Medievia Mudslinger

April 1, 2000

PK Smitten - by Raoulore

Down in the depth of Riverton Mines
Where there is no such thing as light
You can hear the screams of those who die
Here lives Mordegast the PK Lord

Laughter can be heard ringing off the walls
Death comes swiftly to those who dare
Stalker and fearless killer of all
Here lurks Mordegast the PK Lord

They whisper his name in fear of presence
No soul dares to challenge him
They begged for a saviour to come
Here kills Mordegast the PK Lord

A wandering girl named Allysia arrived
They told her the stories of this murderer
They shouted for her to go and hide
Here waits Mordegast the PK Lord

Innocently she entered in the depth
Her eyes sparkling with interest
Watching her every movement he held his breath
Here loves Mordegast the PK Lord

He stepped out the shadows and spoke to her
She did not shock and smiled to him dearly
Wandering they went down the corridors
Here sleeps Mordegast the PK Lord

And as he rested she lay down beside him
And when he drifted she moved away
His eyes were open and his soul screamed
Here feared Mordegast the PK Lord

She drove the dagger home into his back
He gasped and looked to her in surpise
A wink and a smile she left him there
Here died Mordegast the PK Lord