Medievia Mudslinger

November 25, 1999

THE GREAT OUTDOORS OF MEDIEVIA (Mainly a Mage/Cleric helpers guide) - By Kalavankar

Medievia is just not a interconnected group of cities, there is a vast wilderness that varies in difficulty, terrain, and also has an ever changing weather. That is why you, the player, have to be prepared for some of the possiblities that may happen while venturing out of the protective city areas. This is not just to prepare you as to what will be seen if ever you depart from the great city of Medievia, but also to how to defend against what will be seen in the vast wilderness regions of Medievia.


The first rule is to avoid the more difficult types that are not found in the areas closest to Medievia City. The others can be found to have very good XP if you are the right class and high enough level. A buddie is a good thing to have when walking in the wilderness because there are many unexpected things that can happen. Here are how to deal with some of the major mobs of the wilderness: Stay Away List - most likely if you have seen any of the following you are dead. Some of the more common ones are:

These are Just some of the things that are out there off and on roads of Medievia. This is most the most help for players that are between levels 18 and 23. Also one helpful bit of advice is that if you see a mob that you cannot kill enter or you enter into the same room LEAVE THAT ROOM!!! Almost all of the hard mobs will attack even when invisible or sneaking if they/you do not exit the room.


If you hear people talk about this all the time but you have no idea what they are talking about then this is for you. They are groups of different types of mobs that are only found on roads and are very pestering to people that trade often. There are many ways to deal with them the most common way that new players use is death. This, however, does not need to be an option even for new players.

All MF's take or destroy your freight, and if taken it must be back with you in a certain amount of time (usually 10 min or so) otherwise it is gone forever.

One of the most important reminders is that MF's are not all the same level and if you have one hero in the group and 3 level 20 it could turn the MF's into hero MFs or low level MFs. Most likely if soloing and no one else in the area (use WHO -Z) the MFs fit your level, and will be hard but not impossible to kill.


When players are out in the open wilderness or just in non-weather proof rooms they often forget to watch the weather, which can be a most detrimental thing and may even lead to death. The weather (help weather) in the game can have many effects to what/when you should fight where you should go and most importantly what/when you should not fight.


They aren't just for riding (help dragon). One sport I find fun and unique to Medievia is Dragon Hunting. This is not just for high levels and Heroes. Even you (with at least 1 mil in gold) can start to have fun dragon hunting when you want to have a little XP/TR/Life break. All have to do to get a dragon is enough money to attract one. The more money the greater the chance of it following you. After you are sure it is following then start moving in one direction (fast) and call a good dragon after about 5-10 steps and keep moving till you see a message of your good dragon attacking the evil one.

Then next step is to find them. To do this you will have to use the SURVEY command (help survey) to find where they are fighting. Once you are fighting use what ever possible attack spells (blind, plague, weaken, faerie fire) weapons agains the evil dragon also do what you can to help the good one (such as sanc, bless, armor). Then hopefully the evil one dies and if you get the death blow (killing hit) you will recieve XP from the battle. Then search the corpse of the evil dragon you can find many assorted things and, if really lucky, you may even find a dragon brain worth literaly millions if you find the right buyer.

Please note, however:

Author' s Notes:

I hope that this in some way helps someone, and remember these are just suggestions and not true facts that the have been seen in all incidents. It is up to you the player to see what works for you, a person can have unlimited tactics that work great but may stink if another player tries them. In most cases I have found these to work quite well as may have other players. And I hope that you do not come to me and/or a god and start complaining how the aformentioned article does not work or something to that effect. :)