Medievia Mudslinger

January 28, 2001

Polls! Polls! Polls! - Lorinda

The latest poll question for the Mudslinger was:

"In your opinion, what is the best zone name in Medievia?"

The response to this poll was good - thanks to everyone who participated!

Coming out on top, as Medievia's best zone name, with 10 votes was

The Temple of Bloodstone

Receiving 4 votes were: E'urdin Zilartzen, Demonforge, and Elysium.

Receiving 3 votes were: Spire of Kirys Ayr, Mystical Forest, Thunderhoume, Xezadha Cathedral, Forest of the Alendora, Lyryanoth, Wytherwind, Thanos, The Rhaiaden, The Catacombs and the Cliff of Berkovic.

Receiving 2 votes were: Fortress of Elnissa, Medievia City, Dark Forest of Wittermark, Asnor Mountains and Fort Shadowclaw.

Receiving 1 vote were: Mists of Elvian, Mount Ty, Shadmire, Warrens of the Moshata, Upheermi Keep, Mellorian Citadel, DeRah VillaDom, Crime Underground, Riverton, Trellor, Hidden Village of Aeketh, Karlisna, Athelasea, Verigaard Keep, Tomb of Oblivion, Island of Xanthal, Alcordian Battleground, City of Castiack, New Ashton, Ruins of Stornaway Castle, Islandia, Citadel of Naeramae, The Preserve, Fire Giants' Keep and the Condemned Arena.

If there are any polls that you would like to see in the future, please email me your ideas at


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