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July 14th, 2001

MedTalk - by Drexion

This article contains most of the abbreviations used by Medievians in everyday situations in Medievia, and comments on them and their use, with examples of when they might be used. They are mostly shortcut phrases, originally created by lazy typers like you and I :-)

Those new to Medievia, or maybe muds in general, will see a lot of terminology which they won't understand and can lose the meaning of a conversation. This article will hopefully help such players understand some of these phrases.

Obviously and inevitably many of these acronyms seep into Medievia from the rest of the internet. However, on Medievia they might take on a whole new meaning. After doing some research and making observations, I have put together this list consisting of acronyms and a few abbreviations which I think will benefit anyone having trouble keeping up with Medievian language.

"AFK" = Away from keyboard.
(Note: also a command in the game)
Used as a verb by players to let others know they'll be away from their pc's for however long. Example: Hero says,' I'll be afk for a while, I'll join the form when I get back'.

"ASAP" = As soon as possible.
Definitely an acronym everyone knows, and possibly used in real life as much as online. Example: [Clan] You feel Scruff say, 'Get to the catacombs entrance ASAP right after the game reboots'.

"B4" or "Be4" = Before.
Simply used as a shortcut to 'before'. Example: [Clan] You feel a Commoner say, 'I'll be back B4 6pm or so to play some more'.

"BBL" = Be back later.
Used by players who have to leave Med, or go afk for a long period of time, to let others know that they'll be back later. Example: [Clan] You feel Fatso say, 'I'm gonna have a snack guys, BBL'.

"BRB" = Be right back.
Obvious in meaning, used to let others know you'll be away for a bit. This can be away from the form/room you are in in the game, or away from your computer in real life. Both ways, the phrase still has the same meaning. Example: [FORM] A Fisherman tells the form, 'Bathroom break guys, I'll brb'. or : [FORM] A Crab tell the form, 'I'm going to the bank to get some gold, brb'.

"BTW" = By the way.
Used just as it is used in normal speaking, to extrapolate a topic. Example: Dragon says, 'Hi Scruff, wanna go xping?'. Scruff says, 'sure. And btw, did you hear tomorrow will be a double xp day?'.

"CAT" or "CATS" = Catastrophe(s).
Not the 4-legged kind. Who has the patience to type out 'Catastrophe'? Catastrophes happen every so often in the land of Medievia. (Try HELP CATASTROPHE for more information) Example: [GOSSIP] Bob: I see another CAT has hit New Ashton - there's an asteroid shower there.

"Comb" or "Combs" = Catacombs.
Nope - Nothing to do with grooming. Mostly used by players to let others know they are going to the Catacombs (a zone). 'Combing' is used as a verb. Example: Bob says,' I'm going combing - anyone want to come?'. Joe says, 'sure, I'd like to go to the combs with you'.

"CYA" = See you.
Mostly used when saying goodbye to a player who has to leave. Example: [Clan] You feel a Beggar say,' I gotta go guys'. [Clan] You feel Scruff say, 'CYA later beggar'.

"CT" = Clan Town.
'CT' simply is an abbreviation for 'clan town'. Example: [FORM] Joe: Everyone enter CT 10, it's a shortcut to the trade shop.

"DL" = Dragon Lair.
One of the internet acronyms ('D'own'L'oad) which possesses a different meaning in Medievia. Example: [GOSSIP] Bob: Anyone running a dl soon ? I need dragon points badly.

"EQ" = Equipment.
(Note: also a command in the game)
Just another typical abbreviation used when referring to items in the game. Example: [Clan] You feel Mary say, 'Anyone have any spare low level eq?'.

"FYI" = For your information.
Used usually to oppose another players opinion. Example: Mage says, 'I think that hero clerics suck in comparison to mage heroes'. Cleric Hero says, 'FYI, I KNOW that that statement is not true!'.

"GTG" = Got to go.
Rather obvious when this acronym is used, when a player is leaving and wants others to know. [Clan] You feel Bob say, 'I gtg guys, cya tomorrow'.

"HMTNL?" = How much to next level?.
This question is used mostly in xp forms, by players asking others how much XP they need to gain one more level. Example: John says, 'hmtnl bob?'. Bob says, 'only 5 mil, I'm almost there :-) '.

