Medievia Mudslinger

December 23rd, 2001

The Red Dragon - By Zerokia

This cloudy day that did I did see,
The day we did a lair,
Clouds poured rain throughout on we,
The skies were hardly fair.

The smell of burning flesh was great,
It offended all of our senses,
We saw the bodies something had ate
And then raised hasty defenses.

I shivered in my boots and cowered,
Ginthrum made us stand,
With his words we were empowered,
Fear us, the hunting band!

We continued on, through the heat,
The tunnel's stench came all out,
Ferocious serpents we did beat,
Spiny vines formed a bloody gout,

We reached the tunnel's end and thought,
Combat would ensue alas!
The huge red dragon we had caught,
When charging in it kicked my ...... nose,

The dragon spouted fiery breath,
Many a hero survived, though,
Singles fell down to their death,
While triples died real slow,

We finally went to chase it out,
A wilderness dragon came to meet,
Idzol charged with a great shout,
Yet was swept down to his feet!

We yelled again and charged it through,
Rammed a stick right through its head,
It glared at me and snorted,
And suddenly I saw red

I seemed to think that if I tried,
My luck would change instead,
But as the mighty dragon died,
I realized I, too, was dead.


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