Medievia Mudslinger

December 30, 2000

The Bank Robbery - By Monokun

It was while he was walking down the street that Pilo realized his rent was due, and that he had no money to pay it. "Aaah, I know what I can do to make some money. Firstly I'll have to find someone who will help me with my plan." Thinking of whom he could choose to help him he decided on Yestof. Yestof was Pilo's best friend and always helped Pilo no matter how bad Pilo's schemes were. It was convenient that Yestof wasn't very bright and therefore he was often fooled by Pilo into helping him.

When Pilo reached the house of Yestof he entered without even knocking on the door, "Yestof? Yestof where are you?"

"I'm in the kitchen, I'll be right out," came the reply.

When Yestof came out of the kitchen he looked at Pilo and noticed a very mischievous look in his eyes, "What plan do you have today?"

"I have to pay my rent and I don't have any gold to pay. I have a plan to get some money but I need your help," replied Pilo.

"If it is another of your stupid ideas I am not going to help you," said Yestof in a hopeless tone of voice. He'd been on the receiving end of Pilo's plans before.

"This will be the last time I will ever ask you to help me with making some money," said Pilo dismissively. "We won't need to make any more after this."

"What's your plan this time?" asked Yestof, his interest stirred.

"Well I was planning to rob the bank," answered Pilo.

"What? Are you mad? We don't even have a chance to rob the bank!" retorted Yestof, his expression turning to despair.

"I have it all worked out, you see, first we go invisible, then we go inside and cast a sleeping spell to make everyone fall asleep, then we steal the money," said Pilo, his enthusiasm increasing as he spoke.

"It sounds like a good plan but there is no way in hell that I am going to help you with this mission," answered Yestof, once again showing his experience of Pilo's plans.

"Yestof we are guaranteed at least twenty million in gold, how can you miss out on the chance to have more gold then the gods themselves," replied Pilo once again, desperate to get Yestof's help and showing a lack of knowledge of divine matters.

"Twenty million! That sounds interesting, are you sure about this sum of money?" asked Yestof, his eyes getting a little bit wider with interest.

"Yes, well, I have got a black hole on me to fill up with as much gold as we can," answered Pilo, smirking.

"Have you got a staff of sleep and a wand of invisibility?" asked Yestof, once again having fallen under Pilo's spell.

"I have got everything. Does this mean that you will help me?" asked Pilo, already sure of the answer.

"Yes I think I will, your offer is too good to refuse," replied Yestof.

"Yes! Lets go and do this before we lose the nerve," shouted Pilo, not realizing that he had let his nerves take control.

Pilo and Yestof left immediately for the bank and in ten minutes time they were standing outside the large stone building. Pilo raised his wand of invisibility into the air and chanted a few words - the magic swelled from the wand and enveloped both the rogues as they watched each other slowly disappear from normal view. Yestof peered inside the bank and saw one guard and one cashier. Beckoning to Pilo, Yestof whispered in his ear about the guard and that they would have to be wary about him.

Pilo and Yestof walked to the bank and as soon as they got inside Pilo raised his staff of sleep into the air. Chanting out a few words in the language of magic, he nervously watched as the guard and the cashier fell asleep in crumpled heaps. Yestof ran behind the counter and started to fill up the bag with as much gold as he could.

Pilo who was keeping an eye out by the door for intruding adventurers, suddenly saw the guard stirring. "Yestof, Yestof the guard is waking hurry up."

Yestof closed his bag and headed for the door when they suddenly heard the guard raise the alarm. "Head for the portal," whispered Yestof to Pilo. Sprinting to the portal across the busy courtyard Yestof saw some guards heading for the bank but he didn't get too concerned. The spell of invisibility still cloaked him and he felt quite confident.

Suddenly the guards changed direction and headed straight for Yestof without him seeing them. Realizing too late his mistake Yestof turned around and found the hilt from one of the guard's swords striking him in the middle of his forehead, and then there was only blackness.

When Pilo reached the portal he looked around, but he couldn't find Yestof anywhere. Realizing that something was wrong he decided to go back and look for his friend. When he reached the fountain he looked around and saw two guards surrounding Yestof and another one with his back facing him, heading to the southwest and the courthouse. Realizing that Yestof was in trouble he unsheathed his dagger and sneaked up upon the guards. Once directly behind the guard he stabbed the one guard in the back, causing him to fall with a cry. He then let go of the knife and kicked the other guard square in the face, knocking him out cold.

Picking Yestof up and putting him on his shoulders he headed once again for the portal. "Halt thief!" came a yell behind him. Not daring to turn around Pilo ran as fast as he could, stumbling as an arrow struck his left thigh. Blotching out the pain from his mind Pilo reached the Portal and headed for Trellor.

Two days later Yestof woke up and found himself in a strange place. Looking around quickly he noticed Pilo in a chair next to his bed, snoring. Wondering where he was, Yestof woke Pilo up with a shake.

"Who's there? What's happening?" shouted Pilo in a frantic voice as he woke up.

"SHHH, it's just me," said Yestof trying to calm Pilo down.

"Aaah, I was wondering when You where going to wake up," said Pilo in a very happy voice.

"What happened?" asked Yestof.

"The guards caught you and knocked you out," answered Pilo, "Where is the money?"

"What! Don't you have the money?" shouted Yestof in a frantic voice.

"What do you mean? I thought you hid the money!" shouted Pilo, his voice raising in pitch as his spirits sank.

"I had the money on me all the time, someone must have taken it when I was knocked out," said Yestof trying to calm down.

"Wait a minute, I saw a guard with his back to me, heading for the portal, he must have taken the money from you and ran," said Pilo, trying to remember what had happened.

"PILO! You must be the dumbest guy I have ever known. How could we go through all that for nothing? What a waste of time and effort," said Yestof near tears.

The two young adventurers later found out that the money was never returned and that the sergeant of the city guards had suddenly gone missing, presumed dead in the fight. The two thieves were less than happy with each other, but the angrier of the two was Yestof. Never again would he follow one of Pilo's sure-fire schemes, and this time he meant it...