Medievia Mudslinger

December 29, 2004

Medievian Trade Rhapsody by Effie

Is this a real wagon?
Doesnít feel like a fantasy
Caught in a trade run, no escape from mobfactions
Opened my eyes, looked up to the skies and saw Ė

Iím just a poor mage, caught in a firestorm
Casting is easy come, easy go,
Mana's high, hit-points low,
Anyplace the strands fall, doesnít really matter to me.

Vryce, just killed a wolf,
Put my fingers to its head, mumbled words and now it's dead.
Vryce, my trade had just begun, but now Iíve gone and thrown it all away.
Didnít mean to call the pack,
If Iíve still got freight this time tomorrow
Iíll trade on as if nothing really stopped me.

Too late, spectral dogs have come,
Sending shivers down my spine now Iím fighting all the time.
Goodbye freight - Iíve got to go-
Gotta leave you right behind and face the demon.
Vryce, I donít want to lose my load.
I sometimes wish Iíd never valued at all.

I see a little silhouetto of a rogue.
Shield room, shield room, not gonna watch my freight go.
Here comes trolls and kobolds, lots and lots of fighting for me!

Iím just a poor mage raising money for my family,
Iím just a trader with all the mobs chasing me;
Spare my wagon from this monstrosity!
Freight's easy come easy go, Flee!

Will you let me go?

Blocker! No, we will not let you flee.
Let me go
Blocker! We will not let you flee.
Let me go
We will not let you flee.
Let me go
Will not let you flee
Will not let you flee.
Let me go

No, no, no, no, no, no, no!

Lions, wolves, pigs let me flee
Vryce has a Fire Demonís Hell put aside just for me!

So you think if you track me and I wont use wizards eye?
So you think you can maul me and leave me to die?
Oh factions, my clannies wont let you do that to me this time,
Just gotta get resíd, just gotta get resíd right outta here!

Trading really matters, anyone can see that, trading really matters to me.

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