Medievia Mudslinger

February 3rd, 2002

You know you have a Medievia Money Problem When: - By Amava

1. You go to the bank, and type 'balance'... and the teller laughs at you.

2. You consider running Crime over and over again to sell equipment to newbies.

3. You begin to view combing as a valid money-making prospect.

4. You go to every clan town and city to buy a new Mudslinger to check for catastrophes- in case the first one you bought was wrong.

5. Valuing trade runs becomes a more widely accepted hobby than sitting around and chatting.

6. Calling dragons becomes more of a hassle than walking from zone to zone.

7. You actually practice 'create food' and 'create water' so you don't have to buy the stuff.

8. You loot potions off of corpses to sell in minorly created bags.

9. The once-valued Y2K shirts you've been holding onto have become a gold mine.

10. You start selling your currently used equipment just so you can brag to your buddies about your balance.

11. The newbie you created to do CPK trade runs suddenly has over 200 million trade points.

12. You have the inexplicable need to keep auction on at all times, and bid on things that have no use at all.

13. Risking life and limb to get healing staves no longer seems like that big of a deal - it's only a few million exp you'll need to get back to your current level.

14. You find yourself drawn to the smell of CPK but realize you no longer have stats because you sold all of your equipment to have more cash.

15. You waste thousands of gold pieces to beg townies to loan you money - "I'll pay you back - I swear!".

16. "Wilderness misportals" become an easy way for you to kill Wilderness mobs for more green potions for selling.

17. You search MedLink for the Casino to try your luck at the Slot Machines.

18. You're constantly found in older zones buying whimsical items that people pay a lot of money for over auction because they're "nifty".

19. Begging friends to loan you money is no longer a humbling experience.

20. Gods begin to complain about you begging for godgifts to sell.

21. You attempt to sell people food, paper, quills and rafts in minorly created bags.

22. In an attempt to make people think they're getting a juicy note you conspire with friends to auction messaged pieces of paper.

23. You search MedLink for hours just to find the polls and see if you can take them one more time.

24. The abuse of the "roll" command to gamble with friends for gold becomes a driving force in your Medievian career.

25. You begin to request people pay you to summon them or allow them to phase.

26. You pay attention to every single echo in an attempt to bet on every possible event amongst your friends. Quests, HeroBattles, which Weddings Will Last...

27. Reclassing no longer becomes as important as buying a wheelchair and a wooden cabinet off of auction.

28. You would multi - but you spent your money on 200 Valentine Roses.

29. You attempt to steal gold from a warhorse because someone told you they carry 100 million gold around on them.

30. In a desperate attempt to make money you offer to sell your soul to anyone in link who will listen to your insane ranting.

31. You run around zones in search of AutoQuests purely for the money you make off of them.

32. You spend a significant amount of real life money buying donation items for gold.

33. After realizing people like you more when you have money, you try even harder to make it.

34. You become a master at talking newbies into spending way too much money on poorly tweaked items.

35. Avatars begin to complain that they have nothing to do because you're equipping newbies with overpriced junk.

36. Friends you've known for ages stop talking to you because you've become obsessed with money.

37. The main driving force to your day is making it through work so you can log on to trade.

38. You know the ImpKing by name because of the number of times you've tried to buy multiple items while bidding.

39. The AuctionImps glare at you as they deliver your newly won items.

40. You keep a piece of paper by your computer to keep tabs on your Medievia bank account.

41. The notes you keep are more accurate thank your real life bank statement.

42. The BankImps begin bonking you every time you use the "Gold" command to check your balance.

43. You dispute the one-witnessed-donation-deal because it slows down your cash flow.

44. You loan people money - and charge interest.

45. Bill Gates logs on to admire your balance.

46. Dragons charge you double because they know you can afford it.

47. Friends try to do an intervention, by making a "Money Spenders Anonymous" group.

48. You begin quoting "Waste not, Want not", and "A gold coin saved, is a gold coin earned."

49. You beg your friends to take the polls in medlink so that they can transfer you the money.

50. In an act of frustration you nearly throw your computer out the window, then you have a Medievia Money Problem.


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