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Questions for Vryce - Compiled by Excrucior

How much do you play Medievia as a mortal? - Pskovinsky

No one knows! No one will ever know. It is nearly impossible for me to play and enjoy the game if anyone knows my mortal names.

Three questions related from players by Vangroen - please send these and player names direct to Excrucior in future. He doesn't bite :)

The first is why is it so hard to TR? There are storms, mobs and mobs tailored to kill you and take your cargo.

Many aspects of the game are quite difficult. Any aspect that gains you gold should be challenging. Trading is a feature of the game that is still in its initial version and has yet to be upgraded in any big way accept the trading mob factions and catastrophes. Before those trading was way too easy. Unfortunately trading must wait for the real mob faction module to be completed before it gets a major overhaul. I truly believe that once we get to the new trading changes that trading will become a much more enjoyed activity for traders and even non-traders. Some people love to trade. Some people hate to trade. That will never change.

Why don't you have more catastrophes so players with MLR requirements can get a chance to build stats?

Balancing the game is a difficult juggling act. In fact it is one of the most difficult things we do. Balancing the economy is even more hairy. We are constantly changing key internal variables to do so but it will never be perfect. It is always improving though so there is reason to hope!

Why don't you have more repops of the Combs? "If the combs is more than an hour old the eggs seem to have dried up, I have waited sometimes for hours and hours to have them pop again. By then it is time for me to go to bed. I heard you were making them bigger, but why not just make them pop more often instead! Say every two hours to give a newer player a chance?" - actual conversation with player.

Combs pop faster now than ever. We expect to change the combs soon so that they are bigger and badder (Yes I just make up words as I go). It pains me to see so much of the game that needs attention when there is not enough time to do it. Catacombs is one of those things, specially for me as they have always been my pet project. When I created the combs I had a vision of this amazing underworld that challenges players with all aspects of gaming. We will get there. When Medievia's revenue can pay for me to quit my job and work full time on Medievia many aspects of the game will get the attention they deserve. Until then we just do what we can when we can.

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