Medievia Mudslinger

February 27, 2000

The Dark Saint And The Immortal - By Raoulore

Within the history of Medievia lies a tale of two men, one known as "The Dark Saint" and the other known as "The Immortal". The story which I now tell is that of the binding friendship between these two and also the departure of The Dark Saint better known as Halloran.

Halloran, Dark Saint of Eilistraee, was a strong warrior dedicated to serving his clan and aiding the weak. For Halloran each day was similar in all respects, whether it be in trading, battling daemons, rescuing those in despair or simply showing the younger clan members around. For one such as he, this pleased his everyday life, and little did he look far in his own future success, but more in companionship with his friends. The days were good and Halloran was generally happy with his life, more or less.

It was a misty morning and the day had just begun, Halloran was already slipping into his armor and strapping his sword to his side, smelling the fresh scent of the new day. On this fine morning, he decided to handle some pressing business in Medievia, mostly to do with his locker rent. Halloran walked briskly into the City of Medievia, leaving his camping site far behind. He wasn't wasting money on an inn when the forest suited him.

Halloran headed towards the lockers when he stumbled across a man dressed in white robes - the man was staring at the sky. Halloran wondered about this strange behaviour and decided to ask the man what he was doing. As Halloran approached the man levelled his gaze at Halloran. "Greetings Dark Saint", he said and Halloran hesitated a moment. How could this man know his name?

"Greetings Stranger" he replied politely, "How is it that you know my name?".

The man smiled, "Your reputation exceeds you, and also the fact I've been watching you as I have watched all."

Halloran raised an eyebrow, "Why do you watch? And also, what is your name, if I may ask?".

The stranger smiled again, "I am Raoulore, and why I watch is because I have not ventured to a land like this before.".

Halloran thought about this for a moment, "Very well Raoulore, I believe we should go some place to speak and perhaps discuss this all, I am intrigued by you."

"A worthy suggestion, O Dark Saint." Raoulore replied.

They walked away from the public and settled down in the Gardens of Roddenberry. "Now then, where do you come from and what brings you here?", asked Halloran,

"I come from a land far forgotten in time, my purpose here is to settle down and make a life for myself as a cleric, to aid those how I can with my skills. " replied Raoulore as he gazed at the sky again briefly,

"That's very kind and honourable of you, perhaps you'd like me to show you around and help you settle in?" suggested Halloran. Raoulore smiled, and so began the friendship.

Over time, the two became very close and shared many adventures. Raoulore learned well and slowly developed bit by bit into a successful cleric. He was introduced to those of Halloran's clan and they took a liking to him, but he was not ready to join as yet. In time, however, they both knew Raoulore would seek his place with those of Eilistraee.

All could not remain perfect and it was a fateful day when Halloran and Raoulore were strolling the streets of Medievia. Raoulore said he would be a moment as he needed to check his locker and he disappeared into the U-Store- It- Facility. As he disappeared, a man walked up to Halloran. Giving no name he simply strode over to Halloran and spoke to him, "My good friend, your equipment is wonderful, it must have taken you a while to gather.". Halloran nodded to the stranger but didn't pay much attention to the man, "Perhaps you would like to duel for some equipment?"

Halloran turned to the man, "I don't think you have anything to offer that would attract my attention", the man quickly pulled out a gleaming shield,

"How about this shield for your, hmmmm, sash?"

Halloran gazed at the shield in awe and then gave thought, "Very well, a simple duel for items.".

Forgetting about Raoulore, they strode to a private place. Halloran felt uneasy about this - he had never dueled in such a unlawful area, this man would be able to do anything. They stopped and the stranger nodded to Halloran, "Let us begin".

Halloran drew his magnificent sword of ice and approached the man, who seemed too calm. As Halloran moved to strike trickery came into play for the man quickly held up some object. A colourful burst of light ripped into Halloran's eyes rendering him blind. Halloran screamed and turned his face away as the man closed in striking at him, Halloran fought blindly and unsuccessfuly as the man slowly cut him up.

It was at this point that Halloran was defeated, the stranger stabbed his blade's tip into Halloran's side. Halloran slowly fell to his knees and onto his side, and in that moment his vision returned. Too weak to do anything, he simply lay there as the man approached grinning evilly. Halloran then knew this was all a fatal mistake.

Halloran screamed in silent protest as the man simply plucked pieces of equipment off Halloran's body, but Halloran's vision was fading to black and he knew he was dying. This was it, the fall of the Dark Saint, the end of life. He was blacking out when things changed.

Raoulore had come out and noticed Halloran missing. He questioned people nearby until a Janitor finally told him where Halloran and a stranger had gone. Raoulore hurried and when he finally arrived he saw Halloran lying in his own blood with the stranger picking at his body. Infuriated, Raoulore charged, striking the man with a lightning bolt and then bringing down a pillar of flame on him. The man stumbled with shock and pain and, seeing new resistance, he fled.

Raoulore bent down quickly to his comrade and proceeded to heal him. "What ever happened here Hal?" he questioned as soon as Halloran was healed enough to sit up and speak.

"I've been a fool Raoulore.", sighed Halloran, "I let myself be fooled by wealth nearly into my own death by a trickster." Then Halloran growled, "If I ever see him again, I swear I will kill him!", but even as he said that he sighed again. "How can I defeat him, when he clearly defeated me now with ease?".

Raoulore nodded, "I shall avenge you my friend, but now we must take you back to the clan.", Halloran shook his head.

"No, I cannot go back, I fear this has shown me that I have grown old and that I have made many mistakes in my time. Mistakes that I helped you avoid, you clearly are my successor Raoulore.".

Raoulore raised an eyebrow and protested, "What about the clan though? What are you going to do?", Halloran painfully rose to his feet and looked at what equipment he had left,

"I believe I am going to retire, disappear into the forest somewhere and set up a home. Tell the clan I was killed in combat and that my wish was that you take my place.".

Raoulore nodded to his old friend and they then headed off to the forest, sneaking out the city without being seen.

Deep in the forest, Halloran stripped off his remaining equipment and goods and handed them to Raoulore, "I planned to do this all along I guess, but I never knew it would be this soon." Halloran then took out a piece of paper and handed it to Raoulore, "Take this to the bank, they will transfer all I own to you, you can also use it at the lockers.", Halloran then sighed "Do what you want with my wealth and equipment, I have no further use for it."

"What is this?" Asked Raoulore looking at the paper, "Its a note of authority, I was going to give it to you eventually. It declares all I own unto you." answered Halloran as he dressed himself in common clothes. He tucked a dagger underneath his cloak, no longer looking as the warrior he once was, but rather a tired old man.

Raoulore nodded to his friend, "I shall never forget you my friend, and perhaps we shall meet again someday, hopefully when I'm a far greater cleric." . They shook hands for the last time and then embraced each other with a brotherly hug,

"Farewell Roulore" spoke Halloran as he disappeared beyond the trees never to be seen again. Raoulore was left standing in the middle of the forest - he looked towards the Golden Spires of the City of Medievia, and headed back to his home.

It was later known that Raoulore gave all of Halloran's equipment to the clan and that he joined as well. Raoulore was ranked highly and also to became a powerful cleric, known to his friends as, Raoulore, The Immortal Cleric of Eilistraee. Halloran now lives on in the memory of Raoulore, who, to this day, still wanders around Medievia and is even seen on rare occasions.