Long ago, prior to the entry of disruptive and hostile forces into the lands of Medievia, trade was a peaceful occupation, conducted with relative ease by merchants. But that was long ago; now the presence of raiders and malicious creatures along the once peaceful trade routes make any trade hazardous and demand the presence of well armed and crafty escorts. This situation, while tragic in some respects, provides an unparalleled opportunity for profit.

Trade functions in Medievia follow the same basic principle that has always guided such ventures, SUPPLY AND DEMAND! Your objective as a trader should always be to buy items in areas of high supply, and sell them in areas of low supply, and consequential high demand. These items are known as tradables, and may be purchased in the tradeshops of the various cities. In order to haul your goods from one locale to the next, you will need to provide yourself with a suitable means of transport, such as a wagon and a horse to pull it. Wagons and mules are frequently available at the same places where you buy your goods.

In order to make your venture profitable, you may want to consult the local Newspaper. The newspaper, generally known as the Mudslinger, will list information regarding the availability of goods in different areas.

The most important factor concerning how much you will be payed for your goods is how much the local economy has in stock. Also taken into account on a smaller scale is the WORTH of the item, as the risk of transporting adamantite and gold is more than transporting nails. Finally the actual distance from where the item was produced and where it is being sold is part of what goes into deciding "fair market value". When a tradeshop keeper sets out to decide on what to pay you he takes all these things into consideration along with some other minor things.

An Overview of Trading from the Mudslinger

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