Medievia Mudslinger

April 21st, 2002

"Answers and Questions" Results! - By Rapscallion

A grand total of two correct answers were received for this particular competition, these being from Paxley and Floxa respectively. In a fit of rashness, Rapscallion has decided to award both of these fine, upstanding citizens the full prize each, though he claims that he's had to borrow heavily against his bar tab to do so.

The correct answer was, of course, "Stand by Your Man" by Tammy Wynnette and the original lyrics, as if you really need them, are available here.

These days it's great to be a newbie
With bars and DCs in your mail
You'll have some great times
In Med's varying climes
With help files ready so you do not fail
So when you log on you'll stay here
With all that knowledge you’ll have to cram
And as you play Med
Keep this in your head
We want you to refrain from causing spam

Don't type your spam
Leave us all clean screens to read
Even though from scratches you bleed
And need a heal at recall

Don't type your spam
To tell us what you're selling
When at recall you're yelling
Don't type your spam

Don't type your spam
You'll be much more liked by far
We just won't know who you are
Don't type your spam


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