Medievia Mudslinger
June 28, 1999

The Truth behind the Quest? - By Rapscallion

Into the War-room strode the hero,
He looked to be on his last legs,
Demanding roughly of Markaus,
"Why do you need so many eggs?"

Into the bowl he tipped his prizes
And sent some to clan members.
Markaus merely made his notes,
His eyes like burning embers.

The hero did not cease his query,
His many wounds he pointed out,
"This arm was shredded by a Bloodweed,
I'll admit I gave a shout.

"With spikes my back Cave Coral filled,
Of blood it cost me dearly.
Thoughts from my mind a Slug did rip,
Affected me most queerly.

"A Bear scarred this very cheek
Wipe a swipe of its mighty paw.
A Caveray then dropped me deeper still,
I had thought it was the floor!

"A Spider waited for my visit
And filled me full of poison pain.
I vanquished it after long fight,
The eggs it carried so to gain.

"Mist lashed out with moisture tendrils,
Only spells defeat that beast.
A Vampire attacked, for on my neck
He wished to make a grisly feast.

"Stalactites beat me to the floor,
Slew a centipede and it did split.
Defeated that but then felt agony,
Backstabbed by a Sludge Mephit.

"Fought a Wolf covered in flame,
Its furnace seared my face.
I rested by a drumming Girl
But woke in a strange, distant place.

"Water Reaper gathered me
Left me short of life's sweet breath.
Dropped me in a den of Flayers,
I fled before it caused my death.

"Saw the approach of a blind man,
Rags and ashes were his suit.
Herbs he carries for protection
Including a funny tasting root.

"Other heroes came to battle,
I left them to their fate.
I summoned the last of my dark power
And cast the spell that is called Gate.

"And so I find myself back here,
I beg of you from the floor,
What is the purpose of the eggs?
This from you I do implore."

The wizard smiled as he replied,
"You've faced Earth's deepest threats,
The truth is simple, now the answer,
Vryce enjoys huge omelettes."