Medievia Mudslinger

September 30, 2000

Polls! Polls! Polls! - Lorinda

Welcome to the new polling section of the Mudslinger.
Every week I will be polling for YOUR opinion on all matters Medievian. Some polls will be about your favourite things, others will be more issue-based, such as your opinions on recent or up and coming changes. I will be doing the polls at about the same time every week, so make sure you have your say! This week's poll was: "What is your favourite quest?"

Here are the results:
PORTAL: 12 votes
PETWARS: 10 votes
CHAOSQUEST: 10 votes
SCRAPPLE: 8 votes
FISHING: 7 votes
TRIBES: 5 votes
BLOODMOON2: 4 votes

Other quests that got a mention were: Single and Team Eliminator, Heatwave, Ladder Quest, ClanQuest, Trivia by Caeraela and Herohunt.

My two favourites votes for this week were "mb" from Zednanreh, which is a quest he is working on at the moment (hopefully that one will be more popular once people have played it!) and "Easter Egg Hunting!" from Turiana, who loves any activity to do with eggs :P

Thanks to all who participated!

If there are any polls that you would like to see in the future, please email me your ideas at