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The Medievia Mudslinger Online Paper is a collection of articles, ever replenished by an active and growing staff and you, the players. The paper is available both on the webpages and in the game itself - simply purchase a copy at a scribe in any major city and settle back for an interesting read.

The Mudslinger staff work to bring out regular and semi-regular articles of varying formats, along with the occasional special edition for various celebratory events. Prominent amongst these, currently, are:-

Interviews - Do you think you're interesting enough to face Nykaul in an interview? Can you give an honest account that will entertain and inform? Contact Nykaul ( to join the current waiting list for this prestigious and greatly sought after public massage to the ego.

Society events - Recently mudmarried? Just attained the rank of hero or re-heroed? Contact Maleah ( and send in your details for this monthly update. Remember, the greater the detail the more column space you get to publicise your big day.

Player Real Life Birthdays - We are collating a set of pages detailing the real life dates of player birthdays from any willing to participate. The world of Medievia has a vast number of interesting presents and you never know what players will send you on your big day. Contact Maleah ( with just your ingame character name, month and date.

Questions for Vryce - The big man himself is willing to answer any questions put to him, but we've formalised the procedure somewhat. Simply contact Excrucior ( with your question and character name and hope it gets answered for the next edition. We reserve the right to drop any questions at our discretion and we do not deal in anonymous queries.

Player written articles - You too can contribute directly to the pages of the Mudslinger. We suggest you read the guidelines in HELP MUDSLINGER_SUBMIT when in the game, the editorial sections of the actual ingame paper, or read 'how to submit an article'. The frontline editor of the Mudslinger is Excrucior ( so please contact him with ideas. We seek the best and the brightest of works for publication.

Everything published in the MUDSlinger is the property of Vryce and Medievia.