Medievia Mudslinger

December 5, 2000

Questions for Vryce - Compiled By Excrucior

I know developers hate this question, but what kind of timetable can we be expecting for implementations of Autoquest, Mob Factions, and the Dungeon Master? - Majromax

Autoquest programming is completed. We are now in the stage where we have AWA's (Autoquest Writing Assistants) making autoquests. We have 370 AQ's in the game now. We would like to get to 1000 before we open the module to the public. What we need are more people applying to be an AWA, and for these people to make more quests and do it quicker. I have no firm predictions as to when Autoquests will open. I would like to take this time to thank Elorei again for his amazing efforts with the whole AutoQuest upgrade. If only he had more AWA's to work with.

MobFactions programming and design is being done by myself. Unfortunately I have been swamped in work, as usual. MF's is one of those projects that drive me nuts. If Medievia could afford to have me work full time, I could get projects like MF's done very quickly. As it is it may not be until next year before the first MF is harassing players.

Dungeon Master module is due to be developed by myself after MF's are done. I will be trying to raise financing for Medievia starting in April. With luck by July-August of 2001 I will be working full time on Medievia. If you have been thinking of supporting the game, please do it. If we doubled our donation base we could afford to have full time programmers and then this game would truly take off.

What kind of incentives will players have to go out and fight the Mob Factions that aren't threatening zones? I like the idea of the dynamic wilderness, but I fear that it will go the same way as kingdoms if no one gets anything by participation in it - eg, will there be something comparable to the dragonhide/(DH) that we got with dragon lairs? - Majromax

The incentive will be for fun mostly. There will be a MF MLR eventually. MF's will for the most part only be aggressively attacked when they are taking over important zones or areas of the wilderness. By the end of 2001 most people will be fighting MF's and not fighting in zones. The whole game will be different. Have faith!

Any plans to reimplement processing of the idealist sometime soon? - Majromax

The idealist is always perused for obviously needed changes. It is a shame that we do not have more time to program and develop Medievia. We do an amazing job with the 100 gods we have working for free but it will never be enough. We need to take the next step. We need more donations, or we need financing. This game would be the most amazing game ever created if we could code our to-do list and all of the good ideas off of the idealist. I know this answer is not what players want to hear. If anyone knows me they know I am a straight talker so I tell it like it is. It takes all of our efforts to keep the current slow development pace going. Donations support the current game pretty well. We actually have $25,000 in our bank account right now. It took us six months to save that up and soon it will be spent on marketing and some software. What we truly need is the ability to have full time programmers. We need more donations for Medievia to be what people want.

Are we ever gonna have Kingdoms again? - Llanant

MF controlled Kingdoms will be a large part of the game.

There are many objects that can be made better in Med or can be enhanced at certain places. Is it possible to have a place to change alignment of certain objects? I am asking this because it seems that a lot of the better objects in the game are evil. - Mykalia

There are new zones and new objects being put in all the time and there is a lot of good aligned eq out there. People always liked evil equipment more than good equipment. We'll never be able to change the alignment of objects but we are working on making better standards to balance the classes and alignments vs. each other.

Why is it that only Shockwave works better underwater? Shouldn't spells such as lightning work better underwater and fire spells work better on mobs in the cold? - Mykalia

We argue about stuff like this all of the time behind the scenes. If anyone has any brilliant ideas, email them to me.

Why do you keep on with Medievia, and have you ever thought about giving up on the entire project? - Ozirius

After my family, there is nothing more dear to my heart then Medievia. It is the first thing I think about when I wake up and the last thing I think about before I sleep. Have I ever thought about giving up on Medievia? NO! Have I ever thought that we would not become the best damn game in the world? NO! It is only a matter of when and how much it will cost. Medievia now has a proven business model and a proven marketing model. Now I either need to make my millions with my other venture,, or I need to raise 1-2 million dollars to finance the completion of our plans. I have some interested investors now but I do not have the time to create our business plan and get a three-year audit done, both of which would be needed before we take on investors.

If you love this game, if you play the game all of the time, please donate. Please tell your friends about Medievia. All we need now is the ability to have a full time programming staff. We have the plan to develop Medievia into the best game in the world. We just need the resources to do it.

Long live Medievia!