Medievia Mudslinger

October 17, 1999

How to be a good clannie. - By Raraku

Step One : Be an active member.

The last thing a clan wants is to pull around dead weight. If you have decided to join a clan make sure you will try to become active and helpful towards other clannies and especially clanleaders and coleaders! Try to play at least once or twice a week and if you have to go away for a period of time, tell your clannies how long you should be away for and why. They will usually understand and not clanremove you for inactivity. Being an active member just does not mean logging on to chat now and then, it means helping other players with forming, trades and equipment. Try to be friendly to clannies because basically you are stuck with them :-) Help them as you would expect to be helped!

Step two : Participate

In your clan, try and do everything your clan offers. If you clan has a set trading day, try and log on and trade with them, if they have a set Zone Running day try and do that too. Participating with your clan should lead to better things. If, for instance, you traded every Wednesday, before long you would know some pretty good trade runs and be able to lead your own. If a clannie calls for help, and you are not doing anything, e.g. sitting in medlink waiting for someone to be slain, go and help! Don't sit there like a pudding watching a clannie get killed!

Step three : Communication

It is always wise to communicate with clannies so they will understand what you want or what you may mean. If a clannie dies there is not much you can do to find out where they are in case you are close and can Ressurect them. I suggest MudMaster built in chat module, (Type @IP() to display your IP which other people clan call to connect to you directly, this is extremely useful if Medievia is Lagging or has crashed totally). Make sure your leader and coleader know what you are like, don't sit in the dark and have clanchat off most of the time. Clan is a fun channel, which is usually full of valuable information such as zone running times and people who want to experience with other often.

Step four : Forming with Clannies/Townies

When you go for experience (for me that's 99% of the time) I almost always form with a clannie. Clannies are the most valuable resource you will ever come to know - if they are available USE THEM! I urge this so much, if they are there form with them. Don't link a hero who can be your meatshield, talk to a clannie who is around the same level as you. These are the classes I recommend form with each other: Warrior and Cleric; Thief and Cleric/Mage; Mage and Warrior. If you happen to have a multiclassed clannie you are in luck! For instance, I am a Warrior/Cleric/Mage so I can basically form with myself :p but it always helps to drag another cleric along. If you happen to fumble a spell like heal, you can be in serious trouble!

Step five : Know your clan's Allies/Enemies!

This is a common trap, which I fall into regularly. My clan has a lot of allies and I need to remember them. If I attack someone who is an ally, I have risked the possibility of breaking the alliance with our clan and theirs. Also, if you do not have any clannies or townies online (pretty unlikely) go to an ally before doing a who listing and finding a player who is about your level. Chances are, if you do something good for an ally, they will usually do something good for you in return.

Step six : Be friendly and co-operative.

Most people who know me will laugh at this heading! But I have realised in my 1500+ hours of Medievia, I should have been a lot nicer to people, a lot more caring and a lot more friendly! If you co-operate with the people around you things will run a lot more smoothly then if you log on and say YO LOSERS! Or something to that effect!

Step seven : HAVE FUN!

Remember your clan is the closest you will get to a Medievia family so try to enjoy it! Make everyone's life a little bit easier!