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April 8, 2001

A Guide to Multi-Classing - By Kilannon

So you have played Medievia long and hard and are finally ready to attain that next class! Sounds great! It can be just that, with some preparation and pre-planning. There are some things that should be prepared for before you take the long walk up Mt. Vryce and push the all important button.

What class do you choose? What equipment should you have for your first few levels, and how much preparation should you make BEFORE you multi? Well with a little experience and research I may have come up with some answers.

What class should you take next? There are benefits to each class, and strong points that make the choice a hard one. Do you know what class you would like to hero as? Do you want to have to reclass? Here I will point out the benefits of each multi, and how it pertains to your current class, to help you in your decision.

Before I begin, I'd like to take one minute for a quick word on the spells and abilities of your current class. For your own ease I suggest getting your spells and abilities practiced to their maximum before you multi. Failing trip or teleport at the wrong time can get you killed so minimize the risk. There are multi-trainers around Medievia that can teach you skills that are not in your current class if you have mastered the relevant class before, but it's a pain to do it that way. I'd advise you to just get it all done and out of the way.

Single Warrior:

Your primary attribute was strength. You will have good melee abilities from your current class, and three attacks. You have experienced the best in hit points, and mana has been completely unimportant, possibly even into negative numbers.

Multi as Cleric:

If you multi as a cleric, you will get a host of very important spells, such as sanctuary, sense life, detect invisibility, and later, resurrect. Mana will become more important, and hit point equipment is in abundance. A cleric can afford to wear more hp equipment than any other class, and can often have the most hit points of all classes, due to their lack of need for hit roll and damroll equipment. Parry will help you survive quite nicely, although bash and charge will often be unused as you will usually be better off casting more spells, whilst your triple attack will be of limited use.

Multi as Thief:

If you multi as a thief, you will capitalize on what you already know - melee. Much of your equipment will carry over, saving you a lot of gold. Many of your skills will carry over, saving you practices, and giving you skills at max at level 1. You will have the awe-inspiring triple backstab potential and twists will be your answer to the loss of critical hits. You will gain the sneak ability, better than invisibility in my opinion, but you must keep moving. It also allows you to enter zones where sneak is needed for survival. Please bear in mind that you will also gain a large amount of mana which you will not be able to use.

Multi as Mage:

If you multi as a mage, it will mean you start to play a very different ball game - your melee and triple attack will become negligible, and your hit points take an incredible dive downwards. You gain many useful spells, shockwave, shield room, and invisibility being just a few. What benefits do you carry across from being a Warrior? Parry will aid you in retaining your meager hit points, while meditate will be very useful between battles - with low hit points you won't need many meditates to get back to full and the refresh spell will assist you there. Bash and charge will be underused - unless you end up out of mana then you'd be best advised to use spells.

Single Thief:

You are used to the vicious backstab gained by the class, a moderate scale of hit points, and the phenomenal skills that come part and parcel of the thief class.

Multi as Cleric:

You will have one of the most effective PK machines in the game. You will find your popularity increases amongst eq running clannies as there are many runs where sneak is mandatory. Your hr/dr will take a dive, however the skills you retain will be very useful. Mana becomes important as you gain many spells, and your hitpoints will probably increase immensely. Dodge, sanctuary and added hit points allowing you to weather much stronger mobs solo. Your backstab will become unimportant as there are very few items you can backstab with, and your double melee attack potential is often a very minor benefit. However, you will retain meditate, and when used in conjunction with refresh makes you a fast-ticking machine that can alternate between heals and ticking during meditation.

Multi as Warrior:

If you multi as a warrior then you will lose backstab twist, and gain the awesome triple backstab - as far as trade-offs go this is an improvement as the chances of a triple strike are much better than those of a twist. As well as critical hit chances, your hitpoints will grow enormously and the mana that you have never needed will drop further - you cannot cast any spells yet so this is not an issue. Dodge and parry will grant you the ability to avoid many crippling hits, as well as deal much greater damage at the same time. Much of your equipment will carry over, and many of the skills overlap to save you practice points.

Multi as Mage:

If you multiclass as mage then your hitpoint base will lower and your melee becomes non-existent. What does become important is mana and hit point equipment, and of course armor (supplemental by various assisting spells). You will gain many useful spells, and could be asked on runs where sneak is needed in order to assist with your newfound spells (invisibility enhances the sneak option quite nicely). It may be an odd thing to consider, but a mage with manashield and with the dodge option working can make a surprisingly effective tank for some time if the other formation members are weaker in comparison. You will have the trap option - the ability to make traps as you need them will save you a lot of carrying room. An excellent choice for trading and combing, you will be able to trap, scan, shield room, mass refresh, and farsight.

