Medievia Mudslinger

May 20, 2000

Oh ! The things I wish I had known! - By Roirdan

Oh ! The things I wish I had known!
All the things I could have been shown...
Oh ! The things I wish I had known

But how could one possibly know
That the beginning, the get-go,
Bears choices, oh, important so!

Each class' talent is a blast :
Cure, kickback, for all those who cast;
Twist and crit hit, not least, but last.
(see explanation 1)

Oh ! The things I wish I had known!
All the things I could have been shown..
Oh ! The things I wish I had known!

And when I finally had begun,
To get eq, in donation,
And the basics of the Trade Run!
(see explanation 2)

Although Avatars there may be,
They cannot help the true "newbie"
Who does not know, who does not see.
(see explanation 3)

Oh ! The things I wish I had known!
All the things I could have been shown...
Oh ! The things I wish I had known!

When practice points become too rare,
One does regret one's lack of care:
INT eq one must wear!

And leveling, joyous moment,
Can become a lifelong torment!
Without CON and WIS equipment
(see explanation 4)

Oh ! The things I wish I had known!
All the things I could have been shown...
Oh ! The things I wish I had known!

XP, XP ! Where could you be?
Rather easy for the newbie...
Waiting on top of the Great Tree!
(see explanation 5)

When newbie you are no more, man,
At level twenty, join a clan!
Pop an Ungiri talisman!
(see explanations 6 and 7)

Oh ! The things I wish I had known !
All the things I could have been shown...
Oh ! The things I wish I had known !

Explanations for better understanding :

  1. If you wish to create a character on Medievia, you are prompted to choose a class : this can be either Cleric, Magic-User (said "Mage"), Thief or Warrior. This choice will determine what your playing style will be for the next 6 months or so ! :0)

    With each class comes a special talent : Clerics get a double effect on their cure spells when they cast it on others, Mages get mana kickback on killing opposed alignment mobiles, Thieves get occasional twists on their backstabs and Warriors get occasional critical hits during fights.

  2. For newbies, there exists a great system that allows you to get good equipment or "eq for free : all you have to do is go to the Donation Room and choose what you want! Good hearted players are always sending their unwanted eq there, so help yourselves!

    The main way of getting money in Med is to do Trade runs or "TR"s. They consist in gettng "freight" at a trade post in one part of med and lugging it to another trade post. It's a high level deal, and newbies should concentrate on leveling a lot first.

  3. Do not despair, newbies of Med : there are very high level players who volunteer their time to help you out. They are called Avatars. If you have any questions, or need anything precise, don't hesitate a second : type who -a to get a list of avatars online and then type t (avatar name) (message) to talk to him or her.

  4. To practise spells or skills, you need to go to your class' Guild. Once there, you need to spend "Practice Points" in order to increase your power. Practice Points are very precious, wasting them is penalizing yourself for later on. The price of each practise in Points depends on your INT (intelligence) score : it can go from 13 to 18. Never practice unless your Int score is 18! To get it to 18, ask an avatar for a "Golden ring", or look in the donation room for INT eq.

    When you level, your HP or Hit Points and your MP or Mana Points, as well as your Practise points, increase depending on your WIS (wisdom) and CON (con! stitution) scores : Never level unless your Con and Wis scores are 18! To reach this score, you'll need a "satyr's flute" from an Avatar as well as a "Tarnished copper belt" from the graveyard next to Med City.

  5. To pass to the following level, you need to reach a certain XP (experience) score by killing "Mobs" (mobiles, the computer guys). These Mobs are in certain "Zones". When u reach a certain level, killing the mobs in Med City just doesn't work anymore. You need new Zones ! That's why you should go to the Great Tree just east of the City of Medievia and try out the Zones it sends you to.

  6. Joining a Clan is the best thing you can do. Most clans start recruiting after level 20, when the player no longer belongs to the "Newbie Clan". Clans offer a lot of online support, as well as a structure for XP runs, TRs, EQ runs... Check out the web page for links to all of the clan homepages !

  7. When you reach level 16, you can no longer just type "recall" to return to Med City and its convenient Altar when you die. To at least compensate this loss a little and to allow yourself time to learn of other means of transportation (like the Portal system, and Dragons), I recommend killing the Ungiri Leader in the Forbidden Forest, west of Med, and getting the Talisman of Transportation off of his corpse. He is hiding in a hut in the north of the village. It may seem empty, but try "k leader", and you will see! :0)