Medievia Mudslinger

May 13, 2000

Mobs of Medievia - By Ashdur

When you start playing Medievia, you will notice that there are only four classes avalable to play: Cleric, Mage, Thief and Warrior. Throughout the bloody days of your apprenticeship you will also notice that there is a huge variety of mobs. The name 'mob' comes from 'mobile' and represents a piece of the game that controls his behaviour. The mobs can be one (or more) of the classes mentioned earlier. This article will be focused mainly on what mobs are, how do they function, and how to fight against them.

How to determine what mob belong to which class?

The four classes in Medievia can be divided in those of spellcasting mobs (clerics and mages) and non-spellcasting mobs (thieves and warriors). Mobs can also be divided into those who attacks you on sight, and those phlegmatic of your presence. The former ones are called aggro mobs, aggro from aggresive, and the latter ones non-aggro.

By looking at mobs you can make assumptions as to which class the mob belongs to. Spellcasters will almost always have a ball of light held so this is a very good indication. Warriors may have sword wielded, Thieves usually have throwing weapons of some kind in their inventory, or dagger wielded. Hovewer, only player thieves or ex-thieves can peek in someone's inventory. Everyone else can see only worn/held eq.

General notes:

Different mobs are different level, some lower some higher. The level of mob generally determines their hp, mana, armor class and spell/skill variety. That means that the higher level the mob is, it is likelier to be a tougher fight. All mobs can (and will) use all available spells/skills given at certain level, eg a level 22 mage mob cannot use shockwave because it is a level 25 spell, but a level 25+ mage mob will use shockwave against you.



Mage type mobs have certain spells to utilise when fighting you. Low level mages cast usualy color spray/frost shards/fireball/curse/weaken while higher level mages will use plague/shockwave/curse/color spray/weaken/energy drain (if evil). Do not underestimate the power of plague! High level plague can take up to 30% of your hp and will lower your strength down by 5, at which point you cannot use heavy weapons and you will drop your sword if it's a heavy one. Mages will often be fireshielded, which means half the damage done to the mob will rebound to you, and then you will see how fast can your hit points go down. If you stumble upon a mage mob in a lightning storm/rain you can bet it will try to fry you with lightning bolt spell - this is a much deadlier spell at those times.

To fight against mage mobs, the best idea is to keep him "down". Bash him or trip him as often as possible if this option is available. Tripped or bashed spellcasting mobs are stunned for 1 round and thus cannot cast spells. The good thing about mages is that they generally don't have much HP (compared to other classes of mobs) so if you are able to keep him down the battle will not last long.


Just as with mages, the clerical mob's pick of spells depends on his level. Clerics will use Dispel Evil and Cause Serious etc, and in higher levels Harm, Demonfire and Hammer of Faith will be employed. Hammer of Faith will be used against players of different alignment, while same alignment players will enjoy the sensation of their skin being whithered by the Harm spell. Clerics are usually sanctuaried which means all damage done to them will be halved. Clerics also have a nasty habit of dispeling people, and high level clerics can fully dispel you, leaving you stripped of magical protection.

To fight cleric mobs you want to dispel him first (for preference) if he is sanctuaried, that way you will kill him twice as fast. Also, as with a mage, keep him down by bashing or tripping him so he cannot cast spells. Clerics have more HP than mages which means they will last longer in fight, and at a certain point of being damaged, cleric will begin to heal himself. In one round he will cast his best healing spell on himself and one offensive spell, so a fight against a cleric can sometimes last a long time.



The warrior class of mobs cannot cast spells, yet their skills are adequate to compensate the lack of it. Warriors can kick you, and if wielding a weapon use bash or parry your attack. Warriors can score critical hit on a random basis, which doubles damage done for that strike. If you are weak on HPs that can mean death or necessitate a flee from the fight to recuperate. If you get bashed you cannot cast spells for one round, and if you stumble upon a group of armed warrior mobs, they will keep you constantly down by bashing you down each round with different member of their group. A good example are Goblin Castle mobs, or Riverton Greycaps. You have been warned :)

To fight a warrior, it is best to plague him first if you can. That way he may drop his weapon after some rounds if he's wielding one. A warrior without a weapon in his hand cannot parry, bash or disarm anymore. His strength will also be lowered, which means he will hit with less force. The good thing to do also is to blind him, curse, faerie fire and then pound at him with all means possible.


Sneaky little thieves... they can do a lot as well as kill you swiftly. The basic thief mob will have dodge skill. Dodging means you cannot hit him as often as other mobs, and he will eventually hit you (even if you have dodge skill too). Also, thieves will sneak and hide wherever possible, and if you dont have a 'sense life' potion or spell cast on yourself, you will be unaware of their presence. Some higher level mobs are so well hidden that you actually cannot see him in the room even with 'sense life' spell. Someone suggested looking or into his room using Scan or Farsight to see him but this does not always work. Sneaking means you will not see him entering the room so keep an eye out using look in your room for a potential backstabbing mob.

Thieves are equipped with throwable wepons. Lower levels usually have knives or hammers, while higher levels have shurikens that can hit pretty nastily. Thieves armed with daggers will backstab you if you stand in the same room with him for too long (if it's an aggressive mob). Some high level mobs that can backstab will flee after the attack at some point in the fight and backstab you again, until it kills you or you kill him. Other skills include trip that stuns you for 2 rounds and Disarm to stop you from bashing it yourself. Very nasty.

When fighting thieves, the best method is to plague him so he eventually drops his dagger. However, daggers are lighter than swords and the mob may sometimes 'refuse' to drop it. Help youself with weaken or chill touch spell if you have time - the rest is the same as dealing with warrior class mobs. Be very careful if fighting a thief mob that can flee and return for a backstab. Shield or trap rooms around the combat area so he cannot escape and return for another attack.