Medievia Mudslinger

July 4, 1999

The New, Improved Mudslinger

Polls have been pulled, fat has been chewed and we of the Mudslinger Staff have taken good note. You, the reader and submittor, have spoken and we have listened. There will be some changes to the content of the Mudslinger as you know it but let's first examine the results of the Polls.

The polls were divided into levels and gender to aid in our analysis. As we expected the ladies preferred the more chatty style of article - interviews and so forth - whilst the gentlemen seemed to prefer the factual pieces.

In line with these findings we've decided to try and up the amount of interviews if possible - if you consider yourself to be a worthy subject for an interview then contact Nykaul for details. When we say "worthy" we mean "interesting" - we do not want someone trying to show how bad or anti-system they are.

The Mudmarriages, Heroings and Reheroings section is adding Bloodline Babies as a section (given birth recently? Let everyone know by sending all details to Did you have a glamorous wedding before the section began? Got logs? We are thinking of rerunning these so if you want to tell the newer players about your big day then let Maleah have the information. We may also be trying a different style in this section instead of the list format. Keep checking for details.

We'll be trying to add an amount of "gossip" to the pages and to this end Mudslinger Staff will be occasionally popping onto clan channels to chat to people. We will be giving warnings when we come onto clan channels and all we really are seeking are interesting events which we can put into a gossip style article. We will not be snooping or interfering - if you have nothing to tell us then we'll be on our way. What do we consider interesting? Being hunted by a dozen dragons within two navigators on a trade run, the most misportals in a row you've just had, the most load free eq run you've just finished - recent things but things that are of note. We don't need to hear about old battles from many moons previous.

The fictional articles were an interesting case. I followed these up on a webpage forum (Gersidi) and we have adjusted the guidelines for this type of article. HELP MUDSLINGER_SUBMIT ingame for the details there. I have started to prepare a series of articles based on how to write fiction specifically designed for budding talents in the game. I'm not a complete expert in every aspect but I can safely say that I know a reasonable amount. I have also started a story for people to continue as a serial - we're experimenting with this format. If you feel you can add another chapter to the story then follow the rules and send your entry in.

Factual articles were an interesting aspect - people want more. Up till now we have relied on player-written factual articles, but these are generally few and far between amongst the submissions I receive. When we have had articles I have often had to space them out - there are only so many trading articles one can read in the space of a month. In order to put some extra factual content on the pages we'll be attempting to show you a hint of the behind-the-scenes work by having semi-regular articles from gods involved with different areas of the game. If there are any areas you wish to have information about then please contact me (Excrucior) and I'll try and bug the relevant divinity.

We will still be accepting factual articles under the previous system - just let me know what you want to write about and we'll take it from there. Fictional articles will still be welcomed but we have changed the rules there slightly. The newly updated HELP MUDSLINGER_SUBMIT has the changes in there - refer especially to the rules on serials and article type. I shall be endeavoring to aid the hopeful author with a series of notes designed to make the most of your story - read them well and heed the advice. For the newer readers we shall be re-releasing older tales (try the help file above for details) that were of especial worth to give examples of what we really like to read.

The most prominent result from the Polls was the dislike by most readers of the Verse based articles. We talked this matter over but decided to keep the style as we feel it adds a certain something. However, these are going to be treated differently - try HELP MUDSLINGER_SUBMIT for details there.

We've been asked for a greater frequency of publication. We'll be putting the extra work in to try and produce more articles, but we still need more from you, the players. Have you ever read an article and thought "I can do better than that."? Think of this - why didn't you? We need your creativity and inspiration to produce the newspaper that you want. Many people wanted new types of article, but we have received very little in the way of suggestions to say what you think we ought to put in there.

Any ideas, you know where I am.



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