Medievia Mudslinger

September 11, 2001



"Yes, Mank. It has been a while." Excrucior sighed and looked around mournfully.


"Because I've had few submissions, that's why," the god said grumpily. "There are adventurers out there killing rare beasts all the time. You'd think that they could pick up a quill now and then, wouldn't you?" He sighed and watched as the imp started to drink ink. "That's a bad habit, Mank. You'll go bald."


"Of course I've not been idle." The god smiled quietly. "Something's coming, Mank. Something big is coming."


"No. I have never drunk ink, Mank."

The imp thought about this for a moment. "Chitter?" he asked.

"You'll see, Mank. You'll see. It will be big enough for you to see."

That's right - we've got another edition of the Medievia Mudslinger for you. We've built up a pile of fifteen articles for your perusal, but we need more to make the next edition. That's where you come in! Get reading HELP MUDSLINGER_SUBMIT and get your quills and vellum working. Give Excrucior something to do - he likes to receive all manner of articles.

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