Medievia Mudslinger

August 3, 2000

How to XP without calling a dragon - By Anthrop

Get to a zone you don't need one for! There are a few ways to do this:

  1. Stay near Medievia City
  2. Use the Great Tree
  3. Walk to a zone via a clantown
  4. Get your experience points in a clantown

Stay near Medievia City

That's easy enough. Zones include Medievia City itself, the Forbidden Forest, The Great Tree, the Refuge, the Graveyard, and for higher levels, Shadmire.

Zone Names & Suggested Solo Levels

Use the Great Tree

The Great Tree is to the east of Medievia. On the top level of the tree, there is a room called the departure point. From this room, you can walk to many good zones. Once you are in the room, look at the clouds. They will list the possible zones you can go to from that room. This list will change periodically. The zones I noticed were:

Zone Names & Suggested Solo Levels

  • City of Medievia 1-10
  • Courrain Island 3-10
  • The Forbidden Forest 7-10
  • The Underground Shafts 7-11
  • Crystal Lake 13-18
  • The Xezadha Cathedral 15-20
  • The Labyrinth 15-20
  • Wytherwind 15-20
  • The City of Dray'mar 15-22
  • Fortress Shadowclaw 15+
  • Mythago Wood 16-21
  • Talqaxtyl's Pyramid 18-21
  • Ulhazzen 18-24
  • Forest of the Alendora 21-24
  • The Goblin Castle can be reached by walking through the labyrinth, which you can reach from the Great Tree. At that point, it's up to you to find your way through. I suggest making a map as you go. Suggested Solo Levels: 15-20

    You can find the difficulty levels for soloing, medium groups and large groups by typing zoneinfo name {name of zone}. This is how I found the suggested solo levels, and it will also give you additional useful information about the zone.

    If the zone isn't covered by using ZONEINFO (name) then you can still found out all you need to by visiting the medievia web page (

    Walk to a zone via clan town

    The plan is to enter a clan town near the zone you want to gain experience points in, and walk to that zone. The first step is picking the zone. Next, go to Med Web siteand look up the map of Medievia with zones and clan towns. Find your zone on the map, and then search for the closest clan town. If there’s a clan town close, you're in luck! Once you know of a clan town in the general area go to the stables and get yourself a horse. If you're in Medievia City, the stables are 3 north and 1 west of recall. Many zones are far enough away from the closest clan town that going to them without a horse can be a very long and frustrating process. Even if you have the spell refresh, bringing a horse would be a good idea. Once you have a horse, or some other mount, find your way to the portal. Typing 'guide portal' will direct you to it if you are in Medievia City, Trellor, or a clan town. Once at the portal, enter the clan town you have selected and either head in the general direction, go along the road, or search for landmarks, such as roads, rivers, lakes, and other zones. Good luck!

    If the zone you are going to can be reached by road, you may find the trail guides to be extremely useful, especially your first time going to that zone via clan town. Trail guides are found at intersections, and can give you instructions on where to go. Trail guides will seem to be regular mobs, but you can't attack them or look at them. To find out which path leads to the place you're trying to go to, type 'say where {zone}' in the same room as them. There are some zones that can't be reached by the road you are on. I've found that when I can't get to the zone by the road I'm on I will receive this message: The Trail Guide says, "The zone is north from here, in the immediate area. You can't get there on this road, though". Don't trust him! It might be south or way off in the distance. But it won't be on the same road you're on.

    Listed below is a list of zones I have either walked to via ct or noticed that the zone is close to a ct. I'm sure you can find more.

    Zone Name Via Clan Town Suggested Solo Level
    Warrens of Moshata Warlords of the Underworld 25+
    Crime Underground The White Rose 25-31
    Swamp & Forest of Thanos Lords of Discipline 26-31
    City of Lyryanoth The Coven of Avalon 30-31
    Karlisna Crusaders of the Sword and Chalice 14-20
    The Village of Ruellia Circle of Power 23-31
    Hidden Village of Aeketh Knights of Eternal Mourning 23-31
    Vark Outpost The Knights Templar 25-31
    Dark Forest of Wittermark Blood of the Fallen 26-31

    Case Study 1.1

    Bob wants to get to the city of Lyryanoth. However, Bob is a poor man, and despises calling upon dragons for aid. He wishes he had a car, but that isn't plausible at the time. How would Bob get to Lyryanoth from Medievia?

    Possible Answer:

    Bob pulls out his map of Medievia from Looking at his map, he notices that the closest clan town to Lyryanoth is Avalon Clan Town. Bob goes to the stables and grabs a horse. He then types 'guide portal' and a tiny blue imp instructs him on how to get to the portal. Bob rides to the portal and types 'enter avalon'. During his long trip across the kingdom, Bob studies his map some more to discover a way to Lyryanoth. He notices that there is a road that leads to Lyryanoth, and that a quick path would be going south until he meets the road, and going west until he reaches the city. So Bob rides his horse to Lyryanoth and gets killed by a desperate lizardfolk beggar. Sad. Really. At least it didn't cost him anything!

    Problem: The closest clan town to the zone I want to get experience points in is 200 thousand miles away from where I want to go!

    Solution: Call a dragon, find some other zone, or enjoy a nice long walk. Sometimes, you just have to call a dragon.

    Get your experience points in a clan town

    (or even Trellor as it is linked to the portal network). Clantowns are easy to get into and out of. The first step is picking the clan town you want to go to. To do this, type showtown. This will give you a list of clantowns and important information about them including what clan number and what level the mobs are in the clantown that week (it changes on a weekly basis - experiment to find which level suits you best). Play with the portals as mentioned above to get there and happy hunting :)