Medievia Mudslinger

February 3, 2001

Questions for Vryce - Compiled by Excrucior

Any plans of a zone that balances Bloodstone? As is, 80% of all eq worth having is from Bloodstone. - anonymous

It is much more balanced than that right now. Bloodstone is a key zone in Medievia and hopefully always will be. We do not make zones to make 'better and more powerful equipment'. We make zones so we can handle more players on-line and hopefully always churn out zones which are fun. Every zone created is intended to help balance one thing or another but do not expect a zone to compete with Bloodstone to be released but once or twice a year. If you want to be an elite player you will need to take part in Bloodstone runs.

In the future, are bloodlines going to replace clans? -Alexsondrea

Bloodlines have nothing to do with clans right now and never will. Bloodlines is a way for heroes to start over yet also increase their older players stats. Bloodlines is a way for people to have more fun. Bloodlines is a way for new players to have mentors. Clans and Towns will always be here as they are a key ingredient in the game. If any one bloodline becomes big enough and they like each other enough, sure they could create a clan. I cannot see that happening any time soon though.

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