Medievia Mudslinger

October 7th, 2001

Ode to a Newbie Trader - By Zerokia

Serpents appear and charge to attack,
Dragons fly by and cut me no slack,
Rogues come by and highjack my freight,
MF notes are always too late.

I ride and ride as fast as I can,
Traveling on my black morgan,
Phantoms tend to slow me down,
Ogres pound me to the ground.

Lightning booms and strikes me dead,
Why can't it target mob factions instead?
The sky darkens; everybody starts to flee,
Hurricanes and tornadoes swirl all around me,

Since I'm a thief, my skill is to sneak,
Not casting spells shows I am meek,
Having no mage skills, I can't shield room,
No sanc or heal will surely spell doom.

And yet I can keep up when I go with my clan,
Cause fearless leader Werithe has been known to plan,
Though planning won't help; she still says tsk tsk,
Scrolling too fast will cause me to whisk

But still with their help, I keep trudging on,
This trade run keeps going, it's been an eon,
We meet other traders; they say it's not far,
The path almost ends, dirt turning to tar.

I finally see it, I'm going to make money,
But then at that moment my program plays funny,
Finally two squares away, I get bashed,
The screen is black; my computer has crashed.


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