Medievia Mudslinger

April 21st, 2002

Infrequently Asked Questions - By Rapscallion

Many a question is answered before it is asked by the various help files on Medweb and the articles in this august tome. However, there are some questions that the newer players don't ask often enough to put there, so our resident. something or other, one Rapscallion, has put together a number of the Infrequently Asked Questions he has invented. come across in his time along with the answers.

Q. My misty potion tasted funny - is there a reason for that?

A. Was it before its 'quaff before' date? Get an identify scroll or cast the spell if you can and look at the 'days' attribute. If that is 185 days then it's perfectly fresh, but I wouldn't drink anything with less than 30 days life left. It's not worth the risk, see?

Q. I just bought it at a stall so it must have been fresh. What gives? It was sort of tangy.

A. Ah! I see. Now, that means that it was created by a cleric in a south-facing monastery. It enhances the flavor and brings out a certain nutty quality. North facing monasteries make brews that taste much more like ale. I prefer those, funnily enough. It's nothing to worry about at all.

Q. I found a misty potion on this corpse. What was the mob doing with one?

A. Well, it wanted to see invisible things, of course. I mean, you've got all these heroes and mages around casting invisibility spells so you've got to keep your eyes peeled if you want to stay alive, eh?

Q. He doesn't look very alive to me.

A. Well, he'd not quaffed it, had he? Anything else?

Q. Yes. I found an effervescent potion. What does it do?

A. Great hangover cure, I can tell you.

Q. I've been using godlike potions regularly now for some months. I'm about to reclass to cleric and I won't need them then. But I don't feel as if I can give up carrying them around and quaffing them regularly. Am I addicted?

A. Rumors of people becoming addicted to potions in Medievia are just that - rumors. They are urban legends - just like the one about side effects from using Swirling Blue and White potions.

Q. What side effects?

A. It's just a rumor without any foundation. If you do feel that urge to quaff a Godlike potion, however, just find a handy firestorm and you can disguise it easily enough because everyone else will be using them.

Q. Ah, a bit like you hanging around in bars, then?

A. Yes. I mean no! I just go there for the atmosphere, that's all. Anyway, if there are any side effects or addictive properties to the potions in Medievia then my next to last name isn't 'Peregrine'.

Q. Isn't that some sort of duck?

A. No - it's a big vicious bird. How many times must I explain that?

Q. I thought I was the one asking questions?

A. Er, right. Go on then.

Q. How do they get those Blue and White potions to stay swirly instead of turning into a light blue?

A. Magic, of course. Oh, and a contract with otherworldy manufacturers as you may expect. I think they got the idea from something called toothpaste, a substance that I've never seen any use for.

Q. I see. Is it true that you created the record for the most bottles of Firebreather drunk in one combat round?

A. Certainly is! I've still got the logs somewhere if you want to see.

Q. I'll pass, thanks. I've heard that there are some secret words to use in certain areas to get special effects. What are they?

A. Well, I think what you want to do is go to the Taverna Altruistica and, in firm, clear voice, state, "And one for him as well," while pointing at me. It's wonderful when that happens, or will be, anyway.

Q. That doesn't sound so wonderful for me. Other things - these wands I can buy throb with power. Can I get any of those vibration diseases such as whitefinger from them?

A. I only use them for stirring cocktails - gets them shaken and stirred at the same time. Can't help you there, I'm afraid.

Q. Is it true that you are really unpopular with the lady avatars?

A. There are some reasons I cannot give on grounds of propriety. Avatar code of conduct and all that.

Q. I don't think I have any more questions for now - thanks.

A. Right - I'll get off and do some chores.

Q. You? What chores?

A. I thought you'd never ask! Bottle of Firebreather if you please.


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