Medievia Mudslinger

December 28th, 2002

Sacrifice, Reduce and Use - By Zabo

Recycling has become a big issue lately for the real world, and Medievia is no different. Rotting corpses and old items just sit around on the ground all over the place, and the Medievian janitorial staff have often complained that the City of Medievia is starting to smell. Recycling, or sacrificing, a corpse that you have just killed isn't hard. It just takes the time to type s-a-c c-o-r-p-s-e. Also, items they were carrying that you just don't want or need can be sacrificed in just the same way as a corpse. For taking the time to sacrifice stuff, a few of experience points are given just to say thanks. Most people don't realize how much the trash affects the lives of the personnel of Medievia.

"I've been the town crier for as long as I can remember, and let me tell you, there is nothing worse than yelling, 'Please welcome Zabo, who has just become a member of Medievia!', and looking down realizing I have just stepped into the rotting corpse of a janitor. Then I have to wipe my foot off on the grass and it really stinks!" said the town crier while describing his days at work.

The janitors of Medievia, whose job is to clean up, can't always clean everything. "We go around and pick up after lots of people, and pick up lots of stuff," said a janitor while sweeping the streets. "Moving around as much as I do I see a lot of trash, as well as dead corpses, and it's amazing the stuff you find if you examine the corpses." Many people already know to examine corpses to find items, gold, and autoquests. Taking a little extra time to sacrifice the corpse you recently made, and help a janitor in the process, isn't hard.

Corpses are not the only thing cluttering Medievia's streets. Old, discarded, unwanted items also sit on the ground. These items can be sacrificed just like corpses, and for almost the same amount of experience points. These items take up a lot of space. "People just drop their stuff on the ground and leave it, expecting someone else to want it enough to take it," said a local guard. "People just walk by and drop their crap anywhere, no matter how big. Most people don't know what it's like to be in the middle of a battle and step on a dagger, or slip on a piece of paper." He later added, "It's hard enough chasing people through the streets in my armor, but when I stub my toe, or trip on a steel throwing hammer, it's very demeaning to the status of a guard!" Later, in tears, he further added, "People don't respect us guards anymore! They kill things right beside us, and then they kill us too! It really hurts!"

It is apparent that many people would like to see Medievia cleaned up a bit, but there are a couple who like the corpses just the way they are. Scruff is one of those people: "Yes, I don't mind corpses littering the streets. It's nice to have a meal or snack handy." After being asked what he thought of the small xp bonus, he replied, "I don't like it. It might make people want to sac corpse and that's bad for me. If all the corpses were cleaned up, then I would have to go and pay for food! I don't have that kind of gold to spend." Scruff began to gnaw on a freshly deceased guardsman at that point, terminating the interview.

Clerics have a little bit of a different view about sacrificing corpses. One made comments such as, "Sacrificing is unholy and not right." Others were not as nice yet elaborated more. "Resurrecting is a cleric's prime duty. All the lowly, unholy rats who sacrifice corpses are nothing but heathens. They don't care about anything but that extra xp given by the gods. Huh, they must be confused because no one I know would award someone for sacrifices!" It became evident that many clerics are opposed to the sacrificing of corpses. Inquiries about sacrificing living beings were met with scandalized expressions, though many glanced to the west, often muttering something about 'Xezadha' and 'giving us a bad name'.

After several beers, it became apparent that there was one group of people whose opinions hadn't been asked - the recently deceased themselves. A corpse was asked if he liked being a corpse, and whether sacrificing bothered him. He replied, "Being a corpse really sucks. Just laying on the ground all day long gets very boring." So far, this interview was the most interesting because a corpse isn't normally known for it's conversation. "Honestly, I don't mind people coming along, taking my things and sacrificing me. It passes the time of day." Corpses, it seems, don't mind being struck by lightning or turned into ants; it's better for them than to just lie on the ground, decomposing slowly.

Killing has always been a great way to gain experience points. Never forget, however, that sacrificing is a great way to enhance those experience points. This helps out the Town Crier, the Janitors, the Guards and corpses, even if Scruff and the clerics disapprove of it. Taking the time to examine the corpses you create can gain you items, as well as experience if you sacrifice it. If kept up by everyone, this will surely clean up our city streets, clantowns, and outside wilderness for all future Medievians to enjoy.


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