Single Cleric:

You have a vast plethora of useful spells at your disposal. Massive hit points have been available through equipment, and a cleric's naturally high base hit points. A well equipped cleric single class character can often stand his own ground against even heroes. Sanctuary is possibly the most effective spell in the game, you will now regain it, no matter what class, at level 13.

Multi as Mage:

If you multi mage then much of your equipment will cross over, and you need not learn a new way of battle - casting remains similar, and your mana increases greatly. An effective combination of many spell choices makes you a stand up fighter, and very resourceful. For instance the shield, armor, sanctuary, mana shield, and phantasmal images combination will make you a force to be reckoned with. Virtually impervious to backstab, you will be very useful on catacomb runs and PK sessions, and will find that kickback can allow you to solo almost indefinitely. Energy drain helps if you are aligned to evil - the continued ability to heal yourself and your form is always useful.

Multi as Thief:

If you multi as a thief then your hitpoints will probably be lower than you are used to, but will be well compensated for by thief skills and backstab. This is quite possibly the most dangerous combination for a dual class character in the game. Sanctuary will allow you to weather more damage after a backstab, and heal can make the difference between defeat and success while trading attacks. Add to this the ability to faerie fire, dispel an opponent's shielding spells, and the detection spells you have a potent combination of abilities and a character that can go anywhere a hero can when you attain a moderate level. However, make sure your bank account is heavy because you will be purchasing new equipment all around - very little will cross over. Fortunately the thief's reasonable mana reserves mean that you would be able to make adequate use of your spells.

Multi as Warrior:

If you multi as a warrior then your hitpoints will retain a high level, and sanctuary, doubled with the crippling melee of a warrior, is a potent combination. Without sneak there will still be some problems entering very aggressive zones, but your ability to gain experience will leave many of your peers green with envy. This is a very fast leveling combination, second only to perhaps cleric/mage. A solid combination, its only weakness is the paltry mana involved in being a warrior. Don't expect a lot of your equipment to carry over - and you will need to sacrifice some HR/DR equipment to gain mana. It's a worthwhile trade-off.

Single Mage:

You are accustomed to great mana, and your focus in combat has been casting, with little attention paid to melee combat. Shield spells have become a valuable part of your arsenal, and you have come to rely on kickback. I'm sorry, kickback is done - however the right choice can even out the loss a bit.

Multi as Cleric:

If you multi as a cleric then your focus will remain on casting. Much of your equipment will carry over, and with shield, armor, sanctuary, and a cleric's naturally high hit points you are a juggernaut of damage casting spells. Several spells are duplicated which saves practices - always an important consideration. This is a very popular choice for the first two classes.

Multi as Warrior:

If you multi as a warrior then you have a whole new ball game to play. Your melee becomes the focus of your combat abilities, your mana dwindles to near nothingness - you must sacrifice HR, DR, AC, or HP to retain enough mana to function and cast needed spells. This is a bad combination in my opinion. The only saving grace, I believe for this choice is a warrior's melee damage and shockwave, something that can wear your foes down with remarkable speed. Add to that a warrior's armor class, and the shield spell, and you can easily get yourself a low AC. As with a cleric going to warrior, you must give up melee ability to make any use of the spells, but the clerical spells are probably a much better bet than mage for a caster to warrior combination.

Multi as Thief:

If you multi as a thief then minor creation will allow you to make traps, which are cumbersome and thus hard to carry. Your thief skills will be complimented by invisibility, as well as armor class reducing spells. Any character that can cast shockwave or even frost shards after a vicious backstab is a scary opponent. It is a solid combination. Little of your equipment will carry over, but your mana will remain adequate to the task of spellcasting.

And there you have it. Some last minute concerns you may want to consider - do you form with clannies, or townies often? Are the majority of them casters? melee? What would you and your clan benefit from the most? A tank stands out among a clan full of clerics, and will be invited often. Do you want to master trade running? Go to the Catacombs? A thief and mage combination is superb. Or do you want to just get experience points and multi again? Warriors are stand up tanks, needed to front those xp runs. Do you want in on the hot zones? Getting equipment, and learning the complexities of zones like Kalata and Coliseum - thief is mandatory.

As a general rule the clerical and thief abilities tend to be most highly prized amongst most clans, so maybe you should concentrate on those two aspects. But please think on the observations above and recognize that you have a number of other options.


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