Medievia Mudslinger

September 4, 2000


The Mudslinger staff is proud to announce the opening of several new features for the Mudslinger. In addition to the Hero announcement, Mud Marriages and Interviews, we will now be adding the following sections:

Clan Spotlight:

2-3 Clans per month will be put into the "Clan Spotlight". Each spotlight will contain a description of the clan, philosophy of the clan, the main purpose of the clan (pk, trading, eq, etc), possible interviews with the clan leaders and co-leaders, history of the clan, current clan activities, the future of the clan, etc. Any clan who is interested should contact BOTH and

Ask Vryce:

A new section of the Mudslinger where your questions get asked to the top divinity in the game. Each month, a selection of the best questions submitted by you, the player, will be put to Vryce and the answers will be published for all to see. If you have any queries for Vryce, whether they be about gameplay, management or any other aspect, send them to Excrucior ( with your mud name. Anonymous entries will not be considered.


What is the best evil thief eq? Who is the best scrapple player? What's the best change to Med? The worst? Lorinda will be polling players to find out your answers! Email if you have any ideas for poll questions.

What's New:

This column will feature the real life activities and accomplishments of Medievia players. Announce a Medievia gtg (get together) or spread the word about a Medievia-related event. Things such as the recently created Medievia Fantasy Football League would also be included. Perhaps you had a rl birthday, marriage or any other accomplishment that you feel particularly proud about. If you know of an activity/accomplishment that you would like to inform everyone about then email Nykaul ( with the details.

Top 10:

This will feature the top 10 lists that have been submitted by players. These lists can be med or non-med related but both types must follow the rules of Medievia in that they will not be offensive. Some ideas for these lists could be 'Top 10 reasons why Medievia is great by PlayerA' or 'Top 10 Best Movies of all time by PlayerB'. The only limit is your imagination. They can be both serious or humorous. We will only accept the best submissions, no haphazardly thrown together lists. They must be interesting! If your list is published in the Slinger, you will receive the Sun Medallion, worth 1 million. To submit your lists email them to Nykaul (

Ansi Art:

We are now accepting ANSI art for the Mudslinger! Ozymandias has even written new code to translate ANSI to HTML so they can even be seen on the WWW Mudslinger! All ANSI art entries must be ORIGINAL and must fit into the theme of Medievia. This is not only the honor system when it comes to originality. If we find your work is not original, your character will be frozen. We want this to be fair. We reserve the right to accept and/or deny any entries. If your artwork is published in the Mudslinger, you will receive either a Moonstone Faerie, worth 3 million gold or a Sunstone Faerie worth 5 million gold. Obviously, the better artwork will get the better prize. All "archived" ANSI Art that was chosen for the Mudslinger will become a permanent display in Medlink. More details on that later. Please send all entries to Excrucior (


Thanks to all of you for your input the past week or so as we asked you questions about the Mudslinger! We truly want to publish something that the Medievia players look foward to reading. There are many other ideas in the works, but if you have an idea you would like to see in the Mudslinger, please email

Happy Reading!

The Mudslinger Staff