"HP" = Hit Points (or 'Health Points' as some prefer).
Every player has hp, this abbreviation is simply used to cut a short phrase shorter. Example: [Clan] You feel Jim say, 'Wow! - that hero has 1400 hp!'.

"IMO" = In my opinion.
("IMHO" = 'In my honest opinion', or 'In my humble opinion' - used similarly)
Used by players to state their opinion on a topic. Example: A Knight says, 'IMO, I really think that Magic Storms are overrated'.

"IRL" = In real life.
("RL" = 'real life' , and is used similarly)
This acronym is used by players mostly to differentiate between their Mud characters and their real life selves. Example: "I'm bored" and "I'm bored irl" can and do have different meanings.

"JK" or "J/K" = Just Kidding.
This acronym is mostly used after insulting a player in a friendly fashion, to show you were, well, just kidding. For example: Scruff says to the janitor, 'You are ugly!'. The janitor sobs. Scruff says, 'J/K'.

"LMAO" = Laughing my a$$ off.
Used by players to let others know that they really cracked up at what just happened. Example: [QUEST] Newbie has defeated Hero!. [QUEST] Scruff: LMAO at Hero, you must be sooo lame!.

"LOL" = Laughing out loud.
This ever popular phrase seems to have been in use forever. Used by players to express delight at a joke or other similar action. Example: [GOSSIP] Scruff: Joe looks like a real clown on his medweb player pic!. [GOSSIP] Bob: LOL :-).

"NE1" or "ANY1" = Anyone.
Some more lazy typing here, to simply abbreviate 'anyone'. Example: [GOSSIP] A Horse: NE1 know of a clan that's enrolling low level players?

"NP" = No Problem.
NP is a very common abbreviation used, especially by players who are receiving thanks for a favor recently done for another player. For example: Scruff gives the janitor 100 coins. The janitor thanks scruff. Scruff says to the janitor, 'NP'.

"NPK" = Neutral Player Kill.
("PK" = 'Player Kill', and "CPK" = 'Chaotic Player Kill')
This acronym is used a lot as a verb and a noun. An 'NPK Zone' is one in which neutral player killing may take place. Examples: [Clan] Bob has been NPK'd by Scruff!. [Clan] You feel Bob say, 'Guys stay away from the temple, Heroes are pking a lot there now'.

"OIC" = Oh, I see.
No, not something said by a pig with a lisp. Mostly used by players who have just understood something. Example: A Ruby Dragon says,'Why do I not gain 5 practices when I level?'. Scruff says,' Raise your wisdom to 18'. A Ruby Dragon says,'OIC'.

"OMW" = On my way.
Nearly self explanatory, to let players know you are on your way. Example: [Clan] You feel Bob say, 'The combs are in clan town 20, meet there to form up josh'. [Clan] You feel Josh say, 'I'm omw'.

"PLZ" = Please.
Used when begging...err asking another player(s) for a favor or item etc. Example: [GOSSIP] Zeksagmak: Someone sell me a fire-diamond ring plz!

"PPL" = People.
'PPL' is basically used to abbreviate the word 'people', but is a very common short-cut. Example: [Clan] You feel the Town Crier say, 'I absolutely HATE the ppl in clan 200 !'.

"RES" = Resurrect.
Used mostly by players who would like someone to resurrect or help resurrect their dead friends. Example: You hear bob shout, 'NE1 want to res my friend?'.

"ROFL" = Rolling on (the) floor laughing.
(ALSO, "ROFL" has come to also mean "Rogues of the Forbidden Legion", the most popular and highest ranked clan in entire Medievia).
An example of an acronym with two meanings, but which the user is intending isn't hard to guess. "ROFL" as in 'rolling on the floor laughing' is used similarly to "LOL" and "LMAO" explained above. Also used a lot to refer to clan52. Example: [GOSSIP] Hero: I hear that rofl has been running zones today.

"ROFLMAO" = Rolling on the floor laughing my a$$ off.
This is an example of an acronym which is as a result of a combination of other acronyms. Used to show excessive delight/laughter at a joke or incident. This acronym is used very similarly to its independent parts, "rofl" and "lmao".

