greatly adds to the game experience. If the fighters are very good the fight can last sometimes over a half-hour - one time I had a battle that lasted over forty-five minutes. To put this in perspective if I were to run three Hero Battles I would have to guarantee that I could stay connected for a minimum of an hour and a half solely dedicated to just those three battles. But we do it for the players and not ourselves, that says a lot about the character of the person running those events. My challenge for you is to go out and actively take part and become part of a grand society known to the few whom enter as Medievia. I thank you for your time and hope to get to know you on the game. I am done now preaching from my soapbox and encourage you to stop reading and enjoy the game we all love.


A final note for the readers of this article. I do believe there are many people on the game that are social and community orientated. If there were not then I would not be so active on the game. I commend those of you that take time out from playing and help others. The game is essentially a role-playing environment and we must take that into consideration. Every time we enter, we assume the guise of a character that encompasses many emotions, ties to people and factions. I support and accept many points of views and if for some reason I offended anyone by saying that the game is not as friendly as it once was I am sorry. All views are my own and do not reflect those of other Gods on the game. If you have any reflections or points of interest on this subject I wrote about, please type wizlist vangroen on the game to get my email address or simply mudmail me. I will be glad to respond to any and all criticism or support on this matter.