Medievia Mudslinger

June 28, 2004

Newbie Useful Terms By Adantin

  1. Tick-time relativity: regeneration time. This feels longer than conditioner time, and longer even than microwave time.

  2. Blurhh? - standard answer when you are in a fast-paced xp form, in the yellow, and your housemate asks you if you'd like a coffee.

  3. Frepping - compulsive spamming of formrep to make your mana regenerate faster.

  4. SLOL: self laugh out loud - laughing out loud at something you just typed.

  5. Beautiful mind social: socialling a mob when no-one else is in the room.

  6. Med-angst: overwhelming feeling of despair and horror caused by leveling without leveling equipment.

  7. PK Avenger: imaginary 120dr super-hero mild mannered newbies become after getting cherry picked.

  8. Butterfly complex: newbie belief that you will get a lot more respect, equipment, and women after another two levels.

  9. CPK chicken: standing at the CPK prompt, just to get a rush.

  10. Fluttelling (verb): typing in all lower case letters to look helpless and pitiable.

  11. Pre-level death: usually occurs about ten mobs before you level and without access to a resurrection. Suspiciously common.

  12. Trembait: a room with five or more identical mobs, any of which could kill you.

  13. Altar surfing: desultory search of the Internet while you wait for resurrection at the altar.

  14. Irony: xping in an outdoors zone because it's a nice day in real life.

  15. Oodoodling: medding in your boxers.

  16. Medaddict: anyone who levels faster than you do.

  17. Formguilt: feeling you get when your form suddenly pks someone who was minding his own business.

  18. Evil align actualization: kicking a cat in real life because you've just changed alignment to evil.

  19. Double xp intervention: event organized each double xp day whereby every possible interruption of real life converges on twenty-four hours.

  20. Ovaphilia: inability to view a plate of scrambled eggs without a sense of defeat and loss.

  21. Underspiel: mumbled description of Medievia given to real life visitors who ask what you're doing, but will never get it.

  22. Good align actualization: kicking a cat in real life because you've just changed alignment to good.


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