Medievia Mudslinger

September 18, 2000

A Medley of Nursery Rhymes By Roirdan

A is for Avatars

A is for Avatars,
Helpers of the new,
B is for Bash,
Which stops spells for a few,
C is for Caeraela,
The newbie's best friend,
D is for Death,
Does NOT come as an end,
E is for Evil,
Good mobs decimating,
F is for Fear,
Quite useful when trading,
G is for Gods,
Do their job very well,
H is for Heal,
The classic Cleric spell,
I is for Ikuska,
In charge of many things,
J is for Janitor,
Easy newbie pickings,
K is for Killing,
The origin of XP,
L is for Lights,
Which Cave Coral can see,
M is for Mana,
Which a caster's power measures,
N is for Newbie,
One of Med's main treasures,
O is for Offhand,
Which gives extra attacks,
P is for Plague,
Which with coughing fits racks,
Q is for Quickness,
Makes you radiate with speed,
R is for Recall,
Which newbies truly need,
S is for Soleil,
Who makes Vryce so happy,
T is for Twist,
Makes spinal cords go snappy,
U is for Ulhazzen,
Prisonners running free,
V is for Vryce,
Lord of all we see,
W is for Wytherwynd,
Where the Chalice can be gained,
X is for Xezhada,
Where pkers are trained,
Y is for Ylem,
A magic word we say,
Z is for Zilartzen,
The arrow points the way.

A Newb for Every Day of the Week

Sunday's newb is always cheery,
Monday's newb likes to cherry,
Tuesday's newb trades and runs eq,
Wednesday's newb plays for the view,
Thursday's newb gains xp fast,
Friday's newb makes the game last,
And the newbie born on Saturday
Enjoys teaching others how to play
And might become an Avatar one day.

Rock-a-By Newbie

Rock-a-by, newbie, lost in the world wide,
To find your way, use your Mana Guide,
The item you received in the Refuge,
Which points to the city : this world is HUGE!

Twinkle, Twinkle, Nice Eq

Twinkle, twinkle, nice eq,
Coming up in auction queue.
Wherever in Med they be,
Everyone your stats can see.
If your owner plans it well,
For pretty penny you might sell.

Zeksagmak (to the tune of "Humpty Dumpty")

Zeksagmak sat in his lair,
Zeksagmak had a great scare :
All the game's heros,
By Champions led,
Went attacking his lair, so Zek got well fed.

Hey Diddle-Diddle

Hey diddle-diddle,
Myllrin and his riddles
Must be solved for draggie eq.
Shouting to combers might be of help,
But clannies are of no use to you.