Medievia Mudslinger

September 30, 2000

Questions for Vryce - Compiled by Excrucior

The best two questions so far were put to Vryce, so here's the queries and the answers from the top man himself.

When are MOBfactions going to be incorporated and when are the combs going to be revamped? - Cyr

Mob Factions will start testing phases in October. Mob Factions will change Medievia more than any other module update to date! The catacombs are scheduled for an update and size increase after Mob Factions are in.

"What gave you the idea to start the game Medievia and give it the style of gameplay" - Ladivas

Medievia actually started as an icon based graphical game, sort of like Ultima 1. When Ultima 1 came out I fell in love with the idea of making a whole world in a game and making it so there is no linear game path. Players would do as they wished in the game. We had the game going very well. Our graphics kicked Ultima 1's butt but we never finished it because it ended up being too much work. There was just not enough hobby hours in the day to do all of the sound and graphics. So we decided to move Medievia to a text game. The rest is history.

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