Medievia Mudslinger

February 3rd, 2002

Standing Together - By Enthorn

The sword I wield is my protection, it is everything I am not
My protection is what I trust in
It guides me through the dark, its light is the moon

The shield I wear is my defense, it shares my pain
My defense is all that separates me from my enemy
And when it breaks away to dust, I will die with it

The dagger I conceal, I will let its power unleash
My enemy will flee, it will dodge and run from me
Succeeding it will not, they will help me

The knowledge I have learned is all but over
I have greater powers to achieve
It will take a lifetime to understand and a mind to remember

Strength endures me, I have worked long for it
I will use it accordingly, never underestimating it's value
As anyone will tell you, true strength comes in numbers

Every new adventure that awaits me requires skill to excel through
Every corner I turn, I take caution in what I will encounter
But these vicious beasts will not see me this time

I am aware of my surroundings and the dangers restricting me
Stopping to rest serves no purpose now
Relying on my own dexterity will save me

My wisdom is my direction
It comes from a source unknown
But it will heal me when death creeps towards me

From city to city, down each road
I can't see far ahead, the mountains block the path
But my stamina will keep me going, far into the night

Many great stories I could tell of
The dragons you and I have battled
Everything comes to an end, as this will

But all that makes this real right now
It is all in a world of its own
A world of others to stand by


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