Medievia Mudslinger

March 18, 2001

Questions for Vryce - Compiled by Excrucior

Once more came the time for an Imp to be dispatched bearing a scroll full of questions for the most important god in Medievia. Scurrying back with haste it brought these replies...

How come you don't do any public appearances? I'm curious to see your description and chat with you.

The reason is the obvious, no time. I manage so many things here that there is just not enough time to chat or get to know players. I am also the Co-Founder/Senior VP if which takes up a lots of time. I recently took a 1/2 paycut at iDayo so I can focus more on Medievia and only work every other week at iDayo. This was a big risk on my part because Medievia's revenue cannot support my missed salary. What I do for this game!

In the past things like bloodlines come in that require you to have a hero, so you can participate. Are there any plans in the future that will be hero only or something similar?

YES! There will be many very interesting AutoQuest's for Heroes coming very soon. Also the upcoming MobFaction module will truly see what heroes are made of. Expect many new improvements as all coders, including myself, are all hard at work.

Will there be any new spells for cleric/mage?

Not that I know of. Everyone always wants new spells and skills. It is very hard to come up with a new spell or skill idea that is GOOD for the game and its balance and playability when you consider that the game has been here for over ten years. That's ten years of spell and skill ideas. We choose to focus on many other very cool things for the near future.

Where do you come up with inspiration for your ideas? I know some have come from other gods, but what other sources do you get your ideas from? Do they just pop in your head at random, or do you find an idea you like from other games? Also, have there been ideas that you came up with, then realized they were really bad and scrapped?

Most smaller ideas and changes come from players and gods. Believe it or not almost all of the big changes come from me. Where does the inspiration come from? Good question. It's a curse I think. I have been developing the concepts for Medievia for ten years and sometimes I truly do wish I could shut my brain OFF for a while. I have so many plans and ideas that I do not have time do code that I get stressed out. As good as Medievia is, internally I feel like a failure. We can do SO MUCH MORE! I am pushing hard now to get Medievia revenue up so I can work on Medievia full time instead of it being just a hobby. Once that happens this game will RULE! Right now I am coding the biggest undertaking of my life, MobFactions. If you want cool inspired ideas, just WAIT for some of these MF's to come to a clantown near you.

I think that a few of us players would love a detailed idea of the tech behind the game. What language is it written in, what servers, stats on everything. Info about the code, etc. It is a question that I know has popped into my mind once in awhile.

Hrrrrm. I am not one to give away too many trade secrets but let me see what I can come up with:

Medievia is coded in the language of C++. Thanks to Masou, most of our older code has been converted to C++. We actually have no more structures! All of the code is OOP coded now with classes. GO MASOU GO!

We run on a KickAss XEON server at the moment. I am about to order a new 1.5GHZ 1Gig Ram 400MHZ system board server with some sweet 10,000RPM raid drives. This new server will cost about $8,500. I cannot wait to get it so we can run Medievia using Insure++ which is a realtime bug finder that cost us about $7,000. We also have a WWW server, a SQL server, and a few development machines.

We process on average 745 commands per second which is a mind numbing thing if you ask me. It is very hard to code new stuff and know that the same thread of execution must also deal with 745 commands a second, all network traffic, and make all mobs do stuff. It is not easy. My new MobFaction code is terribly difficult and complex because I am building it so these critters are smarter than the mobs you will find in games like RedAlert and Kingdoms. Coding a RTS in a game that needs to also deal with 745 commands per second makes me one BRAVE PROGRAMMER.

We currently use a typical SMDS T1 internet connection.

Medievia server runs on RedHat Linux. We also use Windows NT, Windows 2000, Microsoft SQL Server, O'Reilly Website, CheckPoint Firewall (and some other firewall software that will remain unnamed for security purposes).

The programming for the game is at 264,888 lines of code in 165 C files and 80 header files. The executable is 8.3 megs of logic. The data for the world and whatnot is, well, its H U G E! When Medievia runs right now it takes up about 260 megs of memory.

As always, Vryce is quite willing to answer any more of your questions about Medievia and its future. To save him time (and thus allow more time for programming new challenges) please email your queries to Excrucior ( so they can all be dealt with at once


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