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June 28, 2004

List of Medievia Resources to Learn the Game by Lindy

There are many resources in, and out of Medievia on the World Wide Web where you can find out information on many aspects of the game. This article lists some of the resources there are that can help you learn the many aspects of Medievia! Indeed, the huge amount of Medievia-related resources web pages out there are a testimony to the game's popularity.

This listing is not exhaustive.

In the World of Medievia,

On the World Wide Web,

Okay, above is a list of some of the places where a great many of Medievia-related resources can be found. They are great for learning the game :) I hope you have as much fun exploring these sites and resources as much as I did compiling and writing this article.

You may also find other Medievia-related resources by searching on your favorite search engine! You will sometimes be surprised by how many other sites there are out there that contains so much more useful information!

Have fun and enjoy Medievia,



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