"Sanc" = Sanctuary.
Can't leave this one out, though it may be too obvious to some. Sanctuary is the best protection spell in the game and can be cast by clerics. (Read HELP SANCTUARY for more information.) Example: Warrior says, 'cast sanc on me, this next mob is a tough one!'.

"SUP" = What's up?
No, nothing to do with food. Usually used as a greeting by someone who has just entered the game. Example [Clan] Scruff has entered the game. [Clan] You feel Scruff say, 'sup guys'.

"TR" = Trade Run.
This acronym is used a lot, especially as trading is such an important aspect of the game. Example: [Clan] You feel Jeff say, 'There was a flood at Karlisna, a TR to there should yield good profits!.

"WB" = Welcome Back.
This acronym is used a lot by players who are welcoming a fellow clanmember back from being a spirit. Example: [Clan] Rocky has been killed! [Clan] Rocky has rejoined the land of the living. [Clan] You feel Scruff say, 'WB rocky'.

"WTH?" - What/Why/Where the Hades/Heck?
Used to express surprise at a sudden occurrence - the potential for multiple meanings exists but the correct one can usually be easily determined. Example: [Clan] You feel Scribe say,' wth!, not more Zeksagmak Mudslinger articles! - I'm gonna beat Excrucior over the head with this very paper!'.

"XP" = Experience Points.
Used both as a verb and a noun by practically every single player on Medievia at some point in time. Example:[Clan] You feel Scruff say, 'Joe how much xp do you need to level?'. [Clan] You feel Joe say,' Not Much'. [Clan] You feel Scruff say, 'Form at recall, we are going to xp'.

There are also some popular abbreviations of much used skills/spells (such as 'bs' for backstab) and for certain very popular items in the game (such as 'fd' for fire-diamond ring) which I didn't include. There are so many items to list that it would soon become unwieldy, and the abbreviations of spells or abilities are often those that the game accepts.

Also, many of the zones in Medievia are abbreviated from their full names to usually one word of their true titles. For instance, 'Catacombs of Toshi' would be referred to just as 'Toshi' and 'The Hidden Village of Aeketh' would be referred to simply as 'Aeketh'.

Also notable, is that many clans have abbreviations to their full names, especially most of the popular clans. For instance, 'LOSK' is commonly used to refer to the clan 'Legion of Shadow Knights'. These clan acronyms will also become familiar to anyone who plays Medievia for some time.

Also much used in Medievian conversation are the use of 'emote icons', also called 'smileys' or 'smiley faces'. There are a lot of emote icons which have been concocted by people, but not as wide a variety are used on Medievia. Following are an explanation of some of these, which will be very obvious to some. (They are sideways, not vertical.)

" :-) " or " :) " = Smiling.
This is the most used and popular emote icon. Players can get so accustomed to typing it they may add it at the end of a sentence when they don't even mean it. It simply means that the player is happy at what happened. Example: [Clan] You feel Bob say, 'I turned in 150 eggs this morning :-)'.

" :-( " or " :( " = Frowning.
Also a very popular emote icon, it conveys a meaning opposite of the above one. It means the player is unhappy at what happened or is about to happen. Example: [Clan] You feel Joe say, 'Groan, a massive firestorm is heading this way :-('.

" ;-) " or " ;) " = Winking.
Used as expected, when you want to send a virtual wink at someone. Example: [Clan] You feel Jay say, 'As a warrior, firestorms work to my advantage ;-)'.

" :-D " or " :D " = Loud Laughing.
This one is used when a player would like to let other know he's having a good laugh at what just happened. Example: [Clan] You feel John say, 'Haha - Its good that old heroes now have to go through the same leveling requirements as everyone else when they reclass :-D'.

" :-\ " or " :-/ " = Indifference or Undecided.
Not as popular as other emote icons, but still used a lot. Example: [Gossip] Hero1: The new level requirements don't really bother me, I'm not gonna reclass any time soon :-\. [Gossip] Hero2: Now I'm not so sure if I'm gonna reclass or not :-/.

" :-p " or " :P " = Teasing (Face with tongue sticking out).
This emote icon is used for basically teasing someone, or stating the obvious. Example: [Clan] You feel Jim say, 'haha Bob, I got more hp than you :-p'.

Now I hope that if you're new to Medievia or Mud terminology, this article has finally helped you understand what those players are finally saying.


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